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Pixel-art weapon 2D sprites - 24x24px

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Pixel-art weapon 2D sprites - 24x24 canvas

  • Max canvas size 24x24 pixels.
  • Drawn in realistic, shaded style with consistent size (32 pixels = meter).
  • You get both grayscale and colored pixel-art sprites, both as 1:1 sprites and as upscaled 1280x1280px PNG images.
  • You can also get another even larger upscale on the house (ex. 4000x4000px or similar) if you want.
  • Does NOT include 3D models, this product is for 2D SPRITES ONLY!

This tier is best for pistols, small melee, revolvers, one-handed blasters, small power tools...


About the Creator


New Creator

Pixel/3D hybrid artist specialized in game assets and badass weapons.