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Do you need custom art for your small project? I'm a versatile illustrator and I love drawing little objects and artifacts for your TTRPG or other game needs.

This listing is for one letter-size page at 300 dpi, containing 3-6 small illustrations of objects, locations, or even characters and monsters. You must provide all references or a complete written description- I'll just make up any details you don't include. You'll get one set of sketches for the whole page all at once for which you can provide feedback(similar to what you see in the examples). I will usually send one or two in progress images after that as well. 

The final size of each individual illustration will vary, but I'll try to arrange them so that they're at least 1000 pixels on the longest side so that you have options even if you want to print them.  If there's some things that you want at particular sizes. let me know and I'll do my best with them!

Because of this, the amount of detail in your final images can vary a lot- I tend to put the same amount of detail on a page no matter what the content is. If you ask for six NPC portraits, they'll each be fairly simple. If you ask for two swords, they'll be quite detailed- and if you ask for just one magical goblet, I'll spend as much time refining it as I would on a full figure.

This price point is for simple colour- quick and expressive rendering, with shading and a good amount of polish. Watercolour and india ink are available with the simpler styles shown in this and other 'Simple Colour' listings.

Your artwork will come with a non-exclusive commercial license. You will have permission to edit it in any way you like for your projects, so if you want a base or template I can do that. You cannot resell the art as-is in any way. If you want to make merchandise that features it, it must be edited significantly or otherwise added to(or talk to me about it). I require appropriate credit. If I include a signature, you may remove it.
I will retain all rights to the artwork, and will make it available for sale to others as stock, either exactly as-is, or an edited version at my discretion. I will mention in the product listing that it is non-exclusive custom stock, and I will include your information as the commissioner in the licensing file included in the download. I may sell prints, stickers, or other merchandise using the artwork.

For other styles or types of art, exclusive or bulk art, or if you have any other questions, feel free to contact me! I've designed this offering to be as flexible as I can at this price point but lots of projects still just won't fit it!


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Zed Nope

Just love drawing.