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But I do know that proficiency is not the highest at level 5. Because someone once practiced to level 6. That man is my sworn brother, September Eagle Flying. The eldest brother's job is the manager of a city theme Internet cafe of Wulin game. This kind of Internet bar only provides that one game, which is specially prepared for players who are on business trips or traveling in different places. The helmet there scans the genetic information of the characters to the server database for the corresponding player data. So it's different from the one-to-one helmet that players buy. At that time, Yingfei's daily work was to receive players from all over the country in the Internet bar. He also has a special computer, but because of the numerous things in the Internet bar, he always can not calm down to play games. So in the end, I had to set the character to the state of character leaving. This state is similar to the plug-in program in the early days of online games. But plug-ins have been completely eliminated in this era. The game is developing in a very human direction. Therefore, a maximum of ten minutes of departure status is set to facilitate players to leave briefly in the middle of the game to answer the phone, go to the toilet and so on. Ten minutes later, if the player does not come back, the game will determine that the player has left and automatically kick the player offline. So most of the time September Eagle Flying is set to leave during the day, and at night when there are fewer people in the Internet bar, he calms down to do the task of killing copies. Most of the time during the day, while dealing with various things in the Internet bar, he took a glance at the game and set up a state of departure. Ten minutes of hang-up time is enough for him to come up and look at it several times. So he always chooses a monster with high refresh rate and low attack power to hang up in the training area. It's just that when he told me excitedly that his proficiency had reached level 6,industrial racking systems, I was fighting in the city, and I really didn't have time to reply to him. He hurriedly replied that he would talk about it later and forgot all about it. I didn't remember it until he stopped playing games because of something at home. Now, when he returned to the game, he remembered a lot of what he had said before. At that time, he mentioned that if a level 80 player with level 5 proficiency played against a level 100 player with level 3 proficiency. If two people have the same equipment as the school, then the winner must be a level 80 player. Since I am replaying the number,shuttle rack system, the level will never catch up. That can only start with proficiency. Well, I don't know how he is now. With a sigh, he carried the knife to the dense forest of the novice village. I practiced for a whole day in that dense forest. Rise from level 10 to level 17, and finally return to the city to rest when you kill a geek with 1 experience. At this time, my primary knife skills have reached level 2 proficiency. It's hard to go any higher. And now this novice equipment can no longer be used. Although it has no durability loss, which makes all players drool, its attack power is too low. After returning to the city and selling the garbage equipment to the NPC, I will sell some of the collected materials to the life players. I finally have a little money. After walking around the city and buying a few knives, I went to the jewelry store and bought a piece of black cloth. I covered my whole head in the cloth and only half of my face was exposed. The red hair on that head is completely covered. Although this looks strange, but in this game, there are players everywhere who pretend to be profound and always dress themselves up in a mysterious way. It seems normal for me to walk on the street like this. Actually, warehouse storage racks ,metal racking systems, I just want to cover up my long hair. Because everyone who knows me knows that red is my favorite, as long as I still play this game, I will definitely choose a red hair. I just laughed at myself when I covered my hair. So many players, there is no shortage of red hair, why should I bother? Besides, is there really anyone here who misses me? According to my familiarity with the map, I still chose a valley west of Novice Village. There is a kind of flying monster called red bee, the number is amazing, it is a good place to practice proficiency. Although only 18 levels of strange, but the number up, the benefits are still very good. Moreover, the red copper exposed by it is also an indispensable raw material for the early stage of weapon making skills. After a night of fighting, the bag has been filled with raw materials and junk equipment, and my level has risen to level 26, primary knife proficiency level 3. At level 20, you can go back to the city to learn the second knife skill, and you can also find NPC to learn life skills. After returning to the city to dispose of garbage equipment and learn new knife skills and life skills, I took out the red copper I got, and by 12 o'clock in the evening, the proficiency of weapon making had risen to the primary final sprint stage. When he took off his helmet, he looked at the quicksand clepsydra on the table and turned it upside down. The light blue quicksand inside flowed down the gap in the middle. Grains of quicksand fell from my eyes, as if to hypnotize me. However, if I hold them in my hands, will they slip through my fingers when I am not careful? Although I know that this kind of life is like a hand holding quicksand, time is passing quietly in my constant upgrade of cutting monsters, upgrading and cutting monsters again. But I had no other choice but to continue, or I didn't want to choose at all. I have sunk, the world is too complicated, even if you stay in the game, the most trusted person will give you a sword from behind, so what can I expect in real life? There was no starlight in the sky over the city, and most of the rooms in the residential building opposite had turned off their lights and slept. Lonely as I am, against the background of this night, I have to admit that the sword of that day really hurt me, and the blood from the sword's light dyed my whole eyes red. Will be back in the game, just because I have nowhere to go,heavy duty metal racking, nowhere to hide. Just, this time I am also tired, let me a person quietly stay inside until loneliness into ashes. The author has a word to want to say: Write a net to swim to want to explain a lot of auxiliary cushion as expected. Tired . The next chapter can finally officially enter the plot. Chapter 3.


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