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Quickly wear the plunder of Goldfinger

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Yu Wenjing breathed a sigh of relief. When she first knew that the secret of rebirth had been discovered, her first reaction was whether she would be caught and sliced for research. But now that she saw so many of the same kind, she was a little relieved. After all, the law does not blame the public! There are not a few people in the group who have this idea of her. After all,347 stainless steel, there is such a thing as Goldfinger. Normal people are dead and will not tell anyone. So when someone knows, the first reaction is panic, thinking that something beyond their control has happened. After the crowd calmed down,x56 line pipe, most of them had some subtle disappointment. After all, at first they thought they were the unique "protagonist", but now they found that they were not. There were many people who were like them, uns c70600 ,x52 line pipe, even bigger than themselves. From fear to disappointment, it was only a matter of a few minutes. After accepting the reality, the group finally became lively. [Heavenly Eye Magic Stick] Wechat Fortune Telling How do you do fortune telling? Let's talk about it when we are free! [Wechat fortune-telling]: Well, I've been groping blindly since I got this ability, and I haven't met a professional yet! [Heavenly Eye Magic Stick]: Haha, then you can find the right person. Fortune-telling is a unique skill handed down from my ancestors. I don't tell most people about it! [Food System] Mind reading boy, do me a favor! I have a suitor recently, and I have a good impression on him. Can you help me to find out whether he is sincere to me or just likes my cooking? [Mind Reading]: Yes.. Yu Wenjing was also eager to try and sent a message: [Reborn] @ Shadow Queen System Goddess Goddess, is that you? It must be you! Last life opened the same crazy block of the major awards, even if I do not write the name, I also know that person must be you! [Movie Queen System]: Huh? Really? Thank you for your encouragement, I will try my best! …… Facts have proved that all kinds of conspiracy theories that Wen Qing was worried about at the beginning did not appear, the group was unexpectedly harmonious, and they even said that they had found a sense of belonging in the group! Thank the group owner for providing such a platform! Wen Qing:.. As long as you're happy. Later,uns s32750 sheet, Wen Qing also pulled Xiao Lin in, he has been responsible for supervising these people, so it is not abrupt to pull him in. Then there was another style of painting in the group. [Xiao Lin]: Who will help the serial murderer who has just been caught and refuses to tell the victim where his body is hidden? [Mind Reading]: I'll do it. Xiao Lin: The Japanese are not honest again recently. Who can predict what they are going to do next.


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