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"I seem to have heard of it, but it's the first time I've seen such a strange thing.". Tut, I heard that this blood tooth rice not only grows harshly and abnormally, but also can only grow strong by continuous watering with some special animal essence and blood. It seems that the worst blood tooth rice must be eaten for a hundred years. Brother Bai was able to get such a thousand-year-old blood tooth rice, which really opened Han's eyes. Han Li said slowly with a somewhat complicated look. This blood tooth rice is a special product of the demon world, but it is extremely rare even in the demon world, and it is also one of the things that Han Li had paid attention to and prepared to get by the way during his trip to the demon world. Because it was the only thing he knew that could still have some effect on his physical body. Volume 10 Battle of the Demon World Chapter 257 Si Hun Pei This matter, or Han Li in the period of time before entering the demon world, after studying numerous ancient books about the demon world, only accidentally discovered. According to the book, it seems that this blood tooth rice should only be produced in a place called Blue Waterfall Lake in the Demon World. It is far away from the Magic Night City. Usually, the local Demons are not enough. It will not flow out at all. How can the Bai family get such a top-grade blood tooth rice. Han Li turned his mind and did not hide the surprised expression on his face. Why, brother Han and Han Daoyou are also interested in this blood tooth rice. It's a pity that this thing has already been ordered by Ben Tianjun. If you want it, you can only ask Brother Bai for one or two. After Luan Long Tianjun glanced at Han Li and Han Qizi, he turned his eyes slightly and said something. Then he grabbed the bloody tooth rice in the jade box into his hand, bit off more than a third of it,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, and shook his head and chewed it slowly. A thick strange fragrance filled the whole hall. Oh, brother Bai, do you still have blood teeth and rice? Han Li asked with a flutter of expression. The cold son's eyes also "swish" and turned to the big fellow and the purple haired woman. Luan Long Daoyou laughed. I have only one grain of blood tooth rice in my hand. How can there be a second one? The yellow-haired man gave a wry smile and denied it. I'm afraid few people believe what brother Bai said. Who doesn't know that the more blood tooth rice you eat, the more significant the improvement of the body will be. Since Daoyou can get this rice, why is there only one? Han Li's eyes narrowed and he said quietly. Under the cold eyes of his son, it was obvious that he did not quite believe it. Not to hide a few Taoist friends,Nail machine supplier, although our white family happened to buy a few pieces of this blood tooth rice, the rest of them have been eaten by me and my fifth sister. Even the one given to Luan Long Daoyou was originally intended to be used as a seed and as an alchemy material. Otherwise, it won't leave half a point. Said the yellow-haired man in a hurry to explain. Blood tooth rice white home can get once, nature also can get a second time. As long as brother Bai can help Han buy some, no matter how high the price is, it's easy to say. Han Li hesitated for a moment and still said slowly. As long as Brother Bai helps Han to receive a hundred blood tooth meters of this quality one time, I can do it again when the Bai family has difficulties next time. Han Qizi spoke coldly for the first time, his voice a little obscure and hoarse, as if he had not spoken for a long time. After listening to the words of Han Qizi and Han Li, the purple-haired woman's expression changed slightly and seemed to be somewhat moved. But the big fellow did not hesitate to refuse: "This time can get a few blood tooth rice is also a matter of chance.". My fifth sister and I happened to meet a Taoist friend of Blue Falls Lake a few years ago and exchanged treasures with each other to get such a little. How can our Bai family afford to buy such a strange thing again. You needn't talk about it any more. It's absolutely impossible. See yellow hair big fellow said so firmly, Han Li and cold its son looked at each other, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,Nail production machine, but also not good to say anything. Although Luan Long Tianjun's mouth did not stop, there was a clear expression of disappointment in his eyes. So for the rest of the time, a group of people meditated and rested in the hall, and after an hour of eating the grain of rice with blood teeth, the breath in Luan Long Tianjun's body suddenly rose sharply, and at the same time his face turned bright red like blood. After a long time, under the silent exercise, his face was restored as usual. Han Li, who witnessed all this, was somewhat amazed in his heart, and at the same time, he was even more moved by the blood tooth rice. It seems that the effect of this blood tooth rice is much more effective than those recorded in the classics. During this period, the yellow-haired man and the purple-haired woman were secretly discussing the unprovoked disappearance of the disciples in the clan, but there was no clue left in the stronghold, and finally they failed to come to a more reliable conclusion. Two people can only temporarily give up the first place after the brain, also began to conserve energy up. After all, those who stayed here were only some middle-level disciples, and compared to the entire Bai family, there was nothing too much in their hearts. A group of people stayed in the stronghold for a whole day and night. When everyone's body and mind were adjusted to the best condition, they rode the eight-legged magic lizard and left the oasis, all the way to the west. Half a day later, the big man with yellow hair, who was in the lead, looked at the dazed sky and the gray sandstorm that seemed to be a little bigger around him. Suddenly, he turned his head and said to Han Li and others, "a few Taoist friends, the magical power of Warcraft is really not small. Be careful if you go any further.". We must restrain our breath and put away the magic lizard! Knowing that it was a critical moment, Han Li and others naturally had no other opinions. They jumped down from Warcraft and took the magic lizard into the spirit beast ring. Then, under the leadership of the big fellow, they continued to fly forward at low altitude. Although they could not use all kinds of escape techniques in the desert, they could barely do it by flying slowly at low altitude. But the result of this is that they have to spend several times more mana than usual. Fortunately, the vein of the Bai family was not too far away from here. After a group of people had been flying at low altitude for an hour, a huge sand dune suddenly appeared on the distant horizon. The sand dune was thousands of feet high, as if a huge peak stood there, but the surface was covered with gray gravel, and at the same time there was a strange whistling sound like a ghost crying from inside. As soon as the yellow-haired man saw the sand dune,Nail Making Machine price, he raised his arm to make a careful gesture to the crowd, and eventually took the crowd to an area several miles away from the giant sand dune, and suddenly fell into the light.


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