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The evil wife that the underworld matchmaker is marrying is too provocative.

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Seeing her blocking the way, the leading ghost general suddenly gave a loud cry and was about to open his mouth to shout at him. At that moment, the ghost horse with horrible bronze armor on his crotch gave a neigh and stopped suddenly without warning. Because of the stop of Tai Chi, his front hooves were raised high, which almost made the unexpected ghost general fall off his horse. The ghost who was about to scold Mo Xiaoye stopped the original scold to his mouth. He saw that the girl in front of him just stood gently in front of the horse, and his horse was almost startled. The horse accompanied him did not know how many Yin and Yang life and death, is not the kind of easily frightened coward, but he just saw with his own eyes, the girl just stood in front of the horse, the horse was instantly frightened. The ghost will immediately know that the girl in front of him must not be simple. Even though he could not see anything, animals, whether dead or alive, were always more sensitive to danger than human beings, especially to danger. The attitude of the ghost general suddenly came to a 360 degree reversal, his body had deliberately emitted a deterrent effect of the ghost gas, and then on horseback to Mo Xiaoye polite hand, opening, voice Yin test, but clear enough. This master, to tell you the truth, I was ordered to do the job, naturally will not mess up. Just, will just receive an order at the end, no matter here, March to the next destination! Then he explained and added, "This is an order from Lord Hua. General Mo dare not disobey. Military orders are like mountains. Therefore,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, even if he has arrived at the entrance of the village and received military orders, General Mo has to leave!" Lord Hua, Mo Xiaoye frowned and asked, "Does the flower have no moon?" The ghost will suddenly a stumble, full of glad that he just good, even if the change of attitude, not impolite. Know the name of the flower adult taboo, but also can call so naturally. What is the background of these two young girls. Without listening to the ghost's explanation, Mo Xiaoye turned his head and looked at the darkness of Xinqi Stronghold and the strange birds flapping their wings between the old trees and ancient houses. He took a deep breath and waved his hand to the ghost: "Please.." Thank you,Sex Enhancement Powder, all the ghost generals and Yin soldiers of the Yin Department! The ghost will not say much, arch hand with the array of Yin soldiers to the next destination, did not go far, the murderous array of Yin soldiers disappeared at the end of the road. Let's go! Mo Xiaoye opened his mouth to Zhuge Yu. She did not leave those Yin soldiers, because, if the mountain and sea God is still here, these Yin soldiers are no match at all, can not play much role, and if this pair of Yin soldiers rushed to other places, may be able to save more lives. After hearing the name of Hua Wuyue, she had already guessed that it should be Hua Wuyue who got the order from Qin Xiao and knew that she was here, so she would withdraw the Yin soldiers urgently. Zhuge Yu knew what she was thinking, but glanced at the dark village, and then his eyes stayed tightly on Mo Xiaoye's face, his voice soft. Don't be afraid.. I'm here! Mo Xiaoye shook his head with a wry smile: "I'm not afraid, I just feel." The task is arduous! The chaos along the way, as well as the village with little vitality in front of her, let her know how heavy the burden on her shoulders was. She is not afraid, Quillaja Saponin ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, just dignified, at the same time secretly determined, in any case, today's things, must be completed. The two men gathered their breath and walked slowly towards the village, surrounded only by the unique singing of strange birds in the mountains and forests, as well as the light rustling of their feet when they landed on the ground. The surrounding houses of different shapes and heights were all dark, without any light, and the outlines of the houses in the night looked like man-eating monsters or ghosts on both sides of the road to the afterlife. No matter how dark the light was, it did not affect the sight of the two of them. Mo Xiaoye just sighed at the lifeless appearance of the village as he walked. It was dark. It was difficult for her to speak, and as soon as her voice fell, she suddenly turned her head. Zhuge Yu looked in the same direction with her almost at the same time, and their movements were not very sharp, because they could feel that the breath was very weak. As far as the eye could see, not far ahead, behind a tree on the side of the road, a small blue and white face came out carefully, looking at them with a frightened expression. It was a short-haired boy of about five or six years old, or a child of five or six years old. The little devil's black face was covered with a layer of white frost, his eyes were wide open, and there was only a small black spot in the most central position. Looking at the appearance of the little devil, Mo Xiao's ambition was a slight movement. The little devil obviously died violently, and he was very angry, and he was very frightened when he died, but because he was too young to know what resentment was, so the anger of dying would only leave the ghost's whole body frosting caused by panic, and the eyes that were all white and only black dots were evidence of the accumulation of resentment in his soul. But he is still too young, not sensible, so he did not become a fierce ghost, but reflected in the shape of the soul. Seemed to hear Mo Xiaoye said too dark, the little devil trembling from behind the tree carefully out of half of the body, hands, holding a bamboo pole, bamboo pole carrying a white lantern, emitting a pale glimmer. Mo Xiaoye and Zhuge Yu looked at each other, stopped, and then gently waved to the little devil: "Little friend, come here, sister, come here, don't be afraid." Zhuge Yu is also a gentle application, the whole body without traces of a gentle and calm breath, appeasing the frightened little devil to the extreme. Perhaps seeing that the two men looked very kind, the little devil took a step forward carefully, and then carefully carried it, holding the bamboo pole carrying the lantern with a pair of small blue and white hands, very hard, as if holding the only thing that could comfort him. Very carefully stopped in front of two people not far away, the little devil finally opened his mouth, a mouth spewing out white frost. Sister, brother, Xiaowu has lanterns, which can illuminate you. Can you take Xiao Wu with you? The little devil's voice was full of fear and trembling: "Xiaowu knows where home is, but it's so dark on the road. Mom and Dad didn't come to pick up Xiaowu. There's a big snake there. Xiaowu doesn't dare to go. Xiao Wu is so scared.." Whoo, whoo.. Said, the little devil is crying, crying all over trembling,Thyroid Powder Factory, but still holding the lantern in his hand dare not relax, crying like the wind in the mountains, let people feel cold.


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