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The record of collecting 502 herbs in Shangjing College is far behind that of other colleges, and even the sum of all the herbal-collecting teams is less than the number of Shangjing College. Students at the top of the list is Yan Po Jun, Yueyang found that this guy actually picked as many as 45 black ear withered heart orchids, it seems that he also has a lot of research on herbs. Next is the wind seven kill, 36 plants in the second, as for the snow greedy wolf that boy, Yueyang found that he is a martial arts fanatic, the study of herbs is very limited, collecting herbs only ten plants, barely a pass. Yan Po Jun, Yan Po Jun collected forty-five herbs? The Ivy League students who were queuing up to hand in the medicine also found the list, and immediately there was an uproar. Handsome! Not Huai is three big killing stars! For a moment, little stars appeared in the girls' eyes. This fart guy. The sea fat man is jealous. What are you guys doing here empty-handed? As soon as the boy who had just been criticized saw Yueyang, Ye Kong and Hai Fatty coming empty-handed, he couldn't help laughing: "You can't even pick one, can you?"? He really deserves to be an Ivy League student. Tut, tut, this is the quality of Ivy League students! "We won't cheat even if our quality is low!"! Are the students of Shangjing College so excellent? Well, you're all excellent, and every pawn is an expert in cheating! Long hair NN sneers. How do you talk? When the two companions behind the boy heard this, they seemed to have hurt their feet and glared at them. Do you want to fight? Before the speed of the fastest herbalist ring Ma NN flashed out,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, eyes cold as a dagger, staring at the Beijing College that a few students: "At any time to accompany!" " "That's enough. Get out of here after you've handed in the medicine. Don't make trouble here!" The Hawkeye man gave a sharp shout, and immediately, all the students from the left and right sides of Shangjing College shrank back. Before leaving, the boy who cheated threw down the cruel words: "Ivy League students, you remember to me, when the time comes to meet in the elite competition of 100 schools,ultrasonic metal welding, when who is superior and who is inferior, you can see at a glance.". Today, you have a teacher to protect the shortcomings, to the competition, see if he can not protect you! As long as you trash dare to go to the ring, I won't beat you all over the ground! "It's a piece of shit that cheats dare to show off here!" The sea fat man almost got his nose crooked in anger. I don't want to talk to a piece of garbage that gets knocked off the stage in ten seconds. The boy totally despised the sea fat man and left with his eyes higher than the top. No one should stop me. I want to beat him. Don't stop me! The sea fat man was so angry that he rubbed his hands and pretended to rush up and fight to the death with the other side. Pig head, I am not attacking you, with your strength, you are not an opponent at all. I estimate that if you are in his hands, you can only hold on for ten seconds and then lie down. Well, go to die, we will not stop you, peace of mind, you are dead, I guarantee that I will collect the body for you! Ye Kong mercilessly attacked him, ultrasonic extraction cbd ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, and the sea fat man fell to the ground after hearing it. It was too much to hit his face. An old night, he was despised by his younger brother. No, if after the special "really fight, the sea will still have a chance to win!" " Yueyang shook his head. Special training? The sea fat man jumped up on the ground. This special training is a little difficult, and ordinary people may not be able to hold up, so let's forget it. "Yueyang made it clear that the fat man could not bear hardships." What did you say? I was born into this world for special training! You think I'm normal? Can ordinary people have my fat muscles? Tell you, there is nothing in the world that I am not proud of, sometimes I propose to come, not to mention others, even I will be afraid! Isn't it just a special training? For me, it's easy. This special training is not for me to eat a bowl of braised pork in brown sauce every day, is it? I tell you, it's hard, but I dare to tell you that I have absolutely no problem! The sea fat man patted his chest and stirred up waves of flesh. Why would I make friends with a pig? I regret it! Ye Kong covered his head and was extremely depressed. Idiot! Ivy League students quickly stay away from the sea fat man, lest people misunderstand that they know this guy. "Little classmate, these." Do you collect all the black-eared withered heart orchids that have just blossomed? Smiling and calm all the time, when she saw Princess Qiming and Princess Beibei handing over the herbs, she couldn't help but be moved: "Are there hundreds of symbiotic black-eared withered heart orchids?"? You must have found the black ear ball, boys, you have done a good job, these drugs, each plant has double the efficacy.. I thank you for the soldiers, children, because of your efforts, you will save more lives later! "I got away with it this time, but it's dangerous for me to criticize you when you get praise!"! Especially when you lack enough care and strength, it is extremely wrong to expect the black ear ball to blossom! The Hawkeye man poured a basin of cold water on Princess Qiming when they were happy. Simply, children, in the magic test, any precious herbs blossom or bear fruit, the city has strong Warcraft to prey on the news, it is dangerous to expect the black ear ball to blossom! Children, you are the future of our country, and our soldiers, even if they die, will not want to see you so young, to save them and sacrifice your precious lives. Remember, children, our first thought should be to complete the task, as for the over-completion of the task, we should first think about whether we have strong strength.. You have done a good job, but I am very worried, I can not bear to blame you, but can not not remind you that you must be careful when you complete the task in the future, go to the dangerous magic deep, be more careful than usual to do the task a hundred times,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, a thousand times! The doctor stood up and kissed the faces of several children one by one. Finally, he picked up Princess Beibei and gently exhorted her. We have our brothers to take care of us, and these herbs have their share too! Princess Beibei pointed to Yueyang and Ye Kong.


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