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"Oh?"? Although this mecha looks like an engineering mecha on the surface, the function inside is completely different, and it seems to be specially prepared for saints. I don't have the magic of a saint, and I can't use any other function except driving. The distressed voice of the dark-haired youth came from the mecha. Of course. Qin Lun smiled and asked carelessly, "Tang, what did you do before?"? I mean before the destruction of the Holy City! My Lord, Meimei and I used to be repairmen in a mecha shop. I am very good at repairing mecha, but Meimei's repair skills are better than mine! Referring to the past, Don's mood was a little low. "When the Doomsday War happened, we all drove engineering mecha and worked in the mining area outside the city!" "You should be familiar with the mecha repair room inside the fortress for more than two years, right?" Qin Lun's eyes flashed and his tone became more and more flat. "Are there any drawings for the manufacture of mecha?" "Oh, the mecha repair room is near where we repair the generator in the hangar, but the manufacturing drawings of the advanced mecha have been taken away by several elders, and there may be only the simplest engineering mecha drawings left." Don recalled for a moment and said. This kind of exoskeleton mecha only uses the simplest teletype technology and chip processor, without ECG induction device and brain wave synchronization processor, which is basically worthless. What are you going to do? "For it!" Qin Lun smiled and knocked on the shell of the Apostle Mecha, "to understand its structure, in order to better use it!" "Oh,american hot tub, yes!"! I forgot, it's yours now! Don gave a wry smile. "Please come with me. I'll take you to the mecha repair room!" "How is Mina?" With the flashlight on the wrist of the mecha, the two men were very fast in the passage of the fortress. She fell asleep in my arms! Don looked down and whispered. I don't use this thing. Give it back to her. After all, it's her father's legacy! Qin Lun patted the hatch of the mecha and threw the triangular pyramid pendant in. My Lord, you are a good man! Tang caught the necklace and carefully put it into Mina's arms. The two men had nothing to say all the way, and soon came to the big hangar next door again, where there was a huge mecha repair room. This repair room is different from other messy rooms. It is neat and clean. Toolboxes are stacked neatly on the shelves in different categories. Every time Meimei finishes repairing the mecha and instruments,whirlpool hot tub spa, she will clean the place. If we didn't have enough electricity and materials, we could have repaired the fortress for more than two years! Tang sighed, moved carefully and jumped down from the mecha. "Let me see, Meimei should keep all the drawings." In the grid under the shelf. "Yes, my Lord, these are the engineering mecha drawings you want. They're all here!" Don lifted a cardboard box from under the shelf, shook the dust under it, and took out a pile of thick brown paper from it. So much! It seems that even the simplest engineering mecha has advanced manufacturing technology. Qin Lun slightly embarrassed, looked up and said with a smile, "Tang, you are more familiar with these drawings, see if you can help me, first pick out a more complete manual!" "Instructions?"? My Lord, whirlpool bathtub ,China spa factory, if you don't understand the mecha at all, even if I explain the drawings to you. Tang Weiwei looked at Qin Lun doubtfully, but in the middle of his speech he stopped talking, shook his head, and picked up the drawings in this pile. Wait, that one.. Yes, give me that drawing! When Tang looked at the drawings, Qin Lun's eyes also swept over the drawings at the same time. When he saw a piece of kraft paper with a square meter size and thick paper, his eyes finally lit up and Tang picked it out. My Lord, this is just an overall dissection of the mecha, except for marking the size data of the mecha parts, other aspects have no effect! Don frowned and couldn't help explaining. But the exoskeleton mecha in this drawing is the most similar to the overall pattern of the Apostle mecha, isn't it? Qin Lun smiled faintly. "But." The black-haired youth frowned and slowly fell silent. He would be an idiot if he could not see the problem at this time. You go first and I'll take care of the other things. Qin Lun looked at him lightly, took out Addis's short staff from his bosom, raised his hand, and a ball of fire fell into the cardboard box containing the drawings, igniting the remaining mecha drawings. Tang took a nostalgic look at the mecha repair room and slowly climbed back into the Apostle mecha. The black-haired young man suddenly had a premonition that he would never have a chance to come back here again! Looking at the back of the Apostle mecha going out, Qin Lun turned over with one hand and took out a small brown bottle from his bosom. He laid the drawing flat on the ground, unscrewed the bottle cap, dipped his finger in the liquid inside the bottle, and flicked the water droplets evenly on the mecha drawing. The liquid in the bottle is colorless and transparent, but it is very permeable. The water drops on the mecha drawing, like spider webs, spread towards the whole cowhide drawing, as if ink dripped on the rice paper. Liquid is not much, Qin Lun soon dipped in the play, raised his hand and threw the bottle into the fire. Having done all this, Qin Lun blew the drawings and leaned closer to the cardboard box that had turned into a fireball. When the drawing is slightly dried, the drops of water that have just dripped into the drawing will weaken the speed of diffusion, and the water stains on the surface will slowly disappear. Qin Lun held up the drawing, and his pupils turned into a clock in an instant, with the three hands inside beating slowly. At the moment of the clock, the drawings, permeated with the colorless liquid, slowly became translucent. Where the liquid had penetrated, tiny stringy threads suddenly appeared. Countless evenly distributed silk threads form a very strange circuit diagram on the front drawing. There is no unusual pattern on the surface of this mecha, but there is a strange circuit diagram inside. As a whole, the road map can be recognized as graffiti by anyone, and it is meaningless at all. However, if you look at it from a local perspective. It's like a part of a treasure map. However, the treasure map has obvious treasure marks,garden jacuzzi tub, but this map does not. Therefore, unless you get the whole drawing, no one can see whether there is a treasure location on the drawing.


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