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A simple but adorable chibi icon of a character of your choosing! 
As the image size is 400x400 pixels (which is the image size used on Twitter), not a lot of detail can be fitted into the image so please do keep that in mind; I may have to simplify the character's features (and any visible clothes) considderably to make them fit into the image and still be legible at a smaller size. Also, I don't usually draw noses for my chibis, so if you'd prefer otherwise please let me know.

Please let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to have on the background of the image! Most of the background does tend to end up getting cropped (since a lot of platforms have circular icons instead of squares) but it's still nice to have something in the background; if you have favorite colors you'd prefer to have or any themes (florals, stripes, sparkles, stars, misc stuff), just let me know, otherwise I'll just have to come up with something on my own and I can't nececarily predict what you'd wish to have on the background!
   In similar vein, if you'd like me to include a pride flag in the background of the image, just let me know and I'll do that! (Sidenote, I do often adjust the colors of the flag so it and the color palette of the character are in harmony, as seen in the samples above)

One character per icon
By default I will use the Twitter image dimensions but if you'd like to use the icon on another platform, do tell me so I can double check the platform's image dimensions to ensure the image quality is good.
Credit is greatly appreciated but not obligatory; if someone asked where you got the icon from however, please do send them my way!

I will not draw characters without pre-existing character designs, I will not work off of descriptions nor will I frankenstein together a character design from misc. references collected from the Internet.


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Commissions only partially open! Sorry about the inconvenience!

Hiya, I'm Kaninchenbau, a queer European who specializes in drawing magical girl comics and other fun/cutesy stuff!

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