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Infinite Final Demon _ Night of Nothing _ txt Novel Paradise

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But at this moment, he did not have the time to think much, just after a moment of loss, he regained consciousness and returned to the battlefield where he had no time to be distracted. So far, he and others have not shot, the main reason is because of the curse of the existence of the magic gun. No matter who Ireland's son of light aimed at throwing the magic gun in his hand, if there is no high luck or can counter the defense of the magic gun piercing, reversing the curse of cause and effect must run through the heart is absolutely impossible to resist, the cardinal of the temple is completely protected by God to escape the killing, even Xiao Lan can only stop the magic gun in the case of concentration. If you are distracted from attacking or caring for others, it is likely to lead to failure. But now Kuchulin has been killed and sealed. The magic gun that poses the greatest threat no longer exists, so there is no need to keep it any more. Xiao LAN did not fall back to the jump on horseback, because there is no need to use that kind of forward mode, he threw the magic gun gently fell to the ground and put out a kneeling start posture, the coalition forces divided into two parts with him as the boundary, led by the Knights of the Round Table and the Knights Templar. While no longer retaining the dead spirit that cut through the obstruction with the shining sword gas, it also left him a way to run. So far, it's all been planned,Edible oil filling machine, and now.. It's time to go all out. Looking at the front of the allied forces to their own set aside this passage, put out the starting posture of Xiao LAN immediately into a galloping arrow, the whole body blooming is not the black and red of the demon God, but the blazing white with a little green light full of vitality. While running, his body quickly grew from the size of an ordinary person, from an ordinary person less than two meters tall to a giant fifteen meters tall, but after he grew bigger,water bottle packaging machine, he not only did not become dull, but ran faster and faster, and the body that weighed nearly a hundred tons did not break the ground when he ran. Under the control of subtle force, every step he took was heavy, but there was no waste of extra energy. That's how fast he ran. Quickly surpassed the charging coalition forces, and then accelerated through the sonic barrier in the re-merged cone array, and then pulled a huge vacuum shock wave of the same color as the body light! When an object moves at a very high speed in the atmosphere, it will tear the air in front of it, leaving a vacuum in the space behind it. Of course, the vacuum would be drawn into the surrounding atmosphere, becoming a stream of air chasing what had passed first. In modern motor racing. There is a technology that the following vehicle follows closely behind the leading vehicle and uses the slip tream to increase the acceleration. And Xiao LAN gallop at the moment triggered the same phenomenon, supersonic dash behind the body to produce a vacuum, water filling machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, where ready for the special point of the wind. Then. It was the coalition forces waiting for this moment that rushed into the counter-current without hesitation. The Knights of the Round Table, the Knights Templar, the Legion of Nightmares, and the rest of the warriors who have survived to this day, all of them are gathered together in this turbulent airflow, driven by the strong force of the wind, with exquisite riding skills to gallop the horses to a supersonic speed absolutely beyond common sense! Perhaps this is the so-called happiness after suffering. Even if it only lasts for a very short time. The shock wave set off by the supersonic movement is the real destruction, and the huge arrow of light will smash the dead in front of them. The minced bones, sand, and meat crumbs were stirred together, and a straight road was opened as if the invisible giant's hand had swept across the earth. Wrapped up by the green and white light, the coalition forces rushed into the sea of death ahead under the leadership of the giant of light, so that all the undead approaching, whether zombie skeletons or ghosts, ghosts or even the magic of the necromancers, were shattered and turned into nothing. No necromancer has the ability to resist this charge constructed by the pure light of life, no matter how flexible these zombie skeletons have recovered to their former combat effectiveness, even the recovered heroes dare not stop before this extremely strong charge! But if you want to go all the way to the end, things are not so simple. In front of the unstoppable and overwhelming arrow of light, the dead of the gods, giants, beasts and dragons, also appeared one after another, and as tall as the giants of light, they roared silently, and countless dead gathered unprecedented peaks like tsunamis to press down on them, but the most striking of them was that they could not. Or in the center where the breath of death is the richest and purest behind the dead. The breath of nothingness rolled and gathered, and in the sky full of countless ghosts, a 40-meter-high figure wrapped in the deep nothingness of the mind slowly emerged. God's Landing: King of the Dead! (To be continued) Chapter 553 The Strongest Collision of Life and Death, Virtual and Real! Finally and first, the king of the dead.. Finally present. In Xiao LAN condensed the strongest and most dazzling force of life, into a group of burning to the extreme comet across the sky, the accumulation of billions of years of brilliance all burning out into the front, seems to be about to devour all the sea of death when the whole tear through the smash, crazy gathered up like a tsunami to roll up the potential of a raging The figure of "God" appeared. Clouds thicker than the legendary end of the world covered the sky in an instant, and the already lifeless sky finally turned into a boundless and complete ash. At this moment, it seemed that the whole world had completely lost its vitality. And looking at the man who stood up slowly from the center of the sea of the dead, his face was boundless as if he were dead, his body was constantly oozing with a vast gray breath, drowning everything around him in his own shadow, his empty eyes seemed to be staring at the reality under the surface of the world,PET blowing machine, like a real God with a huge body of God and releasing the pressure of God. All the people felt their breathing stopped at this moment. Trembling, fear, awe.


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