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Gamble on the Dragon in the Sea

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What's more, as soon as Ling Hai heard the big tiger greeting the crowd, he knew that no matter how strong his skill was, he could not resist so many masters joining hands. He felt a chill in his heart, and the killing machine rose sharply! The sword in his hand made a move to "pull out the clouds and see the sky" to lift the blade of the two tigers. The sword pointed straight at his chest. The three tigers could not dodge. They screamed and died immediately! Said late, then fast, three tiger bodies have not yet fallen to the ground, Ling Mei has a backhand "rebound pipa" cut off half of the three tigers Tianlinggai. With a low shout, the wrist sank, the body half turned, and the "rebound lute" turned into a "lingering sound around the beam", and the sword was like a rainbow, sweeping to the legs of the four tigers. Four moves with the old, see dodge is not enough! The big tiger just rushed over, saw his brother even lost two people, under the grief and indignation in the hands of the serial knife to Ling Hai behind the fierce stab in the past. Ling Hai suddenly felt the wind behind him, so he had to withdraw to save himself. In the blink of an eye, the two long swords of the two monsters in the south had been attacked at the same time. It turned out that Zhongnan Erguai had the best flying skill among the heroes, so although he shot after Kongtong Erguai, he was ahead of the crowd when he arrived. Ling Hai dodged the sword of the two monsters in the south, and the three killers and the two demons in Kongtong also attacked in succession, followed by more than ten figures. Ling Hai glanced at it and saw clearly that he was a master of the land and water underworld. LingHai side against Qunhao offensive, one side Lang said with smile: "What kind of hero is a lover who gathers a crowd to fight? Aren't you afraid that people will laugh their heads off?" Qunhao stormed in silence! At this time, everyone only wants to win the "amazing secret book" and practice peerless martial arts to dominate Jianghu. How can they pay attention to the morality of Jianghu and being laughed at. Ling Hai was furious, and the sword dance, Dao Jingtian Changhong, and the unique skill of "killing swordsmanship" were used to kill the four tigers and the four village leaders of Qinghai Lake. There was a moment of confusion among the heroes. Ling Hai took the opportunity to reach into his pocket and took out a handful of "Tiannu Needle". As soon as he retreated to the besieged group of heroes, he heard screams again and again, and several people fell to the ground. His "Tiannu needle" is as thin as a cow's hair, and the needle is fed with blood to seal the throat, because the needle body is small, the hand is silent, it is extremely difficult to dodge, very overbearing! He seldom used it, but today he saw that Qunhao ignored the morality of Jianghu, so he was cruel to use it. When he used the hidden weapon, he brought disaster to himself! Steep smell- "Brothers!"! Let's feed him dark green, too! The voice just fell, "whoosh!" With a sound, a judge's order was sent to Ling every time with a strong wind. Many of the heroes were good at hidden weapons. As a result, they all took out their hidden weapons one after another, and when he resisted or attacked others, they attacked them. Ling Hui said, not secretly complain! Not only did he have to resist the siege, but he also had to pay attention to the attack of the hidden weapon. He was in a hurry and the attack was frustrated. He could no longer hurt the enemy with the hidden weapon! He danced a white rainbow in order to disperse the hidden weapon smoothly. However, after a long time, his strength was gradually exhausted, the sword was a little slow, the right leg was cut by a knife, slightly stunned, the left shoulder suddenly felt numb, has been hit by the instrument. When he saw the numbness and itching on his shoulders, digital whiteboard price , he knew that the hidden weapon was highly poisonous. He was so frightened that he hurried to close the acupoint to stop the spread of the poison! In this way, the power is greatly reduced, and then half a moment, the left back has been a whip, only feel the heart shock, reverse blood up, the heart knows that today will not be spared! Originally, when he hurt the enemy with the Tiannu needle, if he took advantage of the chaos and retreated, with his kungfu, no one could stop him! But he cherished fame the most in his life, for fear of being recognized afterwards, so he would not plan to do so. Now he is trapped and seriously injured, and it is difficult for him to get away. Heart one horizontal, spell one count one, regardless of the enemy hidden weapon and left shoulder wound poison spread, touch a Tiannu needle, with the way of full sky rain scattered around. Suddenly, Qunhao screamed again and again, and several people fell to the ground. Ling Hai seized the opportunity to tighten his sword, "Autumn Wind and Fallen Leaves" and "Mountain Rain is Coming"! Serial attack several swords, only to hear a series of screams, and several people were killed on the spot. Ling Hai's left chest and right buttocks were also swept by the enemy. Suddenly, half of his body was stained with blood, but with his last breath of True Qi, the sword in his hand was still only attacking but not defending, and he rolled up to the besieged Qunhao crazily. As the saying goes, "One man goes all out, and ten thousand are invincible." When Qunhao saw that he was in a bloody struggle and was like a mad tiger, he was so frightened that he backed up and made way. Seeing that Ling Hai was about to break out of the tight encirclement, he suddenly stumbled and fell to the ground. It turned out that he had lost too much blood after the struggle and had fainted to death when his strength was exhausted. Qunhao was afraid of cheating and did not dare to force him. As soon as the big tiger saw Ling Hai fall to the ground, he looked at it carefully, then he held out a serial knife to protect the door tightly, and slowly forced it forward. When the distance was less than five feet, he kicked his feet and rushed close like lightning. He lifted his feet and kicked Ling Hai twice on the spot. Eyes look carefully, only to know that Ling Hai has been seriously injured and died. As soon as the knife in the hand is raised, it is appropriate to cut Linghai at the waist. Steep smell: "eldest brother wait!" The big tiger listened to the voice and knew that it was the boss of the two demons in Kongtong. Suddenly, he was enlightened. He hung up his wrist and closed his knife. He bent over Ling Hui's chest. Touching a jade box with his tentacles, he pulled it out hurriedly. Before he could look at it, he turned around and looked at the boss of the two demons in Kongtong. He had already stopped people and started to do it. He felt the strong wind on the left side and retreated hurriedly. But the man was very skillful, and the wind of the fist followed closely to his left chest. In the midst of the panic, the tiger raised his hand to block it, only to hear a "bang", and the jade box in his hand had been shaken out of his hand by the strength of the fist. Big tiger heart a miserable, looked up, with a sword to attack their own, is their own invitation to the giant bandits'bald Demon King Niu Bufang, the heart can not help but angry knot. The bald demon king ignored it and flew into the air to capture the jade box. Seeing this, the big tiger quietly followed him and felt for him. Seeing that the bald demon king suddenly stretched out his hand, fearing that the jade box would be captured by him, he hit him on the back with a fist. Although the bald demon king knew that the oncoming force was very ill, the jade box was about to be grasped, and he refused to give up. He hurriedly poured his strength into his back, and would rather get a palm than catch the jade box first. The Bald Demon King got his wish! He pinched the jade box with his fingers, and with a bang, he also got a punch on his back. It should be noted that the chest and back are where the lungs of the whole body are located, and the big tiger's fist has made eight successes. Although the bald demon king is very powerful, he is also dizzy by the shock, and his blood is rising!.


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