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He shook his head as if to shake off the unacceptable reality. "So I'll never see my father again, let alone our little black dog. Hey.." Maybe, after 600 years, the village doesn't exist. After a moment of silence, he raised his head and could see that he had returned to normal. His eyes became bright again. Confidence and modesty appeared on his face again: "Forget it. Anyway, I can't go back. I'll see how you take this sword here. I also want to see with my own eyes what the sword that I have guarded for such a long time like an old monster looks like." In the Golden Dragoon, Xiuda's character is the most impatient, the target is in front of him, he has no time to discuss with others, walk two steps to the blue magic crystal array, reach out his hand, carefully touch and watch the magic array rippling like water. Everyone stopped discussing, and their eyes fell on Xiuda's hands. The magic array rippled from inside to outside like a stone thrown into the water at the moment it was put on the hand, and then Xiuda felt a faint rebound in the magic array. Xiuda frowned, pulled out his sword, and tried to stab the magic array. Renoir immediately made a sound to stop, Xiuda also felt a little inappropriate after hearing the sound, wanted to pull out the sword, at this time,jacuzzi suppliers, they were surprised to find that the part of the magic array had been "eaten" by the magic array, completely disappeared. Everyone's eyes and mouth were surprised into an o shape. Everyone's eyes were looking at Yi Hailan. He touched his mouth uncomfortably: "Don't look at me. I am ordered to guard this place, and my curiosity is very low. I will never study this thing." Bi thought for a moment. "Isn't there anything about that in the book the old man left you?" "Hey, hey." Yi Hailan smiled awkwardly: "I don't know. There are a lot of books inside. I only read a small half of them." "Will Brother Yi take us to have a look?" The girl cleverly used the new name to close the distance between people. Yi Hailan shook his head and saw that everyone looked disappointed. He quickly added, "Don't get me wrong. It's not that I won't take you there, but because I can only go into this bookstore alone. There is another powerful magic array, and I can only take out one book at a time. If I take out more,jacuzzi swim spa, I will go back by myself." With that, he pointed to a small blue door in the corner, which had a blue magic luster, and two small characters could be discerned on the lintel: "Boya". Could you ask brother Yi to help us find it? Renoir said earnestly to Yi Hailan. Okay, but I'm not sure. Said Yi Hailan hands issued a white light, his feet appeared a small white hexagonal magic boundary, a moment later, he disappeared in front of everyone. Ying gently pulled Amy's clothes, want to know what magic just now, Amy whispered in her ear: "This is positioning, a kind of use to quickly return to the place where he just released the same magic, but only close transmission, not practical, massage bathtub manufacturers ,endless swimming pool, but he lives in such a large space, it is very appropriate." Time seemed to pass very slowly, especially Xiuda, who walked restlessly on the ground like a wolf in a cage, looking at the small blue door from a distance from time to time-in fact, he also knew that Yi Hailan would return directly to his eyes with positioning. About half an hour later, after a white boundary flashed, Yi Hailan appeared again in front of everyone. He shook a book with a dark green cover in his hand: "Everyone is lucky enough to find a way." Everyone could clearly see the brown words on the cover of the book: "Detailed Explanation of the Enchantment". Yi Hailan put the book on the small table, opened the table of contents and quickly found the "boundary of the sword", immediately turned to the book, this part of the text is not much, only one page. Boundary of Sword "The sword has the same spirit, gathers the essence of heaven and earth, and gradually becomes a unique spirit." "All the spirits of the sword are not among the five spirits of water, fire, earth, ice and wind. They are dry in nature and like to attack." "The gathering of the elves of the sword can become an elf boundary." "Those with small boundaries can guard the sword.". ” "The Great Enchantment can guard the host of the sword." "No matter how big the boundary is, it can form the realm of the sword. If the host of the sword attacks in the realm, it can get the realm attack bonus." "It is said that the enchantment of the sword can be entered-it must be a person who can dance with the sword, or an elf." "The boundary of the sword, the power of the elves is extremely powerful, be careful to enter!" Oh, everyone's face showed the original look. Who can dance with the sword? By this time, Amy and Ying were already facing each other. Ying shook her head slightly at Amy, while Amy shook her head slightly at Ying with helplessness. For a moment, both of them understood each other's meaning. Ying didn't want Amy to take the risk, and Amy shook her head helplessly on the principle of mercenary soldiers. What do you mean by dancing with the sword? Renoir asked in a loud voice. Well, it's not very clear. Literally, you can dance with a sword. This is not necessarily true. Yi Hailan's face showed a helpless look. How to get in? Xiuda took over the topic. Well, maybe just walk in? It's not written here either. The speaker was originally a joke, but it was undoubtedly a hint to the dragoon soldiers who were eager to complete the task that lasted 800 years. Impatient people such as Xiuda have rushed directly to the magic array in a hurry. The result, of course, was that it bounced back as if it had hit a wall. After Bi pulled up her cousin, she pursed her lips and fixed her eyes on Ying. At this time, it is difficult to find a dancer who can dance with the sword immediately, but if you want to find an elf, the one in front of you can be seen by everyone. Amy, of course, understood what she meant, and for the first time her face showed anger: "Sorry, Ying is not a soldier of the small mercenary regiment, so she is not in the agreement to undertake this mission." "Oh,outdoor hot tub, do you mean that the soldiers of the small mercenary regiment can accept danger, but the girlfriend can't?" For some reason, Bea suddenly found herself saying something that she shouldn't have said at all.


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