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Comic commissions!

If you would like an estimate of how much a comic would cost in general, you can do a general estimate based on the chart above. 

When I list prices "per character", I mean "per times drawn". If I need to draw a comic with 6 people in it, it doesn't matter if they're all the same person or different people, that's "6 characters (that I need to draw)". I hope this makes sense

  • I will charge extra for complex character designs (how much depends on the complexity of the characters); highly detailed characters that were designed either to just exist in illustrations or in video games are not meant to be drawn over-and-over again, and so if you want me to draw those characters as accurately as I possibly can, yeah, it'll take a lot of time, as the characters literally weren't made for it, so I will have to charge a lot of extra.
  • Conversely, I can give a discount if the character design (or style) is more simplistic and easier to draw (like chibis)
  • Panels with super close-ups (such as a close up of two hands holding each other) can get a discount (or count as "a single character" even if the hands belong to different characters). 
  • Backgrounds bring additional costs as well, as does scripting/thumbnailing.


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Commissions only partially open! Sorry about the inconvenience!

Hiya, I'm Kaninchenbau, a queer European who specializes in drawing magical girl comics and other fun/cutesy stuff!

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