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The Home Life of a Retired Palace Maid

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"This is for An Yisheng and his wife, this is for An Yirou and his wife, and this is for her personal servant girl.." Wei Siliang took out his pen, wrote it down one by one, and finally glanced at it, but still did not bring anything to Ann Yimo. Ten years later, the work of the empress is still so watertight. Nowadays, the harem is in good order. Although the empress has only added a princess to her majesty, she has won the respect of all the concubines and all the princes and daughters. Even awe. Since her majesty returned to the palace ten years ago, the empress has been living in the Zijin Palace all the way from the concubines to the imperial concubines and then to the empress. There are people in the palace around her, and the closest one is Wei Siliang's wife Jincui. Apart from Jincui, the empress had never asked anyone to bring anything, nor had she ever talked about the past few months in the past. Ten years in a hurry, how many worldly wisdom has been isolated by a high wall? Nowadays, few people know that the empress once used the name of "chasing the wind" and the story that she had been around one after another. Now, no one will know, the empress also once called, Nian Li. Sometimes even Nian Li forgets what his name is. From the moment she decided to return to the palace with the wall wind ten years ago to preserve the garden, she knew that her name was "the emperor's woman". Without herself, she became the whole world. 2 "Back to the Empress, Your Majesty is staying at the Hele Palace tonight." According to the usual practice,MBR reactor, Jincui reported his majesty's whereabouts to the empress, while Nianli tightened his cloak under a solitary lamp and frowned slightly, but his voice remained calm. This is the fifth time this month that Your Majesty has stayed at the Hall of Music. "Yes." Nian Li put down the book in his hand, took a note, and said carelessly, "Le Fei should have come to Kuishui these two days." Jincui bowed her head and said nothing. The empress knew everything. Even Le Fei knew when Kuishui was in her heart. Nian Li put down the penholder in his hand and got up neatly. The red piping cloak fell to the ground, and the silhouette was like a blade. Come with me to the Hoyaku Palace. "Empress.." Your Majesty has gone to bed. "I know,multi disc screw press," said Nian Li with an expressionless face. Following the empress has been the eighth thought, Jincui still can not figure out the empress's mind, many people say that the empress is the most temperamental person in the world, they just say so, just because no one can really figure out the temper of the empress. Perhaps even His Majesty can do nothing. Now he was over a hundred, but the empress was the only one who had not been out of favor for ten years. But anyone can see that the empress, who has never been out of favor, has never had the slightest bit of joy in her eyes. More than three thousand days, not a moment of joy. 3 The empress came to the side of the emperor again, and she was not like those pedantic ministers or crying concubines, who were always willing to make trouble until they could not get off the stage. Empress Qing Jun side way is very simple, is so a kneel, also do not read aloud what, also do not hit the pillar self-mutilation, is kneeling, Mechanical fine screen ,lamella tube, do not even inform. The next morning, when the wall wind collapsed out of the door, I saw the eyes of Nian Li Qingli, and I immediately panicked. She had not been like this for a long time, and the last time she knelt like this, it was to punish the daughter of a powerful minister. That was two years ago. Le Fei, who had not had time to dress up behind the wall wind, was also flustered. Although she had not been in the palace for a long time, she had heard about the legendary figure, and now she was kneeling in front of her palace like this, which was really disturbing. Nian Li did not look at Le Fei, but faced the wall wind. Although her legs were numb, when the wall wind helped her up, she did not make her legs weak, but stood firmly. It's still so unlovable. What is the love of the imperial concubine doing? "Your Majesty has been staying at the Hele Palace for five nights before the end of the month.". These two days are the period of Le Fei Kuishui, your majesty is not happy for fish and water, still live here, really make my concubine worry.. "This.." "The rain and dew are all touching, and the branches and leaves are spreading. This is the great system." The wall wind frowned. Can't I have someone I love? Nian Li felt a slight pull in his heart and sneered. "Since Your Majesty wants to be single-minded, why should he accept more than 100 beautiful people?" This question, another sentence, pushed the wall wind to a dead corner. "I keep it in mind." "Your Majesty, please move to the Golden Palace tonight." Nian Li smiled. Bi Feng sighed. The concubine of Qi who lived in the Golden Palace was really not his favorite. The queen arranged this, I'm afraid, because the brother of the imperial concubine of Qi will go to war with the army in the near future. Alas, when on earth can he, like the queen, really abandon all emotions and become a complete emperor? From this sigh, Nian Li seemed to hear the voice of the wall wind, and the pain in his heart overflowed like running water. I have become a completely superior person, precisely because, in my heart, there is always the emotion that can not be abandoned. Yimo, will you still think of me now? 4 "Your Majesty, this is the thirty-fourth time that the queen has sent something to trace the source. The gifts and the people who have given them have been put on record one by one. Your Majesty, please have a look at them." Wei Siliang, the captain of the bodyguard, was still respectful, but the wall wind pinched his temple and shook his hand. The first time and the second time, he had to check the gifts taken out of the palace with his own hands. For the third and fourth time, he was still facing the list one by one. By the tenth time, he would ask when it was the last time he sent something out. Now, he doesn't ask anything, just one sentence. Not his? "No." Wei Siliang already knew the answer by heart, and who else could he have besides the "An Yimo" that had always been in the heart of the wall wind? It's just that the empress is more aware of this than he is than your majesty. In the past ten years, not only has she never left the palace,Lamella Plate Settler, she has never asked about tracing the source, and even brought something to the source, she has never brought it to An Yimo.


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