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Wolong gives birth to the order of floating flowers

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Then, a strong light, shone in, Shen Zixuan turned his eyes and saw a man in a green shirt, standing against the wall. The man in the green shirt reacted so quickly that he leaped up with a flash of light. Shen Zixuan was so fast that he couldn't see the face of the man. But that hold of the lamp did not waver, and the light follow upward. The body of the man in the green shirt flashed and his whole body sank into the beam. As the Qingshan man hid on the beam, he sent out a hundred-step magic fist. Shen Zixuan suddenly jumped up, cold awn flashing, in the hands of the sword has been unsheathed, straight to the green shirt man rushed past. But see a flash of cold awn, the sword stabbed the beam, the green shirt man is floating down, Shen Zixuan missed a blow, right hand slightly force, a flip, whoosh, from the beam over. Sure enough, when the Qingshan man floated back, he turned over and hit a hundred-step magic fist. In the blink of an eye, two figures had rushed into the room. The first one was Qi Lier, holding a deadly lantern in her hand. Qi Lier was followed by Yang Fengyin, who was wearing a mask. Qingshan people at this time is floating on the ground, raised his hand, hit the Yang Fengyin. But seeing Yang Fengyin's charming body slightly on one side,Precision Welded pipes, he clapped his right hand outside the door. I don't know what kind of ingenuity she used, but she gently dissolved a strong force. The man in Tsing Yi was slightly stunned and said, "That's a good way to fight. Are you the Lord of Piaohua?" Yang Fengyin gave a sneer and asked, "Who are you?" "I'm Tang Tianhong," said the man in Tsing Yi. Shen Zixuan said, "So it's Master Tang Shao of Shenquan Taibao." "I don't deserve it," said Tang Tianhong. "Who are you?" "Shen Zixuan," said Shen Zixuan. Tang Tianhong slowly took off the mask of human skin, showing his sword eyebrows and bright eyes. "I heard my father mention Master Shen,stainless steel tube 304," he said. Yang Fengyin said slowly, "Tang Tianhong, what are you doing here?" "Come down here," said Tang Tianhong. "I'd like to meet Lord Piaohua." "What did you do to see her?" Yang Feng intoned. Tang Tianhong said, "I'd like to invite you to visit Jianghu. I've heard that Lord Piaohua has suddenly risen in Jianghu recently. I hope to see what kind of person he is." "Is that all?" Yang Feng intoned. "Yes," said Tang Tianhong, "I've traveled thousands of miles to find you here. It's just a visit for fame." "You got what you wanted," intoned Yang Feng. Tang Tianhong stared at Yang Fengyin for a moment. Suddenly he looked up to the sky and laughed. "It's better to be famous than to meet each other," he said. "I'm just leaving." Turn around and stride to the layman. "Stop right there," intoned Yang Feng. "You can come and go as soon as you say. It's too easy for you to think." Tang Tianhong laughed and said, "Although Hua Ling has shaken Jianghu, he hasn't been able to control me, Tang. I don't know how to deal with such a domineering girl." Yang Fengyin smiled faintly and said, "You are very conceited." He walked slowly to Tang Tianhong. Tang Tianhong stepped back unconsciously and said, "Miss, if you go forward again, precision welded tubes ,Cold Drawn Tubes, someone Tang is going to make a move." Yang Fengyin said with a smile, "Even if you do it, I'd like to see the Hundred Steps Magic Fist. Besides hurting people far away, there are some strange changes." Tang Tianhong gave a sneer and said, "Be careful, girl.". Suddenly, he raised his right hand and hit Yang Fengyin in the void. Shen Zixuan exclaimed, "The hundred-step magic fist of the Tang family has shocked Jianghu for decades. Although Yang Fengyin is highly skilled in martial arts, I'm afraid he will suffer from this blow." Yang Fengyin raised his right hand and clapped a hand against Tang Tianhong's fist. This time, she no longer used the method of fighting with force, but took a hard hand. Yang Fengyin's white clothes fluttered, and the body moving forward suddenly stopped. Tang Tianhong involuntarily stepped back two steps. Yang Fengyin smiled coldly and said, "What other martial arts do you have? Hurry up and use it. If we can't bear it, we'll fight back." Tang Tianhong's face was awestruck, and he slowly raised his left fist. Yang Fengyin stood still, as if waiting for Tang Tianhong's fist. Shen Zixuan, Lei Huafang and so on, see that Yang Fengyin hard to remember a hundred step magic fist, unexpectedly as if nothing had happened, the heart relaxed a lot. Tang Tianhong suddenly exhaled, left fist fell, even with the fist, straight to come over. This blow was the result of his lifelong skill, and his power was no small matter, bringing up a strong wind in his fist. Yang Fengyin this time no longer hard to catch the fist, until Tang Tianhong fist close to the body, then suddenly one side of the body, the right hand quickly clapped a palm. This palm fell very quickly, and Tang Tianhong was doing his best to cope with the strange change, and was clapped on his left shoulder by Yang Fengyin. The strength of his rush, coupled with the strength of Yang Fengyin's clap, combined into one, and hit the wall involuntarily. But hearing a bang, Tang Tianhong's fist smashed through the wall, but the man stopped with the force of the shock. Qi Lier suddenly deceives herself upward, raises two fingers, and hits Tang Tianhong's acupoint. Tang Tianhong slowly moved his feet, turned around, and said, "The girl won't win." "Aren't you convinced?" Yang Feng intoned. "Yes," said Tang Tianhong, "I was defeated, but I was not convinced." "How can you be convinced?" Yang Feng intoned. Tang Tianhong said, "I won't be convinced until the girl defeats me in every move." "Good," intoned Yang Feng! If you are convinced, would you like to join me? Tang Tian hesitated for a moment and said, "I can't decide this." "What do you mean?" Asked Yang Feng. Tang Tianhong said, "Although my father has retired from Jianghu and retired to Linquan, he is still the head of the family. Such a great event must be approved by my father." Yang Fengyin smiled faintly and said, "You came to us for no reason and had a fight with us. When you lost, you felt unconvinced and refused to gamble. You just wanted us to let you go and fight again. It seems that you are going to take all the advantages." Tang Tianhong hesitated for a moment and said, "I can't promise you to join the Piaohua Gate, but I can promise to do three things for the girl. That's no different from joining your gate." Yang Fengyin sank a little and said,side impact beams, "All right!"! Just do what you want. Glancing at Qi Lier, he said, "Untie his acupoint." Qi Lier answered and reached out to clap Tang Tianhong's two acupoints alive.


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