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Fengyu Jiangshan _ Pai Pai Novel

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People's eyes intentionally or unintentionally looked at Chu Jie, who was standing in the first row, holding a jade cloak and waiting quietly in the row. But he just half lowered his head, eyebrows between a peaceful, simply can not see that he has any dissatisfaction with the imperial edict of the prince. All the ministers all guess in the heart, eyes left and right, in addition to Chu Jie there is a person motionless, listening to the imperial edict issued, also did not have a little moved. At the end of the meeting, the ministers knelt down and sent the prince to the palace. Yao Xingshu slightly raised his eyes, cold in the heart, did not expect the prince to hide things so tightly, even he did not get half a minute of news. Looking at Prince Ming Huang's tall figure turning into the beaded curtain of the inner hall, his thin lips gradually burst into a dense smile. Zhao Chen went into the Liangyi Palace and knocked on the door to see the emperor. The medicine in the hall was sweet, bitter and fishy. After he was led by Wen Xi to the screen in Kowloon, the emperor leaned on the big couch at the head of the bed, and the Crown Princess was personally serving medicine and tea. Zhao Chen stood aside quietly, waiting for the soup to be used up, the Crown Princess withdrew, and when her eyes touched Zhao Chen, she nodded with a faint smile. The emperor looked like very tired, just told Zhao Chen a few words to let him do a good job, and did not say much, then in the service of Wen Xi and fell asleep in the past. After Zhao Chen saluted, he withdrew from the main hall. Under the jade steps outside the hall, the Crown Princess stood alone, dressed in the Celestial Palace against the cloud-covered sky, looking even more emaciated. I've lost a lot of weight recently. Did you suffer any grievance in the East Palace? Zhao Chen walked down the steps and walked side by side with the Crown Princess. Even though she used Rouge and mouth powder and specially painted flowers, her haggard look was hard to hide. The emperor's dragon body is disobedient. As a daughter-in-law, I am also anxious. I can't avoid being tired. My eldest brother doesn't have to worry. "The Crown Princess smiled faintly, and her eyebrows were full of flowers, and her cheeks were covered with yellow flowers. She was still beautiful and moving, and could not be a square thing." Lie to me again. Do you think I really don't know anything? Mu imperial concubine one corpse two lives,Wheel tape measure, the prince angrily left the palace of the crown princess, after ten days did not set foot, how can this kind of thing hide? I really regret it. "What do you regret?" Crown Princess did not dare to look at his eyes, lowered his head, so smoothly received a sentence. "I regret letting you marry to the East Palace." Zhao Chen said such a sentence coldly, with regret in his words. Brother, don't talk nonsense. Startled, the Crown Princess hurriedly looked around and found that there were no palace attendants around. She breathed a sigh of relief, but grabbed Zhao Chen's sleeve and said in awe, "Elder brother, you can't say that again." Zhao Chen is also angry, this just blurted out, he also knows that it is useless to say this kind of words now, usually stay in the imperial capital, but also take care of her one or two, but this time far away from Handong, I do not know when to come back, Adhesive fish ruler ,horse weight tape, such a big imperial capital, who else can she rely on? Prince.. He didn't dare to count on much. His heart is not the taste, but also helpless, for a moment in the throat tight, bitter can not speak. Two people walk silently, across the flower gallery, across the Bichi curved bridge, on both sides of the palace towers one by one, a long distance, they only feel a little time to walk to the end. Not far ahead is the Chaoyang Men, separated by the inner and outer palaces. Brother, it's a long way to go, and the border is exposed to the wind and the sun. Take care of yourself. The Crown Princess reached out to smooth the wrinkles on his skirt and hugged him for the last time. "Remember to write back more often. Mother, you don't have to worry. I will take care of you." "Okay, I know." Zhao Chen eye socket acid swells, after patting her back, this only then holds her shoulder to push her slowly away from the front of the body, "you also want to take care of yourself, if." I said that if something big happened and I was not here, you could go to find the commander of the imperial army who took my place. He was Feng Yun's man, and he would try his best to help you. The Crown Princess had a bad feeling in her heart. She could see that her brother was serious. She didn't want to say more to annoy him. She had to nod and answered, "I see. Go back and pack up earlier. It's time to leave tomorrow." "All right, I'm going. Take care." Zhao Chen shook her shoulder, looked at her for the last time, and resolutely turned away. The Crown Princess looked at his back farther and farther, pressed his chest with one hand, and his heart suddenly contracted for no reason, as if he would never see him again this time. Tears welled up in her eyes, and his figure was covered in mist. She wiped her eyes with her sleeve and told herself again and again that there would always be a sunny day after the haze, and that one day, the three brothers and sisters would meet again. The author has something to say: Toots wrote a word for this article and contributed his voice. Welcome to click. A series of clever games In the twentieth year of Zhenyuan, the flames of war spread all over the grasslands, and hundreds of thousands of troops in the eastern Dynasty forced the western Turkic city pass. Within half a month, the three cities of Yanjin, Yidong, and Ji were attacked all the way to Jialing Pass. Feng Wei was the commander in chief this time, and Feng Yun was the deputy commander in chief. The two fathers and sons cooperated closely and used the least casualties in the shortest time to seize the three cities of the Western Turks, which greatly boosted the morale of the army. ZhongJunXingyuan, Feng Wei is listening to the return of his subordinates, the army all the way down, the battle line is getting longer and longer, every next city needs to send someone to stay, so that the supply of military supplies will not go wrong in the middle of the link, compared to the war, it is more cumbersome, but it can not be neglected. In addition to the guards who carried the baggage and about fifteen thousand men left in the three cities of Yanjin, Yidong and Ji, the number of people who could be fully mobilized in the army was now about seventy thousand, of which thirty thousand were light cavalry, thirty thousand were infantry, eight thousand were heavy cavalry and two thousand were engineers. One of the participants replied. Feng Wei pondered for a moment and looked at the Turkic Chengguan landform paved with sand dunes in front of him. From Yanjin to the Western Turkic Court, many small red flags were inserted along the way. This was the route of the army. The garrison general of Jialing Pass is Tuoba Hongliang. I heard that this man is very good at strategy. Someone said, in fact, for so many years,Diameter tape measure, there was no large-scale conflict between the Eastern Dynasty and the Turks. Everyone had no idea about the strength of the generals of the other side. What they knew was just what they had heard, and they could not all be accurate. How many troops are there at Jialing Pass? Feng Wei looked up and asked. According to the report of the scouts, there are about twenty thousand soldiers in Jialing Pass. It was Feng Yun's vanguard general who came forward to answer.


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