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Lin Xi felt that the old man's consciousness was firmly locked in him. As long as they dare to harm the "five princes". It will be a thunderbolt soon. Your Royal Highness! ——” A cry of surprise came from the stands. It turned out to be a prince of the Taibai Dynasty. Lin Xi changed his mind and immediately understood the identity of the old man. He also understood where the strong danger he felt came from. Lin Xi gave a sneer in his heart, although he knew that he was no match for the prince of the Taibai royal family. But there are not many scruples. What do you want to do? Do you want to formally declare war on Shenxiaozong on behalf of the Taibai Dynasty? Or do you not even care about the Xianluo faction? Lin Xi shouted in a cold voice, without scruple. When the old man heard this, his face stifled, his pupils shrank, and he took a long breath. As the "prince" of the Taibai Dynasty, he did not care about Lin Xi's strength. But what Lin Xi said, he had to have scruples. Those who can appear here are the elites of the ten major sects. They appear in the Xianluo Sect, representing their respective sects. Although he cared about the safety of the "five princes", if he really attacked Lin Xi, or even killed him, it would be tantamount to provoking the whole Shenxiaozong. Tai yuan Palace and Dou Shuigong may not care about the threat of Shenxiao Zong. But the Taibai Dynasty could not help but care. At this time, his "prince" status has become a constraint. Moreover, Lin Xi's last words are right. This is the competition held by Xianluo faction. He can not care about Lin Xi, but he can not care about the host "Xianluo faction". His action of rushing into the field has actually broken the competition rules set by "Xianluo School". " Prince Six, go back. Here is the competition field. The five princes themselves took the initiative to challenge Lin Xi, so they had to abide by the rules. In the sound of breaking the sky, the immortal sky elder swept into the competition field. Lin Xi's last words,Oil Dropper Bottle, in fact, are also reminding them. In any case, in front of the world's heroes, it is impossible for the Xianluo faction to ignore the intervention of the "six princes" of the Taibai Dynasty. However, "a bowl of water should be balanced." After talking about the six princes of the Taibai Dynasty, "Elder Xiankong" turned his eyes and looked at Lin Xi: "Lin Xi, I know you have a personal enmity with the Taibai Dynasty. But we have made it clear before that the martial arts competition is based on harmony,glass cream jars, so I hope you will release the five princes for the sake of our Xianluo Sect. After all, the Xianluo Sect was the host, and the death of the "True Disciple" at the promotion ceremony had an impact on the prestige of the Xianluo Sect. For the Xianluo faction, in fact, they don't want to see people die. Don't worry, Shibo. I won't kill him. Lin Xi said indifferently. With the identity of Xianluo faction, said "give us a face" such words, in fact, has given Lin Xi face. Lin Xi is not for himself, and it is impossible to win the face of the Xianluo faction. After all, after a while, he had a letter to send to Xianluo. However, although Lin Xi would not kill the "five princes", Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale ,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, he did not promise to let him go so cheaply. Little _ Say _ txt Heaven Chapter 593 shock and awe! "Click!" Lin Xi raised his left foot, just once, with a click, and crushed the left arm of the five princes in a burst of bone cracking. Ah! ——” No one expected this to come out of the blue. Then he heard the mournful cry of the five princes. He folded his left arm and rolled on the ground. This is just a lesson! No one can bully the disciples of Shenxiao Sect, and no one can dare to provoke me after doing these things. Remember this lesson! As soon as Lin Xi hooked his left foot, he hit his body hard, and the five princes whose left arm was broken were hooked up, as light as nothing, and kicked the "six princes" of the Taibai Dynasty fifty feet away. Boom! The six princes opened their arms and hugged the bodies of the five princes. He was furious, and his eyes were bloodshot: "Vertical son!"! How dare you "Humph!"! Just crush a left arm and be satisfied. With the strength of the Taibai Dynasty, at a little cost, he would surely be able to restore his left arm after a period of time. Or.. Do you want me to throw you a corpse? Lin Xi said, coldly glancing at the "six princes" not far away! Boom! The six princes shook violently, opened their lips, and finally said nothing more. Lin Xi that kind of look in the eyes, the murder is hidden. Clearly in the heart without taboos, not just say, but angered, really dare to kill the "five princes.". This kind of person, who is not bound by etiquette and rules, is the most difficult person to deal with in the great world of immortality. Moreover, what Lin Xi said is not wrong. In the great world of Xiandao, it's not a big deal to have your arm broken. At least he knew that there were several drugs that could fix it. It's just expensive. From this point of view, Lin Xi stepped on the bones of the five princes, is really just a small lesson. Lin Xi did not pay attention to the "six princes" in the heart of the idea, he said this sentence. As soon as his sleeves fluttered, he stepped into the void and returned to the pavilion of Shenxiaozong as if nobody was watching. When he left the stadium, the stands of Youda were silent. A line of eyes looked at Lin Xi's back, were overwhelmed! Such a simple game, Lin Xi's means. But left a deep impression on everyone! "咝 ! " Wait until Lin Xi returns to the pavilion and sits down. Each school, an elite disciple of a conceited genius, breathed a long sigh of relief, but the shock in his heart was hard to subside for a long time. In this game, it was not Lin Xi's strength that impressed everyone. But Lin Xi shows the kind of powerful and horrible aura, and decisive and ruthless means! Lin Xi gave the impression that he had made a decision. No one can stand in the way of perseverance. Strong men like "Elder Xiankong" and "Six Princes" of the Taibai Dynasty. People ask themselves, for their own, but also to fear a few points, lack of momentum, dare not start. However, Lin Xi has no scruples, in front of the two elders and the world's elite. Although he promised to forgive the five princes,Blue Bottle Serum, he did not hesitate to crush his bones! This kind of courage, this kind of aura. This kind of overbearing determination. Looking at the whole venue, few people dare to say that they can do it!.


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