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Charming Heart and Lung-Bright Moon _ Pai Pai Novels

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"Brother Yan, it's cold at night. Add some clothes." He went into his room and took his cloak and put it on. He looked back sternly. "Why did you come out?" "I miss you." Don't stick out your tongue. Bold circle on the stern waist, "pull also cold." She just squeezed into the cloak of sternness, and they hugged each other intimately. As long as you broke the ice on his face, such a person is actually very easy to control. Sure enough, he sighed and did not refuse. In the window of the opposite building, although you can't see it, you can feel the eyes. "The moon is so big tonight," she said. Forgive her for being uneducated. The author has something to say: Watch overlord. Bite your fingers. I am afraid that some comrades will not remember it because it has been too long, so it is unnecessary. In the seventh chapter, in the first chapter, Xi Da once gave her a medicine bowl. She mixed it with Bama Spring. After that, all the liquid on her body was Bama Spring. If you don't remember, please go back and review, hoho. Drift by shyly. A sale Not to save the time to the room, Lu Pin is naturally gone, there is no trace left, even the aroma of osmanthus brewing has been cleaned up by the flavor powder, he, obviously, does not want people to know his relationship with her and transactions. If she didn't beg him last night, it was just a childish tease to him. She held that one in ten thousand thoughts in her heart, and now it seems that it is empty. I didn't think I had such a childish side that I thought he would be jealous. But somehow also tried out his true thoughts, in the strict place,Time Delay Tap, he must not go to drag the hind legs, lost the east corner, received the mulberry elm, did not look at the opposite strict room. Since she was not afraid of Lu Pin to find sternness, she naturally had nothing to worry about. The first night, she was still holding a little bit of thought, she began to despise herself, but this night over and over again, how can not sleep,Service Sink Faucets, always thinking that he will not jump into the window, or, she really will be single-minded to capture the stern heart to come over? When the first ray of sunshine came in, she found herself funny, as if she had been waiting for him all night. Damn, when she didn't have any hope, the man came to tease her, and then waved his sleeve as if nothing had happened. He rubbed his painful temple and ushered in the first surprise of the day. Do you want to go out with me today? Standing sternly by the door, the sun warmed him a little, and there was a trace of unnaturalness on his face. If you don't feel that God closes a door for you, he will open another new window for you. Is this the so-called "frustrated in the casino, proud in love"? Last night, she just gambled on Lu Pin's mind, which was hard to guess. He was very calm, so she lost. But she was strict. It was really unintentional. If she didn't pull the secret way, she would drink more water before going to bed. Maybe one night, she would be able to embrace the iceberg. It's a good idea not to pull back. Today, stainless steel squatting pan ,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, when Yan Yan met his brother and surrounded the city from the countryside, everyone said that he was good, and Yan Yan naturally paid attention to it. It's a pity that man is not as good as God. It took half a foot to step out of Yan Fu, and Miss Mier came magnificently. Brother Yan. She came in with a smile. Go out with your sister-in-law. You and your sister-in-law are so affectionate. Strict and did not speak. Do not pull know not good, he can not always be himself in front of Mier, he still wants to use himself to cover up his feelings, it can be seen that the day when he became Mrs. Yan is still very early. Why is Mier here? "Lu Pin has something to do recently, and I don't know many people. Brother Yan and his sister-in-law won't refuse me, will they?" Her smile was very bright. The eyes were as bright as the stars of the night, shaking the stern heart up and down. She fell behind Yan and Mi'er. Mi'er was born with a passion. She was familiar with everyone she met. She did what she had planned to do by accident. People around her were surrounded by her beauty and kindness. Wherever she went, she was the brightest star. Some people can get everything you dream of without any effort, such as beauty, status, sternness, Lu Pin, and sigh for the last two words. When Mier is there, he seems to have forgotten not to pull in general, he just silently looked at her talking and laughing with others, can be happy to pull out a smile, this is not to do a lot of things can not be exchanged. Self-pity sitting aside, such a gorgeous grain of sand, in the side of Mier, is nothing at all, if Xi Da is still there, it is estimated that he will jump out and strangle himself, his basic skills are not solid. It's all right after today, but this Mi'er girl seems to feel that the geomantic omen of Yan Fu is particularly good. From this day on, she comes to visit every day, and she doesn't dare to complain severely, because she has no name. I don't know what's wrong with being strict. When I meet someone, I always take myself with me. The two fools are looking at the brilliance and magnificence of Mier. At lunch, Yan Yan would remember to order a plate of steamed buns, and Mi Er would add, "Lu Pin also likes steamed buns." When she passed by the shop, she would jump for joy, "Ah, there is Bama Spring for sale, Lu Pin only likes to drink this." She said to the shopkeeper, "put it on Lu Pin's account." Just like the hostess of the castellan mansion. Thinking how stupid he was, he didn't buy some real estate for himself when he was his wife. The two of them accompanied Mier to wander around, cloth shops, clothing stores and so on. She looked like an innocent girl who was not involved in the world. She looked at her heart and admired her. She also felt happy when she followed her, and she would not hate this woman. For a moment, she also wanted to help the strict, help him get his sweetheart, but only to get Mier's body, I am afraid it is not happiness for the strict, or even a kind of blow, do not suddenly feel that the world is really superfluous. In the evening, she stepped into the boudoir wearily, but unexpectedly sternly behind her, gently called her. Pull. "Hm?" She was a little tired, tired of being hurt by Lu Pin, and tired of severe neglect. In the moonlight,push button toilet flush valve, his palm was open, and in his palm was an emerald dragonfly hairpin. There is simplicity in the crystal clear beauty, just like him.


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