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Hun Shi San Xian (Guo Mo)

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Xiang Batian turned his fist into a palm and sucked it inward. The old man Mengyue felt a huge force coming over. His body stopped involuntarily, and a little chance was destroyed. Xiang Batian's move is naturally a secret method in the Martial Arts Code of Heaven and Earth. It is specially used to deal with enemies who want to escape. If you practice at home, you can suck your opponent to the front. Xiang Batian did not practice at home, but it is still possible to interfere with the escape of the old man Mengyue. Successful Xiang Batian naturally will not miss this opportunity, this old man is very cunning, Xiang Batian's rapid close, this will be really entangled, the old man Mengyue has no chance, the magic weapon in his hand has been replaced by another one, but it is not as easy to use as before, plus just injured, this is not the power to fight back. Friends, let's find a way to escape. The old man Mengyue was punched and shouted, "If you don't go, the whole army will be wiped out.". Others are also in danger, Wu Xiu's intrepidity, they are learned, half of the people have been killed, at this time everyone is afraid, some of these people are elders of other sects, some are casual, are selling the face of Mengyue and others, now life is worrying, how can not think of ways to escape, this younger generation, but one is more ruthless than the other. Mengyue old man's words let everyone a shock, if Mengyue this words do not say, then his old friends are not necessarily embarrassed to escape, but now is the main words, and then stay is a fool, for a while, each old guy like to take stimulants, fierce force, want to take this to force back the opponent, so as to escape. However, they still looked down upon the experience of Xiang Batian and others against the enemy. They were all trained step by step from the bottom of the ordinary people. Before they met Yunyang, they were all famous masters of Tianyuan Star Wulin. How could they be so forced back by them. Disciples of the original Demon Gate, led by Xiang Batian, have made up their minds to leave these people behind. Even if they are desperate, they will not hesitate to do so. Besides, they have an advantage now. If they are all run away by the other side, they will have to find a stone to kill them. Old guys force,nail manufacturing machine, Xiang Batian and others are ruthless, is completely desperate play, anyway, their body to live, the big deal is a few years of self-cultivation. And the dream month and others, is completely in despair, blame can only blame them, the beginning was close to the body, want to perform magic, also not enough space and time, so the end, at the beginning, has been doomed. Lord Xiang, do you really want to exterminate them? We are all in Tianfeng Star Field. Aren't you afraid that our sects will get the news to avenge us? The speaker was an elder of the Tianming Sect, who came out to handle affairs and caught up with this matter. The old man, Bie Mengyue, was pulled over. At this time, he was so urgent that he had to pull out the sect to make a banner. Hum, when you come over, why didn't you think about this? Brothers, kill me. Xiang Batian doesn't care so much, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Nail machine manufacturer, there is revenge, there is resentment, whether it is new hatred or old hatred, there is no reason to let go, he won't do the work of letting the tiger go back to the mountains, now he has killed most of them, this hatred has long been formed, if you let these people go at this time, then they will certainly be entangled with the people who can come to ask for justice, when the time comes, it will be even more troublesome. Lord Xiang, we're just here to help. Are you so unreasonable? Do you want your sect to be exterminated? Another old man spat out a mouthful of blood. Hum, kill the door, I will kill you first. Guo Fang saw that his opponent still had the strength to speak and immediately stepped up his hands. The old man's life was hard. He had suffered so many times, but he was still alive and kicking. Brothers, make it quick. Xiang Batian saw that the situation was very good and gave the order to kill. OK "All right, I'll fight you." A few of the remaining old guys were killed to the ground, and the rest knew that they would be doomed. Not to mention that the more than 20 opponents would not let them go, even those who had been watching the play were on guard. This time, they were defeated. No, this guy is going to blow himself up. Guo Huai, back. Xiang Batian only had time to roar out, a loud noise came over, at the same time, a huge force hit them back a few steps, and with his enemy Guo Huai, was blown out. Eldest brother. "Guo roared, crazy attack on the opponent, others are not idle, did not expect to be pulled by the dying cushion, do not know how Guo Huai, we grew up together, but the feelings are very deep." Don't give them a chance to kill. Xiang Batian pestered the old man Mengyue, making a move heavier than a move, how ruthless how to greet, absolutely can not give him the time to explode. Other magic door people are also crazy to attack, this is basically two to one, the dream of the moon and others were wiped out, is inevitable. Half an hour later, the last old guy also fell to the ground, Xiang Batian and others are all black and blue, with the weak against the strong, with less against more, can have this result, is entirely thanks to the body refining method in the Qiankun Wu Dian, plus the beginning of the advantage, play their own strengths, can survive, can not have a death, is already a great miracle. Guo Huai at this time has been saved by the dark sky and others, he is more unlucky, the body was blown up some broken, I'm afraid at least two or three years of self-cultivation. Zhang Yide, you take the others to clean up, and everyone goes back to recover first. Xiang Batian looked at each of the injured partners, can not help but nod, this can be said to be a complete victory, this in the past, but unimaginable. Yes, master. At the end of the battle, Guo and others all dragged their wounded bodies back to their respective residences. Everyone had a disciple to help them. This battle made them addicted. At the same time, they had a big breath. They were already worthy of the magic door. In the future, there will only be a free door here. Batian, what's the matter with you today? It seems that there is an inside story in it. He Bisong and others came over, just now they did not make a move, this is obviously a special reason, as the guardian elders of the free door,High Speed Nail Making Machine, they now have the right to know. Moreover, after what happened today, they and the sects of these people will never die. There is some trouble in this matter. Chapter 212 fight.


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