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Rebel minister _ Cai someone

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"The general's merits, are their own knife and gun, earned from the battlefield, he is the emperor, is also natural, why should I be the emperor?"? Who is convinced by me? Cheng Xinwei was surprised and secretly said, "You are really not a fool." "Yes, this is exactly your opportunity. Do you know why eight hundred people from the Bai Palace were able to cross the river into Taicheng? The reason is also here, if he is eighty thousand troops, will lead to Jiankang stand by and dare not take it lightly, just because he is weak, so there is an opportunity. Neither do you. No matter whether you are a brother or not, you have never really been taken seriously. The snipe and clam compete with each other, and the fisherman gains. Don't you want to be a fisherman? When Yan Jiuyun heard this, he was at a loss. "Ah yuan and his mother are gone. What's the point of me being the emperor?" Cheng Xin was stunned and disappointed. He looked at the yard like this. There was no human habitation. There was no weather to speak of. He sighed heavily and stared at Yan Jiuyun: What if Ayuan is not dead? Would you like to gamble for her? If you don't stand up, you'll never be able to really protect her! Yan Jiuyun's expression suddenly stagnated. After a long time, he rolled his eyes: "What did you say?!" "I've been paying attention to her since I came back from Yingchuan," said Cheng Xin. "How can I stand by and do nothing? I only ask you if you will listen to my advice." Seeing that he was in a hurry, Cheng Xin didn't know what he was concerned about, so he said in a very loving tone, "If you can do it, I'll tell you everything. If you can't, what's the use of telling you?"? Is not to rely on others, I do not know which moment, become abandoned son? Yan Jiuyun was completely stunned. For a long time, he turned his head slowly: "I want to see her." After the Cold Clothes Festival, just a few days later, the news came from Bashu that Xiao Yi was fighting with Xiao Duo in Jiangling. Yan Qingyuan just laughed and held a banquet in the palace in the name of the little emperor. All the people were drunk and saw Yan Qingyuan, the king of Qi,inflatable amusement park, with a bright sword on his waist. After three rounds of drinking, Yan Qingyuan was not drunk at all. Turning his head, he asked yuan Huiye, the county magistrate, "What books has Zhongshu Jian been reading recently?" yuan huiye drink, eyes staring at the river left from the white dance, as if the mind was attracted by the graceful dance, crazy way: "Count the biographies of Yi and Huo, but don't read the books of Cao and Ma." Big sleeve a cover, another glass of wine,Inflatable water park on lake, then, re-pour a cup, look calm, make to give Yan Qingyuan a toast: "Come and drink with the king of Qi!" Yan Qingyuan held a smile at the corners of his mouth and raised his glass to catch it. At the moment when his thin lips touched the jade wine, no one saw how gloomy the light passing through his eyes was. Because the banquet was a little noisy, except for a few people nearby, the rest did not hear, Li yuanzhi was closest to him, the line of sight has not left Yan Qingyuan's face, sure enough, see him no different color, that elegant smiling appearance, looks, still elegant, then did not mention a word, silently drinking. The jade rope turns low, a little bright moon peeps at people, sifting down countless silver frost. The officials dispersed, and Yan Qingyuan went out of the palace gate, turned over and mounted his horse, inflatable floating water park ,Inflatable indoor park, and galloped along the road with Li yuan one after the other. Not long after, as soon as he entered the street market, he felt as if he had returned to the old capital of Luoyang, which had been prosperous in the past. The road was busy and bustling, and the moonlight was bright and clear, but the excitement was as lively as the day: Next to the glowing stove, the pancakes were flourishing, and the smell of the meat was wafting out of the way. The people in front of the stall were crowded, and a lot of children were swallowing their saliva. Their eyes were stuck to the meat. Yan Qingyuan smiled all the way and walked all the way. When he passed the wonton stall, he put his hand down and said with a smile: "Join the army and eat a bowl of wonton before you go." Seeing that he was quite interested, Li yuanzhi dismounted, and the two of them approached the steaming incense mist and sat down in their robes. Li yuanzhi shook his head and smiled bitterly: "Prince, don't you want to eat a bowl of wonton instead of the delicacies on the table just now?" Yan Qingyuan had already taken a pair of chopsticks, knocked on the table, and said to the old woman selling wontons with a smile, "Two bowls." As soon as Huha's white breath moistened, Yan Qingyuan's eyebrows and eyes were even softer and more elegant. When the wonton was served, he sniffed it deeply and praised it. While eating, he asked the old woman slowly about the autumn harvest this year. The old woman was busy at both ends, where she could chat with him, so she answered it perfunctorily. When Li yuanzhi saw that he was in a good mood, he seemed to have thrown the unhappiness of the scene at the banquet behind his head, so he laughed and sent the hot wonton down his stomach. As soon as he untied his purse, he threw out a few Yongan five baht, which tinkled around. Yan Qingyuan stopped with a "bang", pinched one, looked intently at the candlelight, and suddenly smiled: "In the third year of Wuding, don't cast this money. Several years have passed in a flash." This is said that at that time the currency was stolen, and Yan Qingyuan decisively ordered a hundred furnaces to recast new money. Li yuanzhi was stunned, and then he couldn't help saying something. As soon as the voice fell, Yan Qingyuan had changed his face and sneered: "Without the great prime minister and me, Yecheng is safe today?"? Gao Jingyu said that Daxiangguo was a traitor, and yuan Huiye thought that I was just a traitor. They were not only blind, but also blind. Dissatisfaction between the words, the spearhead is obviously aimed at tonight's banquet that blatant sarcasm, Li yuanzhi then advised: "Why should the prince haggle with him?" Yan Qingyuan snorted and said coldly, "He's tired of living and wants to die." "Prince, perhaps now is not the time." Li yuanzhi was silent for a long time before he said what he was worried about. Yan Qingyuan smiled contemptuously: "In their eyes, it's never the right time." As soon as he put down the copper coin, he got up neatly. "I've made up my mind. There's no need to look ahead and back when joining the army. Come with me. I have something to show you." Two people just got on the horse, I don't know from which alley suddenly ran out of a group of children, riding a bamboo horse, Sa Huan came over, singing and dancing, hit Li yuanzhi's horse, Li yuanzhi smiled and pulled the reins, driving people up: "Hey, boys, stay away!" The leader, who was so bold, stuck out his tongue and made a face at Li yuanzhi, and with his pawns, he jumped and sang in another direction: "East city west wind, south slave north Lord, Leilei fall autumn fruit droop, unbearable Zhongzi all broken branches.." Clear children's voice, along the wind, floated to the ears, Yan Qingyuan turned the horse's head to go, suddenly quietly listening, eyes moved, eyes soon revealed a playful smile,inflatable water slide, can be a meal, enjoying Li yuanzhi is also pondering an expression: "Join the army, do you hear?" 。


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