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SkullDox's Commission

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Terms of Service - Please read this before commissioning me!


  • Commissions are to be paid upfront before work is started.
  • I do accept payment plans


  • You need to provide as much information for me to work with. This includes reference sheets, pictures of settings you like me to draw, poses, ect.
  • Once commenced I will regularly inform you of the work completed through email. It is your job to check those emails and send me feedback to ensure it is the best image I can make. 
  • If for any reason I do not receive a response after 1 month I will consider the commission is completed and no additional work will be done. Restarting a commission will be considered a new commission and be charged as such

Redo Policy

  • Only during the sketch phase is the client able to request major changes to the work. Any requests/redos afterwards may be charged for additional work.
  • A major change is modifying a significant portion of the artwork. This includes, but not limited to, character poses, setting, clothing, and heavily detailed features like faces, hands, fur, scales.
  • Once colors are added to the artwork the client is only allowed to request minor adjustments such as changing colors or adding small details. The artist may accept or reject these changes.
  • Critical mistakes (i.e. 2 left hands, missing limbs) will be fixed regardless how completed the work is.

Estimated time to complete

  • Asking for a piece to be completed at a specific data and time will cost extra depending on the complexity of the work.
  • If you wish to have it completed by a deadline it must be agreed upon at the start of the project.
  • If I am unable to reach the agreed deadline I will issue a full refund. No questions asked.
  • For all other works I will still give an estimated time for all works. This is not a guarantee the work will be completed at a specific date and time. Art is a creative process and sometimes it may take longer to complete a work.


I, the artist, hold the right to everything I produced. This means I'm allowed to:
  • Share the artwork anywhere I want
  • Promote myself on any website
The Client is allowed to do:
  • For personal use only unless agreed otherwise
  • Personal prints of the work. The character still belongs to the client
  • Allowed to promote themselves as long as credit to the artist is given
The Client is NOT allowed to do:
  • Reproducing/using the copyrighted artwork commercially. (i.e. to make money off the art)
  • Claims the work is their own without crediting the artist.
  • Remove the signature from the work
To purchase commercial rights of the work you must contact me. Once you have the right you are allowed to:
  • Make money off the work
  • Allowed to promote yourself with the work
  • Credit to the artist would be nice but not required.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

  • If I haven't started your work then you get a full refund.
  • If I had started on the sketch but not moved on to coloring then I will offer 50% refund.
  • Once colors has been added to the work then it is considered a finished product. Refunds will not be accepted for any reason.
  • Backcharging me will put you on a blacklist, revokes all rights to the work (you are not allowed to use the work for any reason). And I post your name everywhere to warn other artist.

Things I will not draw

  • Porn or anything with sexual or fetish content.
  • Body organs, maiming, mutilations or excessive bleeding. 
  • Anything related to modern governments or their military powers.

Prices (in USD)

  • Bust Portrait @ $25
  • Halfbody Portrait @ $45
  • Fullbody @ $60
  • Full Painted Scene @ $80 
  • Additional characters will follow these prices. If you want a work with 2 fullbody characters in it then it will cost $60 x 2 = $120
  •  These prices are just estimates. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. 
Since art is a creative product. The prices of these are not set in stone and will change depending on the request. I hate having to pick prices but the ones I've provided are a fair cost for my time and experience.


About the Creator


New Creator

Digital artist that likes to draw animal people in a painted style.