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I've never been in love.

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"What's the matter?" As soon as Lin Mingyu looked up and saw a wound on Jiang Xu's mouth, he couldn't help staring and grabbed Jiang Xu's collar: "What did you do to our Linxi?" Jiang Xu was shaken twice by him and frowned: "Let go." "You haven't answered me yet!" Jiang Xu also ignored him, but glanced at him with sharp eyes. Although Lin Mingyu was a little upset, he let go. Jiang Xu casually put an orange smashed on one side on the table, and then turned to the balcony to wash his hands. When Lin Mingyu saw him go, he quickly lifted the rotten orange and studied it. As soon as he turned around, he found that there was a faint mark of a ballpoint pen on the smashed side of the orange: "What is this?"? Who still writes on the fruit? Jiang Xu had just finished washing his hands when he came in. After seeing Lin Mingyu, he answered coldly, "Your sister." "Linsey?" Lin Mingyu pondered carefully again: "What does this write?"? ‘1’‘c’??” After snatching the orange, the handwriting on the smashed side was smudged by the juice of the fruit and could not be seen clearly: "The first one should be 'I'.". I don't know what this' C 'means. “‘I’? Is that what I mean? Could the 'C' be to write 'Cao'? "*** me." That's what Lindsey would say to you. Jiang Xu:.. Fuck off Afraid of being squatted by Jiang Xu, Linxi dare not go out to eat, all rely on roommates to feed. There were several calls from Jiang Xu in the mobile phone, and Linxi dared not answer them. Three days in a row. At six o'clock on Friday evening, the school announced the last class meeting, and Linxi had to end her life and walk out of the dormitory. With the unified notice of the whole school, Linxi met many acquaintances along the way. Walking from the dormitory area to the teaching building, people came and went on the road, but Linxi saw Lu Renjia and his high school classmates at a glance. Two people are passionately in love,x52 line pipe, it can be seen that the feelings are rapidly warming up, the girl is obviously not C big, but also specially come to C big to accompany him, two people you Nong I Nong, on the road is really some punch. Linxi originally prepared to quietly brush past, do not want Lu Renjia sharp-eyed, called her: "Linxi!" " Linsey stopped and had to exchange a few pleasantries. Linsey,uns s32760 plate, I'm going to America at the end of this semester. When Lu Renjia said these words, her expression was very happy. He and his girlfriend clasped their fingers and said happily, "Let's go together." Embarrassed, Linsey said, "Congratulations." "Thank Jiang Xu for me.". If he didn't let me on purpose, I couldn't have won the first place. “…… What makes you? Lu Renjia and his girlfriend looked at each other and could not help laughing: "He may have misunderstood the relationship between you and me, but also specifically looking for me.". He asked me to leave the country as soon as possible. But whatever his purpose is, now we have to get what we want. Lu Renjia patted Linxi on the shoulder: "Later I always met you to have dinner together, and you developed very well." Linsey: "…" After the class meeting, Linxi went to the canteen for dinner and met Long Taobing again. Long Taobing and his object sat opposite Linxi with a happy face, and kindly added a dish to Linxi. Long Taobing was so lively for the first time. When he spoke, his smile never faded: "It's going to be a holiday soon. When you and Jiang Xu are free, 316ti stainless steel ,x60 line pipe, we will invite you to dinner." “…… Why "I had a showdown with Mr. Long. He was very angry, but I didn't give up. He finally compromised." "Teacher Long will compromise?" Linxi was a little surprised, after all, Mr. Long was quite old-fashioned. Long Taobing held his lover's hand with a happy smile on his face: "He said that we are not allowed to get married within five years, and if we are still together after five years, let us get married.". That's enough. He probably thinks we can't stick to it for five years. Maybe even she doesn't believe it. I don't think any oath can be tested by time. "Anyway, bless you, at least you can be together fair and square." Long Taobing also sighed with emotion: "I still want to thank Jiang Xu for this. He is right. If you are a man, you shouldn't sneak around." Long Taobing smiled: "In fact, I am afraid, things are not as bad as I thought.". Jiang Xu is right. ” “……” Jiang Xu, Jiang Xu again, how many tricks did he play behind her back? Why didn't she know before? Long Taobing is saying, the seat beside Linxi sat down a big Buddha with a bad face. Seeing the man clearly, Long Taobing had a simple smile on his face: "Jiang Xu, I'm talking about you. When will you be free?"? I'll treat you to dinner. Seeing Long Taobing and his lover holding hands, with a happy face, Jiang Xu already knew what had happened and said lightly, "Congratulations." “……” Long Tao Bing finally caught Jiang Xu, hurriedly took the opportunity to express his gratitude to Jiang Xu, expressing the joy of happiness after suffering, while Jiang Xu's face became more and more black. Obviously, some things are not suitable for the premise of Linxi, and now all this is known by Linxi. Long Tao Bing is still in the sensational narration, Lin Xi head also did not lift, bow the head to pick up the rice. Jiang Xu originally thought that she would jump up and down, but at the moment, she was sitting next to him like no one else. Obviously, this is not in line with Linsey's character at all. Long Taobing finished speaking and left, and Linxi finished his meal soon after he left. She did not call Jiang Xu when she left, but Jiang Xu followed her closely. The meal was late, and it was more than eight o'clock when I came out. It was already dark, and there were only street lamps on the long road to illuminate the way they were walking. At the moment, Linxi did not want to manage Jiang Xu very much, but Jiang Xu did not let her go. He had followed Linsey, but when he saw her striding without looking back, he grabbed her, frowned and said, "If you have anything to say, ask what you want to ask." Linsey calmed down when he said so. She stopped and looked up. The moment she looked at him, her eyes fell on the wound on his lip. It took her a long time to force herself to look away. She put her hands in her pockets and asked him with a cold face,a333 grade 6 pipe, "When did it start?" Jiang Xu did not expect that Linxi's first question was this. He was stunned for a moment. After a while, he only answered four words, as if at the beginning of a fairy tale: "a long time ago." "It started freshman year?" 。


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