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Anyway, when Lu Weimin and Cao Lang left Guangzhou, Luo Kang was still revising his speech, which almost made Cao Lang and Lu Weimin laugh. Du Yuqi still did not give Lu Weimin a response, but Lu Weimin did not care, he believed that the other side would eventually make a wise choice, whether to accept or not. Lu Weimin did not fly directly to Changzhou, but flew to Shanghai. Before he came, he stayed in Shanghai for one night, but mainly to deal with Lv Jiawei. Before he returned to Songzhou, he also wanted to see the children and Sui Liyuan. Now he is more and more busy, and there are fewer and fewer opportunities to take care of Sui Liyuan. Although Sui has never mentioned it, Lu Weimin has a guilty conscience and can only seize every opportunity to make up for it. Sui Liyuan's dress does not show that she is already a 40-year-old woman, and this woman is getting better and better at dressing up. With the passage of time, Sui Liyuan also pays more attention to her daily dressing, especially in daily maintenance and clothing collocation. A dark dress with a lotus root silk shirt, slightly lace sleeve and collar, covered with a small coat,rosmarinic acid supplement, mature with a bit of lively flavor, very suitable for Sui Liyuan's current style. Is it all right at the company? Sitting on the sofa, she took the coffee from Sui Liyuan and took a sip. Sui Liyuan was no longer Wu Xia Ameng at the level of brewing coffee. During the period of taking care of her children in Hong Kong, she had nothing to do but think about exercise by herself. She had a little skill in flower arrangement. It's no big deal, so I'll come back first. Sui Liyuan sat down next to Lu Weimin. The Filipino maid took the children to play in the garden outside. There were only two people left in the room. "I am looking after the house for them now. They are making big decisions. The company has changed a lot. Some of them have been promoted from inside, and some have been recruited from outside. They are still in the running-in period.". In addition, I also signed up for the management course of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. I have nothing to learn. As you said,jujube seed powder, it's never too old to learn, and I can always grow a little. Lu Weimin raised his eyebrows in surprise and looked at her. Some time ago, Sui Liyuan was still saying that she didn't want to study. She felt that she was too old. Now she changed her mind. "What's wrong?" (To be continued.) Volume 18 Heart Tide Chasing Waves High Section 1 Miracles, Politics The year 2005 came so quickly that many people unconsciously realized that another year had passed. For Songzhou this year, it is undoubtedly a boiling year, an exciting year, a year full of hope and confidence. In the past year, Songzhou has no doubt that its economic growth rate of 72.5% is the highest in the whole province. It can also be said that it is the only one in the whole country. The GDP of 101.9 billion makes all the leaders of Changjiang Province breathe a sigh of relief. It also made the leaders of other brotherly States and cities gnash their teeth. With the high growth of economic growth, Lu Weimin also handed in a very beautiful answer to several other data, the per capita net income of farmers achieved a 46.2% growth rate, the disposable income of urban residents achieved a 36.9% growth rate, the growth rate of fixed assets investment reached 178%, jujube seed powder ,saw palmetto extract, and the fiscal revenue achieved 96% growth. Among them, the growth of non-tax revenue has also achieved 86% growth, which can be said that Songzhou has handed in beautiful answers in every link. Among the districts and counties, Suyang once again made great efforts, surpassing Luxi with a GDP of 15.6 billion, regaining the first place, and leaping to become the champion of the top ten counties in the province; Luxi followed closely with 15.4 billion, still ranking second in the top ten counties in the province; Suian ranked third with 14.1 billion, but ranked fifth in the top 10 counties of the province. From this point of view, it seems that Suian has been pulled away by Suxian and Luxi, but Suian's investment in fixed assets in 2004 is far more than that in Suxian and Luxi, mainly concentrated on the investment in industrial fixed assets in solar photovoltaic and silicon industrial parks, in view of the fact that several major polysilicon and solar photovoltaic enterprises in Suian will be put into operation in 2005. At that time, there will be a surge in the industrial added value of Suian. Even Yu Bo, Zhao Daheng and Chi Feng predicted that if there were no special events in 2005, it would be a big probability event for the total GDP of Suian to surpass that of Suxian and Luxi. "The data is out?" Hearing the sound of footsteps in a hurry, Lu Weimin raised his eyes and put down his pen. Well, basically all of them have come out. Suzhou is more than 340 billion, Blue Island and Ningbo are more than 210 billion, Dalian is more than 190 billion, and Foshan is more than 160 billion. These goals we are catching up with are still far away for us. Qin Baohua exhaled a foul breath with an indescribable sense of loss: "Kunshan, which is known as the strongest county, has a GDP of 43 billion yuan this year, which is nearly three times that of our strongest county. It really makes people feel a little disheartened." Originally thought that Songzhou made a turnaround this year, jumped up, left Kunhu and Changzhou behind, Songzhou became the real Changjiang boss, but after looking at the data of those cities in the coastal areas, Qin Baohua realized how big the gap between Songzhou and them was. 2004 is a special case year, more than 70% of the growth rate can basically be said to be unrepeatable. Even if there are many good news this year, Qin Baohua is not sure that the economic growth rate can catch up with last year. After all, the economy with a GDP of over 100 billion yuan, it is unrealistic for you to expect a growth rate of sixty or seventy percent at every turn. Just like Kunhu achieved a growth rate of 28% this year. Had it not been for the miracle of Songzhou, he would have been able to look down on all the heroes. In this case, Songzhou has a long way to go to catch up with the developed coastal cities. Baohua, be contented. In 2000, the total economic volume of Suzhou was more than four times that of us. Now it is only a little more than three times that of us. Blue Island was a little more than three times than that of us at that time. But now, it is only a little bit more than two times as much as we are. However, cities like Suzhou are the fastest growing cities in the coastal areas of our country. Lu Weimin motioned for Qin Baohua to sit down. "Of course, we can't be arrogant, but we can't belittle ourselves either. Now the total economic output of a county in Suzhou exceeds that of a state in Chauncey. This is our change and our achievements. Eight years ago,phycocyanin spirulina, we didn't have any of the top ten counties, but now?"? We have four seats. Lucheng has also entered the top ten this year, or the ninth. The champions and runners-up are all ours. Are we not satisfied? 。 


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