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She looked at Shi Hao, her voice trembling, and said: "You must protect yourself, live well, and don't try to be strong!" Shi Hao gathered her hair and nodded in silence. In my last life, when I was dying, I told you that you should go to find the man under the fire mulberry tree. I am not jealous. I am very satisfied to be able to walk with you for two lifetimes. I can leave with a smile. Yunxi was smiling, but there were tears in her eyes. She was reluctant to give up. She grabbed Shi Hao's hand and held it tightly. She knew that she would leave after all. The only thing I can't rest assured is Little Stone. He's still so young and hasn't grown up yet. You must take good care of him! Yunxi weeps. She was really sad and hugged the white tripod. Shi Hao unlocked the seal, let the little stone wake up, and carried him out. Child Yunxi cried and hugged the baby to death. Don't cry.. Mother doesn't cry. The little stone was frightened and stretched out his little hand to help Yunxi wipe his tears. My child, mother really can't bear to part with you! Yunxi cried, hugged the baby, did not want to let go, wanted to go on like this. Don't be sad, just think of it as a deep sleep. Shi Hao comforted. A few days later, a roar of grief shook the eight realms of the lower world! Shi Hao stood alone in front of the stone village, using earth-shaking means to intercept the source of heaven and earth, condensing the divine source liquid, he sealed the whole stone village! He's got everyone sealed off. Parents, Yunxi, Big Red Bird, Zhu Yan Mao Ball.. There are also the old patriarch, Dazhuang, Ermeng, Qingfeng and the monkey. In other years, if I stand in the eternal heavens, I will share the years with you! Shi Hao roared, with a sad voice. On this day, the stone village disappeared. Chapter 1921 Fire Mulberry Blossom. Shi Hao had tears in his eyes. For many years, he was not so sad. He felt very lonely. He clearly stood on the peak of the Yakuza in this life, but he was a little sad. Today, he buried all his relatives with the divine source. He returned to the upper world and left the eight realms. The desolate land that made him sad, happy and sad was the place where he was born, carrying too many memories, but now he did not want to go back. Shi Hao returned to heaven and began to practice penance. He wanted to improve his strength and break through in this increasingly urgent atmosphere. A few years later, deep in the starry sky,x70 line pipe, in a dark place, on a broken star that no one noticed, someone opened his eyes, like cold electricity across the void. It was Shi Hao who realized the truth alone at the end of the universe! In front of him, there is a stone, brilliant, sending out bursts of roar, if the monks of the Celestial Clan will recognize here, this is their ancestor-Feixian Stone. This stone was taken by Shi Hao from the city of heaven. In those days, he and that clan cause and effect is not small, take this stone finally, end gratitude and enmity. Boom! Suddenly, Shi Hao's figure disappeared and sank into a metal tablet. The fairy light in the void blossomed, fluctuating violently, and burst out with an amazing breath. It can be seen that there are two creatures fighting in that tablet, very fierce, life-and-death fight, completely desperate. The immortal gold tablet has an extraordinary origin. When Shi Hao entered the immortal realm with Sanzang and Shenming, 321 stainless steel sheet ,uns c68700, this empty immortal gold tablet was discovered by Sanzang in the immortal realm, and finally bartered with Shi Hao. It is speculated that this is an antique of the era of Emperor's fall, and the immortal gold tablet is the carrier used to record the supreme scriptures, but this piece has not yet had time to engrave the scriptures. Otherwise, it will be the greatest treasure! When Shi Hao got the Flying Immortal Stone, this tablet had a sympathetic feeling and made an inexplicable sound. However, after that experience, even if the flying immortal stone and the void immortal gold tablet were put together, there was no resonance. It was not until hundreds of years ago that Shi Hao really thoroughly excavated the secret of this empty immortal gold tablet. It is true that it has no scriptures, but it is even more terrible and precious than the scriptures. If Sanzang knew, he would not exchange it! On one occasion, Shi Hao, holding the Flying Immortal Stone in his hand, fell into the deepest state of enlightenment and captured the sound of the immortal gold tablet, which was an ancient incantation that could be used to open the tablet. Friar to it, like facing a mirror, can see another self, the most terrible thing is that the self seems to be real, flesh and blood, can fight with it! Fighting for life and death with another self can test the limits of one's true body. This is quite against the sky, their own war with their own, never die! No one knows himself better than himself. Such a battle is amazing. Both of them know each other. They can seize each other's slight flaws and attack each other crazily. In recent hundreds of years, had it not been for his parents, Yunxi and so on, Shi Hao would have taken advantage of this immortal gold tablet to work hard, and would have gone crazy to practice and fight with himself. However, a group of people will die of old age at any time, he can not easily retreat for hundreds of years, want to spend more time with them. Poof! Divine blood spatter, empty immortal gold tablet, after several months of war, a figure staggered back, it is Shi Hao, a life-and-death battle came to an end, he was exhausted. Because he is fighting with himself, not other creatures, but the most powerful opponent. This war, lasted for several months, too long, that kind of scene is unimaginable, often just to sacrifice to kill, the opposite "oneself" will know. Both of them have the same way, equal fighting power and similar fighting consciousness, and neither of them will be worse than the other. A hundred years have passed in a hurry. During this period of time, every few months or years, Shi Hao would enter the Golden Stele of the Void Immortal, experience the threat of death, and bathe in his true blood. This is an unprecedented battle, and he is competing with himself. Shi Hao went crazy and practiced crazily. This is not just talk, every time into the void immortal gold tablet, he is experiencing the test of life and death, a careless will fall. According to the deduction, if you die in the void immortal gold tablet, then you will disappear completely, and if you are killed by another self. It can threaten the real body! Shi Hao wants to break through the final barrier and become an immortal in the world of mortals! Therefore, he is desperately, constantly fighting for life and death, competing with himself,316l stainless steel pipe, through this alternative battle to understand their own strengths and weaknesses, improve their own law. A thousand years later, Shi Hao is already thirteen thousand years old in the eyes of the world.


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