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Mu Guoxing did not know where Zhao Ting was, standing in the yard and dialing her cell phone, he heard the ring of Zhao Ting's cell phone coming from an office nearest to him. Pushing open the door, a policeman was fiddling with Zhao Ting's pink mobile phone and talking to a small white face in a suit opposite him. Zhao Ting and another girl were sitting on a long wooden chair next to them, and their left and right hands were handcuffed tightly together. As soon as Zhao Ting saw Mu Guoxing come in, she stood up and strangled the girl next to her and stood up with a cry. Mu Guoxing saw here, angry from the heart, holding up the hands of the two girls handcuffed together to see, has been handcuffed to strangle the red. The policeman holding Zhao Ting's cell phone also saw Mu Guoxing coming in: "Oh, oh, you." Why did you break in? Don't you know this is the police station? "I want to ask what these two girls did and which law they broke. You handcuffed them!" "Who are you?"? Came here to interfere with the police. You're interfering with your official duties. Do you understand? Do you believe I'll cuff you, too? Besides, what do you care if I handcuff her? "I'll give you a chance now. Uncuff the two of them right away. If something happens, let's deal with it slowly. It's illegal to use police equipment casually. Don't you even understand this as a policeman?" "It's none of your business whether I understand or not?" The policeman said, with a strong smell of alcohol coming out of his mouth. As soon as Mu Guoxing heard that the policeman was unreasonable, he was furious. He rounded his arm and gave the policeman a big mouth. He beat the guy until he saw stars. He turned around three times in situ? I sat on the chair and couldn't find my way. 。 Mu Guoxing's hand petrified the gigolo sitting opposite the policeman. It's being sent It's not bad to beat the police in the police station. Isn't this an attack on the police? The policeman shook his head, took out a pistol from his waist and aimed it at Mu Guoxing: "If you dare to attack the police,iron nail machine, believe it or not, I will shoot you!" Mu Guoxing smiled: "You are still a policeman like this, and you can't even use a gun!" The policeman felt that the gun in his hand had been snatched away, and when he opened his eyes, he saw that his gun had turned into a pile of parts neatly placed on the table. When the policeman saw that Mu Guoxing had made such a move, he was also startled. He knew that he had met with a hard mistake today. Look at this man's way of doing things. He must be a special soldier. If he didn't do what he wanted to do today,wire nail making machine, once he angered this evil star, he might make himself suffer. That gigolo has also been in the army for a few days. At this time, he also saw something: "Hey, I said, buddy, if you have something to say, why do you want to start? This is the capital!" Without looking at the gigolo, Mu Guoxing said coldly to the policeman, "Since you refuse to open the handcuffs of these two girls, I will look for one." Someone to get their handcuffs off! Then Mu Guoxing turned on his cell phone and called out the phone number of Director Zhou of the Urban Public Security Bureau: "Director Zhou, I am Mu Guoxing. I am now at the Beijiang Police Station. Please come right away and see how your police handle the case." At first, the gigolo thought that Mu Guoxing was looking for a big shot, Automatic nail machine ,Iron Nail Making Machine, but when he heard that Mu Guoxing was calling for the director of a small public security sub-bureau, his face immediately showed a look of disdain. Alas, I said, brother, you don't have to work in vain. It's better to beg him than to beg me. As long as you agree to my terms, maybe I will be particularly merciful and let them go. I can also talk to Director Gao about their attack on the police. ” "Oh?"? Is there anything else about you in this? Then tell me, what conditions do you have to let them go? "Oh, the conditions are very simple, there are two, let them choose, the first is to accompany me to be broken by them, and to dirty this suit of clothes for them, these two things, there is not much money, it is worth 700000 to 800000!" Chapter 514 what kind of policeman are you (asking for flowers in the third watch). "You bastard!" Zhao Ting's little face was red with anger. Pointing at the gigolo, she scolded, "You came here to touch me and Secretary Wang. If you weren't a hooligan, how could we splash you with juice?"! If you hadn't pulled us, how could your bad watch have fallen to the ground? Besides, how could such a valuable watch break as soon as it fell on the ground? As soon as Mu Guoxing wanted to speak, he saw a police car driving into the yard and a policeman coming down. The policeman looked at it and came to the office where Mu Guoxing and others were. [Read the latest chapter.] Judging from the police rank worn by this policeman, Mu Guoxing knew that he was a second-class police inspector and should hold the deputy post of a sub-bureau. Sure enough, as soon as Director Gao saw someone coming, he immediately stood up and said, "Commissar Hu, why are you here?"? I'm working on a case. This man is suspected of assaulting a police officer. Look, he took down all my guns and dismantled them like this! Director Gao pointed to the pile of parts on the table and said angrily to Commissar Hu. Political Commissar Hu also ignored Director Gao. He turned to Mu Guoxing and asked, "Excuse me, are you Mr. Mu?"? My surname is Hu, and I am the deputy political commissar of this sub-bureau. Originally, Director Zhou wanted to come in person, but just as he was about to go out, Director Zhang of the Municipal Bureau was looking for him for something important. Director Zhou now sent me to deal with this matter. Before Commissar Hu came, Director Zhou only introduced to him that Mu Guoxing was Zhang Haitao's nephew, and did not say much, which also left some variables for the handling of the case. Hello, Commissar Hu! Thank you for coming in person. Do you think you should remove the shackles from the hands of these two girls first? Hearing Mu Guoxing's words, Director Gao just wanted to open his mouth to speak. Political Commissar Hu's face sank: "Let's get rid of it first. You,wire nail machine manufacturers, Director Gao, have really grown up. You have used police equipment on these two charming little girls!" Director Gao reluctantly went over to Zhao Ting and opened the shackles in their hands: "Commissar Hu, I gave them shackles for a reason. The two of them are suspected of attacking the police!" 。


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