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Ryan noticed that there were two broken pieces of paper inside, which should be two pieces of a whole piece of paper. Tamsin protected the paper carefully and said, "It's a divine language. The appraiser said it might be some kind of formula, but because it's incomplete, it's impossible to determine what formula it is. But no matter what formula it is, I think it's worth your limestone in terms of age and value.". And every material on it is a top rare material, some of which Layne has never heard of. Layne carefully identified the blurred handwriting on it, carrying bits of metal, pink crystal.. , refine the essence of the thunder for ten days, add the pink crystal.. Ryan's heart moved, and a fine layer of sweat appeared in the palms of his hands, but his expression remained as unchanged as possible. He had heard Hades mention that these materials were all materials for making artifacts. Everyone knows that artifacts are made, but few people know how artifacts are made, one is that the material is only known by the Protoss craftsmen, and the other is that the craftsmen have all died in the war between gods and demons. The artifacts of the Protoss are different, but their power can destroy the world. In the last battle of the war between gods and demons, it was the power exerted by the town artifacts of all nationalities at the same time that brought the Demons back to the Demon World, and the artifacts collapsed at the same time because of the huge consumption. Now if the Demons invade again, the Protoss will not even have an artifact,plastic pallet bin, and even the Protoss may have to be exterminated. Seeing that Ryan did not speak, Tamsin asked nervously, "How is it going?"? Do you want something like this, sir? "Why don't you put it up for auction?" Ryan asked, seemingly unwittingly? Believe that such things are valuable. "I want to, too," Tamsin said dejectedly. "First,plastic wheelie bins, it's a fragment, and second, the value of this thing is uncertain. And it seems to be a Protoss thing, I want to shoot, but I am afraid that things can be taken out, but I do not have the strength to protect! Ryan nodded and said, "This is a nice thing.". What's your price? But don't try to deceive me. I know more about the Protoss than you can imagine. I know what it says. Tamsin, listen. A shock of spirit. "What about the gray rock in your hand?" He asked. "Are you sure you want this in my hand?" Ryan laughed. Do you think it has this value? Tamsin froze. Dry laugh. Way: "This.". I don't know the real value of these two pieces of paper. But I guess the gentleman won't lie to me. "No need to flatter.". I don't want to lie to you. Your two pieces of paper are priceless in my hands. But it's not worth a penny in other people's hands. You should know what's written on it if you have someone identify it. Tamsin nodded nervously. He knew that the two pieces of shredded paper might be taken by others just for collection. The only people who can really use it are those who hold a lot of materials. Ryan's words also confirmed Tamsin's guess that Ryan was the big customer he was waiting for. He had been doing business for so many years, and his vision had always been accurate. Otherwise, it can't be as big as it is today. Tamsin swallowed and spat, nodded, and said, "Well.." So, sir, plastic pallet manufacturer ,mobile garbage bin, you say this. How many of these two pieces of paper are you prepared to give? Ryan pulled out the previous piece of ash rock and said, "It's worth it. If you want more land, you can, but there's no guarantee that I won't pay such a high price." "All right.". Ok. That's all. Tamsin grabbed the ash rock and shoved the wooden box at Ryan. "No problem, no problem," he said excitedly. I finally sold it. At that time, I spent 300 million gold coins and 1 billion worth of materials to buy the land. I was satisfied with this gray rock. Wahaha. Ryan smiled and put the wooden box into the space ring. Tamsin hugged Grey Rock and said, "Now that the exchange is over, can you tell me what this thing is used for?" "Boss, it's best if you don't know. It's not good for you." Tamsin smiled and held the ash rock in his arms for fear of losing it. Then Ryan said, "Boss, let's make a deal." Confused, Tamsin said, "Deal?"? What deal? These two pieces of paper are the only things you can see in my things. Layne took out a bag of magic crystal coins and said, "One hundred million gold coins for your news.". "Tamsin was stunned. He looked at the purse in Ryan's hand and wondered," What news is worth 100 million? " "Who did you buy your paper from?" Tamsin was stupefied for a moment. With a sly smile, he said, "Hey, I got this from an old man who went into the mountains." "The reason is very good, but I only add money once, if you do not say, I can have many ways to let you say." Layne's face darkened and he took out a bag of magic crystal coins from the space ring again. When Tamsin heard this, his face changed greatly. He grabbed two bags of gold coins and said, "I dare not, I dare not. I said, I said, don't be angry." The cold sweat on Tamsin's forehead broke out in an instant. He was a merchant, not a warrior, not a mage, and if he angered the man in front of him, he might end up worse than Barrett. Ryan looked at Tamsin as he took the money and said, "Now you can talk." I don't know exactly where the Tornado Mercenary Corps found it, but it sounds dangerous. They only dared to go to the edge, not to the depths. Ryan nodded and said, "Good.". If you have something good next time, you can leave it to me, and I will pay a higher price than others. If I leave Orena, you can go to the city of Tanya and trade it there to the families of Tibizi or Gurenda. Tamsin was stupefied. He always thought Ryan looked familiar, but he couldn't remember. Now he finally had an impression. He exclaimed, "Are you Mr. Ryan, the Lord of Tanya?" "Yes." Tamsin said respectfully, "Oh, my God, if I had known about this deal, I wouldn't have done it. I'm really sorry,stackable plastic pallets, Mr. Lane. The little man is a member of the Lybina family. Because he can't practice magic and fighting spirit, he can only be responsible for managing some of Lybina's business in the Oss Empire.". If I had known it was you, I would have handed it to you directly.


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