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Golden House Hidden Concubine (online game)

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Xu Qianyu looked at the ravaged cherries on his plate, put down the plate gently, and smiled at the man: "What's wrong?" He smiled ingratiatingly. "I didn't tell you something before." Xu Qianyu continued to smile sweetly: "Don't you understand now?" "You're not angry?" He tried to hold her hand, but she did not struggle and let him hold it gently. Her hands were a little cold. Why are you angry? Xu Qianyu opened his eyes innocently and asked a pure rhetorical question. That's good. A man's hanging heart was relieved. At this time, the music of the halftime dance began to play. At the beginning of the dance, Xu Qianyu just ate and ignored the man who was ready to get off the dance floor. This time, when he bowed gracefully to her, she simply stood up and let him lead her down the dance floor. It's a simple slow three. Xu Qianyu raised his hand, put his left hand gracefully on his shoulder, put his right hand gently on his hand, raised his chin slightly, and exposed the graceful curve of his neck. Very standard posture, isn't it? Unfortunately, the first step was on someone's shiny shoes. Pretending not to see someone's twitching mouth,outdoor whirlpool tub, Xu Qianyu sweetly apologized: "I'm sorry." Jane Fan smiled bitterly: "It doesn't matter." Did this girl do it on purpose? Retaliating against the fact that he's the boss behind the scenes? Keep dancing. Not two steps, and then step on someone's shoes. Jane Fan's eyebrows trembled. "Lady, you can beat me up." Come on, why do you want to get back at him on such a romantic dance floor? And the feet are very hard, and the feet are a little painful. How much effort does it take? Will her feet be in a panic? She continued to laugh innocently. "Why?" "You don't seem to be in a good mood." Jane Fan hung her head slightly and saw her feet once again placed on his feet magnificently. sorry。” Xu Qianyu apologized unapologetically,whirlpool hot tub, and after listening to his words, he opened his eyes even wider. "How can you be in a bad mood?"? I'm excited to go to my first dance. "That's good." Is he a little weak and excited to keep stepping on him? "But," Xu Qianyu changed the subject, "I forgot to tell you that I can't dance." "Go ahead and step on it." Jane Fan looked at her standard pose, which was not like a person who could not dance, so she said righteously. Does he mean she's lying? Xu Qianyu felt that his smiling face was a little stiff: "I really can't." She's almost a sports idiot. When I was in college, I taught ballroom dancing, and it was the simplest slow three. It is a pity. At that time, there were more girls in the class, and it was impossible to completely match men and women, outdoor spa manufacturers ,endless swim pool, so she was arranged to be a male role dancer. So far, she can't dance the female step. Jane Fan hung her head slightly and kissed her forehead, as if she had accepted her words: "I like you to make a little trouble with me. It's very cute." Cute sister! He thought she was upset? He didn't believe what she said? She's just upset. How's it going? He was allowed to hide it from her several times, but she was not allowed to make a quarrel? Her smile grew cold. "I'm not being awkward.". I'm not a habitual liar like someone. Is she mad at him? Chien Fan's dance steps paused, and the peach blossom eyes looked directly at the woman whose face suddenly turned cold in front of her. "I didn't mean it," she said gently. I apologize, my dear lady. Xu Qianyu stopped and stood with him in the middle of the dance floor. The two men looked at each other quietly. On the dance floor, the couples were spinning magnificently, and she suddenly felt dizzy. This man doesn't know why she's angry. Or does he know that he just thinks she's making a big deal out of it? She knew he cared about her, and he could feel the slightest fluctuation of her mood. Even now he is coaxing her, carefully. But why did she still feel a little flustered? Even fear? Jane Fan saw her dull appearance, some were frightened, subconsciously reached out to hold her hand: "Lady?" Xu Qianyu came to his senses and saw his anxious look. He took a deep breath and smiled again. "It's all right. I suddenly feel a little thirsty." She tugged at him, but didn't pull. So he stood in the center of the stage and went to drink alone. She went to the bar and looked at the bartender for the party. "Give me a glass of iced tea." 。 The man quickly gave her a small glass, and she picked it up and gulped it down, leaving the bartender dumbfounded. The taste is somewhat familiar. Xu Qianyu belched and was somewhat confused by the rising gas. At that time, the music on the dance floor had stopped. Jane Fan saw that she was not sitting in her original position and went to look for her subconsciously. As a result, she saw the charming girl with drunk eyes and hazy smile at the bar. Who told you to give her a drink? Jane Fan hurriedly stepped forward, took her into her arms, and looked at the bartender. She asked for her own tea. The bartender was stimulated by the man who suppressed his anger: "I didn't give it to her!"! "How can tea be drunk?" Jane Fan's face was livid. Xu Qianyu wriggled in his arms and shouted, "It's obviously tea!"! Who said it was wine? Who said that? "Long Island Iced Tea." The bartender shrugged indifferently. "That's the tea over here.". Although the glass is small, the way to drink the cocktail is not like that. It would be strange to drink it in one breath without getting drunk. Jane Fan's sense of powerlessness gradually came to her head. She can get so drunk in a matter of seconds! If you really want to hit her, can't she just ask before she drinks? Didn't she learn the last time she was drunk? The host of the party has come on stage and is preparing to draw the first prize tonight. Jane Fan patted the red face: "Fish, wake up, to draw a lottery, notebook oh." Xu Qianyu, who almost fell asleep, was stimulated by the word "lottery". He stood up from his arms and coughed. In fact, he was still hanging around someone's neck. He muttered forcefully, "Ben, Ben." Jane Fan has a black line. He was trying to call her, but she really woke up a little. A little miser? The charm of computers is greater than that of him. Obviously,best whirlpool tub, there is no black box operation by a man. Because the name is not Xu Qianyu. She was not happy, and tried to shout to the host on the stage, who was so bright and beautiful that people could not see clearly: "Give me back my book-well.." 。


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