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Blasphemy _ Misty Rain Jiangnan _ txt Novel Paradise

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Rogge stood in the twin hall, staring at the floating statue. In his eyes, invisible and colorless, even without any sense of temperature, the holy flame of heaven was reflected. The rising flame had soaked the feet of the statue. Rogge suddenly jumped into the celestial flame! His body trembled slightly, and he endured the relentless burning of the holy flame. But he carried the statue's feet on his shoulders and lifted the statue away from the flame bit by bit with all his strength! Rogge knew that when the day came again and he set out again to harvest souls, the statue would slowly sink into the holy flame. But let her have a peaceful night. Thank you for your support to Xiaoshuo txt Tiantang. On the third day, the earth is complete. Faint morning light quietly sprinkled in every corner of the secret land, looking out from the white stone pillars of the corridor, the mountains are bright and attractive gorgeous colors. (The fastest update is that although Rogge knows that these beautiful scenes are not naturally formed, he still feels a burst of joy in his heart.). At the moment, his face was pale and his feet were floating. Had it not been for the fact that the fat man had peeped into the power composition of the celestial holy flame through the flame sword left by the power angel and transformed all the power in his body into sacred attributes, how could he have gained a foothold in the holy flame? As long as there is a trace of darkness or the breath of death in the body, it will be like a drop of honey, bringing all the destructive power in the holy flame into Rogue's body. Although the fat man's body is like Warcraft, but the celestial flame is enough to easily dissociate the steel, even if he can fight with the same attributes of the sacred power, but the soul of the burning pain, how can words describe. As Rogge walked along, all the temples he met saluted him respectfully. Rogge smiled and saluted one by one. He knew in his heart that if these temples knew that he had lost all his strength at the moment, he did not know if they would ignore the strict rules of the church and immediately rush up to kill him. However, he believed that with the eyes of these temples alone, he could not see his own reality at all. The fat man was like a very tired lion at the moment, walking through the wolves with his head held high. In fact, even if the Templars knew that Rogge was very weak, they might not dare to come up and do it. In the battle of slaying dragons that day, not only did a three-headed dragon, which had never been heard of in the temple, fall in front of Rogge,Theobromine Powder, but also the colorful dragon, which was as beautiful as a God and as powerful as a God, fell unexpectedly! And only in the last moment, the beautiful colorful dragon also occupied the absolute upper hand, seemingly to kill Rogge! Even the legendary dragon also fell in front of this heartless and unintentional fat man, then what existence can stop his footsteps? After this battle, there was a little more fear from the heart in the superficial respect of all the temples to Rogge. While enjoying the scenery, Rogge walked to the front of his hall. At the main entrance of the main hall, Qin Zheng stood there from Zhuo Yue, looking around anxiously. Seeing the fat man walking slowly, a happy look passed over her face. Directly blessed himself with acceleration and flight, and quickly rushed to the front of Rogge. Your honor, Lord of the Temple, you have come at last! There seems to be some change. I'm not sure. But the smell in your room is totally different from before. In spite of her anxiety, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, Chin still maintained her proper manners. The fat man only heard two words, and his figure immediately flashed and disappeared without a trace. Outside the hall, Chin stood for a moment, sighed heavily, and flew toward the hall. Everyone in the temple knew the importance of the little girl in Roger's heart. If something really happened to her, the fat man would be so angry that he would probably kill all the coming angels. When Chin realized that the air in the room was not right, she had thought about breaking into the door, but facing the two doors with alternating frost and green, she had tried her best, but she could not even get within five meters of the door! Chin finally made up her mind to satisfy the fat man as much as possible. As long as he had no excuse to go to the trouble of the angels, she could give everything. Jean was puzzled by the Pope's decision, and dared not speak out against Fat's misdeeds. She was an angel who had come, and she had used her identity to pray quietly to the gods of heaven and the high angels, but no matter how hard she tried, there was no response. When Rogge stood in front of the door of his bedroom, the frost and green on the door, which would change many times in an instant, disappeared without a trace, and the two brass doors looked completely normal. The fat man frowned and stood silent with his hands on his back. Silence. A gentle wind blew in through the window, brushed the brass door, met the obstruction, and turned back. The two doors are strong, thick and have a history of hundreds of years. Suddenly in the wind into a very broken copper powder, in the morning light against the background, a light golden fog filled the whole hall. In the golden fog, slowly emerged the figure of two girls, whether silver eyes or blue eyes, are full of surprise at the sudden disappearance of the door, completely did not expect such a situation. They looked at each other, the surprise on their faces was replaced by frost in an instant, and they turned their heads, neither of them looking at each other. Rogge looked at the two girls in silence, unable to say anything. He already understood why Jean was panicking. At this moment, the breath is looming, which is not the situation when the fierce and murderous look overflowed a few days ago. Naifeh, on the other hand, began to show a faint green glow, and she began to show a faint breath of strength. But none of that matters. The fat man looked and looked at Naifeh, and so on and so forth, as if he could not stop. Last night, it was a night when the fat man endured the burning of the holy flame and the great pressure. For him, the night was naturally very long. Long should be just a feeling, but now see and Naifeh, the fat man suddenly felt that last night seemed really very long. At the moment, she had grown a full head, and if she stood on the ground forever, she would not be much shorter than the fat man. She looked fifteen or sixteen years old,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, her childishness had disappeared, and her supreme beauty made her whole body seem to be shrouded in light smoke, like a dream.


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