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I immediately became very serious, "You don't believe that I am your freedom, but I still want to tell you that we will succeed." "Successful adults just say it's useless." "What do you mean?" I was angry. It's not interesting! I just think you're talking too loud. "I don't think you believe me!" I said angrily. I don't believe you. I looked at boss yuan with a sneer. "All right then!"! You can quit. I don't want people who don't believe in me to work with me. "That's what you said!" Boss yuan said excitedly. Yes "Then I'll throw away the chips tomorrow." I'll throw you the chips. You can rest assured that it will definitely be the highest price tomorrow. But the day after tomorrow, you will take 40% of your profits and transfer it to my account. This is my reward, right? I said coldly to boss yuan. Boss yuan did not speak after listening. Instead of talking to boss yuan, I said to Xie, Du and Lin, "I hope our cooperation is sincere, because I don't want to do a one-shot deal.". If you have confidence in me, please nod to me. Boss Xie nodded first, and Du and Lin nodded to me when they saw that boss Xie agreed, so I said goodbye to them. But Xie, Du, Lin and Fonda tried their best to keep me. So we started drinking. Boss yuan saw that no one supported him and he felt bored, so he left. It's not easy for us to meet today, "Xie said." We haven't thanked you for your efforts. This is your compensation! " Boss Xie raised his glass to propose a toast to me. I refused to be shallow, but everyone was unrelenting until I got drunk. In the dim light, I heard them say they were looking for some young ladies. After a while, some of them came in. I felt a young lady sitting beside me. I was held in the arms of the young lady. At that time, I felt very uncomfortable. A foul gas gushed out of my stomach. I vomited all over the floor. I felt myself being laid down on the sofa and being fed water. After vomiting,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, my brain cleared up a little, so I opened my eyes, and I saw a woman of eighteen or nineteen years old beside me. I pushed the young lady away and was very rude. Later I heard swearing and crying, but I didn't know what had happened. At that time, I was not in the mood to think why. Later, I was sent back to my apartment by Fonda. I was lying in bed, and Fonda said something to me that I couldn't remember at all. In the middle of the night, I felt someone enter my room, much like Yang Bo's figure. I was spoilt by white wine and had no idea what was going on around me. I fell into a deep valley in a deep sleep, and I had a dream, ultrasonic molten metal ,ultrasonic dispersing machine, which I had not experienced for a long time. I went back to the past, back to my dreamy love with Jiang Nan. I was touching her smooth skin and kissing her lips. Her body is so graceful, soft, full of heat and passion. I touch her straight and full breasts with my hands and put my head on her chest to feel the broad tenderness of women. At that moment, I feel the flame rising in my body, like the hot magma surging underground, needs to burst out freely. I held her tightly and put my life into her body. I felt that the agitation I had experienced five years ago was the joy that made people rise to the paradise. In my dream, I thanked God for giving me happiness again and prayed that this happiness would never go away from me. I woke up at eight o'clock the next morning. Finding myself naked, I thought it was Fonda's work, because I vaguely remember Fonda sending me back. After a good night's sleep, last night's alcohol had been completely broken down by my body. I felt thirsty, so I put on my shorts and got up to find water. I took out a can of drink from the refrigerator, opened the lid, and went to the bathroom as I drank. I saw a few long hairs by the white ceramic sink in the bathroom. I didn't understand, but it didn't make me think too much. When I had washed, rinsed and shaved, I felt that something was wrong. I held the hair in my hand and looked at it carefully. There was no doubt that it was a woman's hair. What's wrong? I asked myself, there was no such hair here yesterday morning, so it is impossible that a woman came to my room yesterday! No woman I know knows that I live here except Liu Jia. It's incomprehensible! But it seemed that things were obvious in front of me. I shook my head helplessly and went back to the bedroom, ready to dress for work. Suddenly I saw a blood stain on the bed, which was not big, but it stood out on the white sheets. I started to panic. What happened yesterday? Who slept in my bed. I was extremely nervous, and there seemed to be an ominous feeling at the moment, like the trembling of the air before a storm. So I called Fonda. Fonda, did you drop me off alone yesterday? I asked. Right "That's strange. I feel like someone else has come to my room." "Oh!"! That's your sister. She called your cell phone, and I told her you were drunk, and she came to your place to take care of you. I was stabbed in the heart by a sword, and in an instant my blood was frozen by ice and snow. I knew what happened last night. What happened in my dream was real. My experience of a woman's poetic dream really happened. With tears streaming down my face, I couldn't believe that I had possessed Yang Bo's virginity. In my life, I have never felt the same self-reproach for a woman as I did for Yang Bo. I felt that I could not repay the sins I had committed against her in my life. When the memories were in the past, when all the love and hatred disappeared in the wind, my sinful soul would eventually be judged by conscience. A person's glory to the peak, the next is the abyss. So I started paging Yang Bo crazily,sonicator homogenizer, but she didn't respond at all. So I used a false surname and paged her from a public phone, but Yang Bo hung up as soon as he heard my voice. I went to the place where Yang Bo lived to look for her, and my neighbor told me that Yang Bo had moved away.


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