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Talk Sprites

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Talk sprites that are in the style mostly associated with visual novels!
+Wills + Wont's can be found here+

Price increases based as follows:
Base Price: 35$ ( Includes one pose and 6 expressions )
Per Extra Expression: +5$
Per Extra Pose: +20$ (includes 2 expressions defaultly per pose)
Price is also by amount of characters included in image or background.


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New Creator

💖[ 21 / agender / they/them ]💖

hi i'm maho! i'm a freelance artist interested in character design, storytelling, and game dev. commissions and my patreon are currently my only source of income due to my housing situation and illness. if you're interested in business with me other than commissions please email my business email [email protected]

thank you for taking the time to read this o/