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Ling Feng's eyes stared at the constantly falling yuanli Peak, as if a beam of light had been cast in the sea of knowledge, illuminating one side of the sea of knowledge. He suddenly had a deeper grasp of the whole practice! Eyes suddenly opened, Ling Feng's hands as if holding heaven and earth suddenly lifted up, feeling as if the whole today in this lift also mercilessly shook. yuan Li is transformed into form, and heaven and earth are imprisoned! Hiss, hiss, hiss. Like a sword, Lingfeng is surrounded by a surging force of fire, forming a fiery red lightsaber. Together, the sword whirled around his whole body, forming a whirling and towering cage, which suddenly pushed upward! Elaine's expression changed. The color of incomparable horror was revealed, and this time she was really frightened! At best, the use of fire force to resist cold bone inflammation only proves that Ling Feng's true force has accumulated a lot. But to be able to have his own "yuan Li Hua Xing" represents that he has really entered the hall in the practice of the element Zhenwu Jue! The former is only equivalent to a domestic animal with rich essence and blood, while the latter is a wolf with sharp fangs! No matter how weak the latter is, it is by no means comparable to the former. What makes Elaine feel terrible is that Ling Feng's mastery of "yuan Li Hua Xing" is obviously just realized in the battle! Constantly improving her strength in battle, such a terrible talent has never been seen before with her experience of seeing all the temple geniuses! Ling Feng's eyes were as sharp as a sword, and his arm was raised to break through the air. The whole body suddenly burst out a strong sense of war, "Heaven and earth prison,Inflatable water obstacle course, break it for me!" Congealing heaven and earth as a prison. Regard the stars as Kai, trap and kill all things, imprison the gods, kill and kill ! There was a loud rumbling noise. Heaven and earth rushed up wildly, all the way through the sound of "crackling" air being squeezed and burst. Finally, wildly in a huge earthquake, heaven and earth pole heavily to shake the five finger peak! The loud sound that exceeds the limit of eardrum endurance suddenly rises. The Five Fingers Peak was shattered to pieces! Heaven and earth remain intact! As early as she felt the momentum that seemed to crush everything in front of her, Elaine realized something was wrong. She completely gave up the control of the Five Fingers Peak. A faint red light appeared on the surface of her body. She turned sideways and waited for her to escape. Ling Feng's face flashed coldly,Inflatable mechanical bull, and his right palm suddenly opened: "Come down!" The shadow of a blue palm was quickly imprinted in front of him, and it was only a heavy grasp at the void crack. Elaine gave a cry of surprise. She desperately wanted to struggle, but just now the explosive force of the Five Fingers Peak was a big impact on the source of her true power, and it was not easy to display her posture at will. As a result, under the grasp of "Void Photography", Elaine's body rushed to Lingfeng uncontrollably. In the middle of the flight, Elaine screamed: "You two are the same bastard! You won't get away with it! The top of her scepter suddenly flashed a layer of misty blue light, and the cold bone inflammation on the ground, which was already on the verge of collapse, flashed a faint light again, flickering and rising like a mist. The dark flames fluctuated endlessly. Ling Feng only felt his body stiff for a while. Unexpectedly, there was a temporary obstruction. And Elaine screamed with a big cherry lip and hit her along the same road, looking in the right direction. Boom! Rao is a body of muscles and bones by the wonderful method of door library refining extremely hard, this was directly hit in the most vulnerable part still can not help but let Ling Feng tighten his brows, inflatable bounce house with slide ,Inflatable water park factory, fortunately, the body's short state of stiffness disappeared, a trace of Gang gas instinctively moved to the lower abdomen. The fragile part immediately became as hard as iron and suddenly bounced up, puncturing the already brittle robe and driving straight in! Elaine only felt that there seemed to be a columnar hard object brazenly entering her mouth, and her mouth was swollen and painful, and she could not help flying out with a "whine". As soon as Fang fell to the ground, she immediately covered her mouth: "Oh, cough, cough, so hard!"! It hurts Cough again and again. Very not easy to calm down, Elaine looked up just to see Ling Feng with a face of embarrassment and at a loss to cover the lower abdomen. She immediately realized what had just entered her mouth, and her eyes widened! Endless shame, anger, blankness emerged in Elaine's big eyes, a trace of water vapor filled the air, she pointed angrily at Ling Feng, her body trembled constantly, even half a word could not be said! Ling Feng's expression stagnated. The intention of killing all over the body had already receded cleanly like the tide. Although the part that was hit was no longer painful when the wind turned slightly, another strange feeling came to my mind. The moist lubrication of that moment was really amazing. This chapter is too wretched. I didn't write it. No, no, no, no. 
Chapter 204 of the main text. A strange silence reverberated between the two men. Inhale deeply again and again, the chest keeps bulging, obviously how angry the master's heart is! Finally, Elaine stamped her foot mercilessly, and tears appeared in her eyes: "You and he really deserve to be master and apprentice, and they are both bastards who bully people all the way!"! Hum, Ling Feng! You wait, I want you to look good again in the battle of the sky! Words, tears fall, Weiyang body method instantly unfolded, her body as if through different planes, after a slight flash is 100 meters, the degree is not far behind Ling Feng. Looking at her back disappearing in the night, Ling Feng could not help shaking his head with a wry smile, God, he was not intentional just now, it was purely an instinctive defensive action. No matter how emotionally dull, Ling Feng also understood that the scene just now was a serious insult to a girl, but he could not apologize for it at all, because any apology would only bring them back to the extremely embarrassing scene, but would deepen the misunderstanding. This is called what thing, Ling Feng chagrin unceasingly, and Mu Yu Shuang when so, now and Elaine son the same, how to always encounter this kind of Oolong thing recently? At the same time. A touch of doubt came to my mind. Why did the Elaine line suddenly appear and attack me? Now calm down to think,
Inflatable indoor park, Ling Feng also shows that although her attack is endless, but there is no intention to kill, but the taste of "teaching" is in the majority.


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