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The days when the villain was fascinated by the male partner

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He couldn't carry the water, so he wiped himself with a towel and changed his dirty clothes. Then he went to the hole in the corner, removed a stone, and took out the box inside. This is the place where Si Cheng hid the money, and he didn't carry him on his back at ordinary times. There was not much money in it, and only seven or eight hundred yuan was scattered, which was all the family property. Jiang Yan took out five yuan from inside, put the box back in place, plugged the hole and left. On the way, I listened to the system's favorable rating last night, and it added up to 15% favorable rating in one night. The system has changed back to the primary system and can use the primary system tools. Many people's shops in the town are open early, Jiang Yan first went to a small shop selling daily necessities, took a dollar to buy two candles, but afraid of not enough to buy two more, but also with two cents to buy a box of matches. Previously, when the system was upgraded to the primary function, it could have an empty grid for every 5% of the favorable rating. Originally, when I bought the perfume of love, there was an empty space in the system at that time. Later,Coil Nail Making Machine, I used the favorable degree to force the function of reading files to come back. In addition, I used the favorable degree of 4%, which was originally used to buy medicine to restore my foot injury and Duan Yue's injury. When I came to this world, there were 20 more empty spaces in the system. Now he has a total of 21 empty grids, before he had never thought about how to use these empty grids, but last night he hated himself for not using these system grids. Candles and matches were put into the empty space of the system, thinking that only one box of matches would occupy a place was a waste, and four boxes were bought. When I went back,Nail machine supplier, I saw the steamed bun shop and bought three meat buns for one yuan. While loading the steamed stuffed buns, Jiang Yan heard a news that shocked him. Yesterday afternoon, Li Yueyue's family suddenly climbed into a lot of snakes at dinner, and all of them were poisonous snakes, which alarmed many residents nearby at that time. The snakes did not hurt people, nor did they climb into other people's homes. They just surrounded Li Yueyue's family. If anyone dared to help them, the snakes would attack them on their own initiative. No one dared to provoke the snakes. Surrounded by a pile of snakes, Li Yueyue's family was so frightened that they all got sick, especially their son Huzi, who was the most frightened. It was not until it was getting dark that they all left. Jiang Yan took the steamed stuffed bun to walk back, listen to the words of the villagers, how those snakes seem to be controlled, this is not a movie, Nail machine manufacturer ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, do so fantastic to do what? Also thought of last night Si Cheng went out, this matter will not be related to him? Haven't you heard that Si Cheng has such skills? Shake your head, don't want to! Anyway, it's good that their family is scared and sick, so they won't come to trouble them. System: "Ding, Si Cheng's favorable rating is reduced by 2, and the current favorable rating is 39%." "Ding, Si Cheng's favorable rating is reduced by 3, and the current favorable rating is 36%." Jiang Yan footsteps a meal, how to start to drop the good feeling again. The footsteps ran home quickly, and the short legs also made the feeling of long legs. During this period, it dropped by two 1% in a row, leaving only 34% of the favorable rating. Trotting all the way home, I happened to see Si Cheng sitting on the threshold with one foot in slippers and one foot bare, with his head down and his whole body showing a lonely atmosphere. Jiang Yan opened his mouth: "Chengcheng!" Si Cheng looked up and his eyes lit up, but he still said with a cold face, "Where have you been?" Jiang Yan smiled with a steamed bun face and shook the meat bun in his hand, "I bought you a steamed bun." The expression on Si Cheng's face was still cold, but it eased a lot. System: "Ding, Si Cheng's favorable rating is increased by 5, and the current favorable rating is 39%." See Si Cheng to go in, Jiang Yan hurriedly called, "don't go in, let's have breakfast first." Si Cheng turned his back. "I'm wearing slippers." Jiang Yan looked at someone with one foot and nodded: "Good." I guess Si Cheng didn't see anyone else when he got up in the morning and thought he was gone. He ran out barefoot. It was so cute. There are three steamed stuffed buns. You eat two and I eat one. After putting on their shoes, they sat together on the threshold. Jiang Yan himself took one out to eat, and the rest was given to Si Cheng. I'm one. Si Cheng picked up the bag and changed it with Jiang Yan. My stomach is too small to eat so much. Jiang Yan wants to change again. "I don't want to eat." Si Cheng refused. Jiang Yan raised his eyebrows and curled the corners of his mouth. "Why don't we each have half?" Then he took out one of the steamed buns in the bag, took a bite with his mouth open, and then raised the steamed bun to Sicheng's mouth to feed him. Si Cheng looked at Jiang Yan's glossy mouth, then looked at him holding up the steamed stuffed bun that he had bitten, and lowered his head to bite it down. System: "Ding, Si Cheng's favorable rating is increased by 5, and the current favorable rating is 44%." Jiang Yan eats the small mouth that is glossy crooked! The two of them finished their breakfast one mouthful at a time. After breakfast, Jiang Yan put the remaining one yuan back in the box and told Si Cheng that he had taken five yuan by the way. Uh Si Cheng was picking up the dirty clothes he had changed yesterday with a washbasin, and did not ask Jiang Yan why he wanted to buy candles, as if it was not his money. Jiang Yan asked, "Why don't you ask me what I did with it?" Si Cheng looked up, paused and said, "No need to ask." Jiang Yan's heart is blooming like a little flower. Chengcheng is so lovely. Do you believe him? Both of them have come to the point of joint ownership of property? "I'm going to change my clothes, too." Jiang Yan said with a smile, ran over and began to take off his clothes. The man stepped on his pants lazily and fell to the ground carelessly. Si Cheng reacted quickly to catch him, and both of them rolled to the ground together. Jiang Yan grinned at him. Si Cheng's ears were slightly red. He pushed Jiang Yan and said, "Get up. It stinks." Jiang Yan small face a drum, "said I stink to death, I took care of your clothes yesterday are wet did not change,Coil nail machine, but also said I stink.". I'm going to spread all my stink to you. As he spoke, he hugged Si Cheng tightly and refused to let go, and his feet were wrapped around him.


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