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The dawn of Hanwu

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The imperial censor Ji An, who had been Liu Che's imperial tutor, said, "Your Majesty, the plague is raging in the capital now. It's really not a good time to send troops. Besides, there are Xiongnu in the north who are eyeing covetously. If I cut down the vassals again, I'm afraid it will cause a greater military disaster. I'm afraid he will be arrogant if I visit a young captain Yao." "You don't have to say much, I just let Huo Qubing to please Huainan Wang Shu, when did I say to fight against Huainan?"? Uncle Wang of Huainan is a famous wise man in the world. I have something important to ask him for advice. As for getting sick.. "I believe in him and will not let me down. A hero is a young man, and he is taught by me." Thorough hand Huo Qubing, appreciate love overflowing, Liu Che promoted a lot of people, have Wei ch'ing, have ZhuFuYan and so on, but Liu Che Huo Qubing is the most confident, the biggest reason is that Liu Che think Huo Qubing most like him, so it can be said that Liu Che is confident of their own. I won't let your majesty down. Your majesty will see the king of Huainan in three months. Huo Qubing utensil, he is also very confident, even the south of the Huainan are not even, that also have no face to fight against the Huns. Liu Che met the king of Huainan, just life and death, it depends on whether the king of Huainan. In the plague has not been under control, Liu Che insisted on accountability in the south of the Huainan, led to the capital of Changan shock, but Liu Xi out of the lightning protection method used, just built a lightning rod, under a thunderstorm, never fell sky fire, plus the way to prevent the plague is very effective, the epidemic is under control, The attention of the people completely shifted to the Huo Qubing who is about to go to war,spill plastic pallet, are guessing Huo Qubing is really capable, or empty. Liu Che suddenly dropped the command without warning, still in Changan Liu Ling didn't expect Liu Che will be in the south of the Huainan at this time, so before she action fled Changan, was TingWei Zhang Shang personally recaptured TingWei mansion, Zhang Shang served Liu Che orders, and did not interrogate Liu Ling, but put her alone in a clean cell, delicious for Liu Ling gas cursed, But can't get a response, want to contact her skirt before the minister,wholesale plastic pallet, can't send a message, Liu Ling can only frustrated waiting for the results, Huainan king can succeed, can't escape from Changan Liu Ling, only one result is dead. Liu Ling laughed in the cell, "Liu Che, you have the ability to see me, you forget what you promised me?"? Liu Che, you are a big bastard. Zhang Shang has the foresight, will be Liu Ling alone in a remote place, no one around, also not afraid to listen to the crazy talk of Liu Ling, Zhang Shang no Liu Che command, is not dare to interrogate the king of Huainan Lord Liu Ling, but now have let him out, such as when the liar, Zhang Shang will be cruel means used on him, flesh and blood but not cruel punishment, cheater is not a hero, He will soon tell everything out, Zhang Shang listen to the more afraid, implicated a lot of people, drum spill containment ,plastic bulk containers, write a confession, let the cheater draw after, overnight into the palace to Liu Che. Hearing that Zhang Shang asked for an interview, Liu Che put on his clothes and got up from the couch. He hadn't thought of how to calm down Gillian yet. He was thinking about dealing with the troubles and coaxing Gillian back with concentration. Yang Deyi ran in hurriedly from the outside and said in a low voice, "Your Majesty, Mrs. Chen hanged herself. This is a suicide note." "Mrs. Chen?" Liu Che Leng for a long time, a will take the suicide note, took a look, hand more and more tightly, "the original is her, I look down on her too, dare to frame the queen, also beg me to see in the past on the feelings of her son?"? I.. I have no shortage of sons. 。” Mrs. Chen has always been very honest, whether there is a pet or no pet has been very indifferent, peace of mind to educate his son, at peace with the world Liu Che sometimes go to her palace, she never gossip in front of Liu Che, also learn not to compete for the means of favor, Liu Che or quite value, Mrs. Chen son tightly than the eldest son of the emperor Liu according to a year old, usually silent, but wins in steady, reading is also good, Liu Che had intended to give him a rich fief. What don't argue? They're playing me. Liu Che was so angry that he kicked over the table and the bamboo tube fell to the ground. Liu Che was so angry that he kicked the bamboo slips. "If they hadn't underestimated Xi'er this time, I..". I ... I won't be cheated by them. 。 ” Liu Che mouth hard, if after Gillian lost, Liu Che will never set up Liu Xu for the prince, according to Liu temper and around the DouJia Tian home, Mrs. Chen's son will appear, Liu Che more like the more angry, Mrs. Chen at peace with the world, deceived everyone, "her heart to is vicious, planning is also precise, can't look down upon, I think before what she did, Want to die to apologize? Liu Che face a little ferocious, because of her, Liu Che just misunderstood Gillian, is her fault, Yang proudly whispered: "Your Majesty, Zhang Shang is still waiting outside." "Let him in." "No." Yang Deyi in Liu Che side for so long Leng is never seen him so angry, it seems to be really anxious, whisper care Zhang Shang: "shouldn't say, don't say a word." "Thank you." Zhang Shang to Yang proudly thank you, he is also a body of sweat, I didn't expect Mrs. Chen mind so delicate, catch the right time, under the ruthless light poison, after Chen ping, and many of the ministers in the court are involved in, Pingyang long princess, Huainan Wang Weng Lord Liu Ling, Tian Fen and so on, are used by her, such a woman to see it is frightening. Liu Xi started to pick out the candle, put down the braided necklace, and sighed, "Did Mrs. Chen commit suicide?" "The maidservant has been seen, and her body is hard, and there is no flaw." Lan Zhi sighs unceasingly, "really did not think originally is she, Mrs. Chen always respects the empress very much, also very honest and quiet." "The more honest and quiet people are, the more terrible they are. There is a saying that if you don't argue, you will argue. Every time I see her, I always feel something is wrong. She is too quiet. She has no jealousy and no desire to compete for favor. She doesn't look like the emperor's woman." "Princess,wholesale plastic pallet, your Majesty should go to see the empress tomorrow." Liu Xi pointed to his temple and raised his eyebrows and asked, "Do you think I should give my father a surprise in advance?" "You mean about the pregnancy of the empress?" Lan Zhi said softly, "The maidservant thinks it's better for the emperor to see it in person." 。


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