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Thirty-six stratagems to lure a husband into "rebirth"

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Bai Jinse is the first time to see Lu Zhan like this, the original heart is extremely suffocating, this is even more aggrieved, but also wrapped in the tears in the eyes is unable to help, nose a suction, a thin sob up. I am a fool, can not polish their eyes, will fall into this situation, Lu Zhan you can mess up any way, but can not be related to me. Said Bai Jinse, crying harder and harder. It's none of my business! Lu Zhan listens to her to pull on him, can't help feeling this woman is funny, unreasonable really! But this is also the first time to see her cry, Lu Zhan words just finished, look also flustered up, the heart is beating drums, some fear.. What's it to you? If it weren't for you- "Bai Jinse is angry, but there is still a trace of reason in the mouth of the throat to swallow back.". Suddenly, the feeling of nausea came up again, Bai Jinse holding the table with one hand, covering his chest with the other, and retching several times. His face turned white in an instant. What's the matter with you? Lu Zhan saw that she was suddenly like this, and with a start in his heart, he went up to ask and wanted to find out about her condition. It's all you, and you don't think about what you did that night! Bai Jinse finished saying this, stood up, lifted his legs and walked out, regardless of Lu Zhan behind him. Lu Zhan was frightened by the extremely resentful look in her eyes that she finally gouged out, and for a moment she failed to react, and by the time she was conscious, she had already left without a shadow. What's wrong with Bai Jinse? Said he did some shit that night.. When ? Lu Zhan searched hard in his mind, and suddenly a few pictures flashed through his mind,Amber Dropper Bottles, but they soon disappeared and were mixed up with many chaotic scenes. He can't see clearly. Suddenly, the eyes suddenly opened wide! Is it.. Lu Zhan shook his hands and almost shook everything off the table. When he remembered something, he suddenly got up and strode out. ...... After both of them left, the curtain of the next compartment was lifted, and the sinking fish came out of it and cast his eyes on the back of Lu Zhan's hurried departure downstairs. It doesn't seem to be much different from what she guessed. It is true that Lu Zhan is concerned about Bai Jinse, but it is not known to what extent this concern has developed. In fact, she loves Bai Jinse very much. In the final analysis, she is too simple, and is not out of the cabinet, encountered such a thing, in any case, is the fall of the sky like a blow, she can now maintain this appearance, is not easy. Where you can help, you can help her as much as possible. But the focus of this matter is still on Lu Zhan. Let's go Shen Yu winked at the camellia, lifted his legs, and went down. Camellia looked doubtfully at the compartment next to her, 30ml dropper bottle ,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, remembering that she had just heard the words of Miss Bai and Mr. Lu, but in a fog, looking at her own wife, she was even more confused. Madam, is the next step to go home? Today the prince is not here, saying that he has something to do, at least he will not come back until the evening. Shen Yu originally wanted to go back to Ye Fu to have a look, but he turned around and thought that it would be of no great use for him to go back, and perhaps it would cause trouble, so he suppressed the idea. Just want to say ready to go back to the house, at this time, but someone came up from the stairs, the pace is light, completely people did not notice, until in front of people, will be noticed. The man was dressed in white, elegant, bookish, and looked very heavy. Prince's wife, what a coincidence. Chapter 89 insidious. Probably today is doomed to be ill-fated. Shen Yu first designed to deceive Bai Jinse and Lu Zhan, and this time he met someone he really shouldn't have met. She didn't tell Pei Sheng about going out. But he must have known. It's okay that nothing happened, but when I met this guy.. I'm afraid it's after Pei Sheng knows. He will be angry. Now that I happen to meet you, would you like to have a cup of tea before you go? Chen Yuzhi did not approach, but stood at a suitable distance, and then raised his lips lightly, which was his usual smile. Unfamiliar people look at this look of Chen Yuzhi, will feel very amiable, docile completely without any inverse scale. Although Shen Yu is not familiar with him, Pei Sheng told her that this person is not easy to mess with, to a certain extent, is extremely terrible. So she shook her head. No, I don't have time today. I have to go back first. Shen Yu tried his best to use his most alienated tone, and his eyes were indifferent, at least, he could not see any difference. Madam, wait a minute. Why are you in such a hurry? Chen Yuzhi is still unhurried, the smile of the lips is still that radian, no change at all. At first glance, he knows that he is a person who hides his heart deeply and does not show his joy or anger. Last time I went back to Guogongfu, I didn't see it. It's really a pity. I'm going to meet Chen. Speaking of it, madam would like to call me cousin. Cousin what cousin ah, Shen Yu only know, if really called her cousin, Pei Sheng will kill her. So she did not speak. I have a little friendship with Zhang Taiyi. I don't know what I should know. I know a little. I don't know the prince's wife. Do you want to know? Chen Yuzhi finished and made a "please" gesture toward the inside. When Shen Yu heard the three words "Zhang Taiyi", her heart missed a beat in an instant, and she suddenly thought of something, but she still couldn't believe what Chen Yuzhi said. I don't want to know. Shen Yu finished, immediately turned around and lifted his legs to go down. At that time, she was thinking, the most important thing is to pretend to ignore the appearance, can not let him Chen Yuzhi succeed. The old lady has always wanted to have grandchildren, but I think it's a pity that the grandson of the Pei family can't come out of the stomach of such a beautiful man as the prince's wife. After the sinking fish had already taken two steps down,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, Chen Yuzhi said this sentence slowly, in an indifferent tone, but it made the listener feel nervous.


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