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The Shield of Love (the third useless brother of the president) Mo Chan

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The assistant commander looked at him coldly, and the meaning was obvious: "Do you think I'm dead?"? "It's normal for Shuowei to mishear." Because the publicist and the assistant conductor stand on the same side, when the program is on RUN, sometimes it is very difficult to tell who is giving the instructions. Usually there is only one person who gives the instructions, that is, the assistant conductor. Unless it is as talkative as today's publicist, and everything has not been going well since before the start of the performance, probably except for the audience who can still enter with a happy mood, all the others have a bitter face. Even if the responsibility is clarified, the mistakes made just now cannot be repeated, and their sound control must be 80% black in the hearts of the audience. It never occurred to me that what went wrong was not the orchestra whose rehearsal had fallen apart the day before and whose conductor had scolded them, but the sound controllers who had come in early to prepare. Everything was not going well today. There was an announcement at six o'clock, and the musician in charge of the opening ceremony didn't arrive until half past six. It was the pianist who didn't remember the score, the sister of Chien Shih-chen's sister-in-law. When the audience came in at 6:30, there were still people tuning up on the stage, and the performance began at 7:00. As a result, the pianist asked for a microphone for her piano at 6:55. It was the microphone that went wrong,metal stamping parts, because it affected the balance of the sound, and Yin Shuowei turned up the volume of the microphone when he misheard the instructions, which destroyed the balance of the pleasant music on the stage. The people present, whether the audience or the conductor, especially the conductor, for this reason, simply can not hear the orchestra's performance,alloy die casting, he will interrupt the performance and lose his temper on the spot. Of course, even if the source is the microphone, there will be such a mistake, which is related to the venue and many factors. The most important factor is that she is absent-minded, which leads to the wrong instructions. Yin Shuo only wiped her face, still feeling the cold and powerless at the end of her fingertips controlling her emotions. Stupid! It's really stupid! Stupid, stupid, stupid. The coldness on her cheeks called back her mind of self-condemnation. She reached out and touched the touch of an easy-to-open jar. She looked up and looked right into the soft eyes of Jane Shichen. Thank you She held the easy-open can in both hands and did not pull the pull ring. Chien Shih-chen touched her head. This time she didn't dodge. She felt him sitting beside her. She suppressed the impulse to lean on his arm, but the next second he took her by the shoulder and brought her into his arms. Don't worry, it's all right. Things have happened, even the remedy is too late, of course it will be all right. These words stuck in his throat, socket screw plug ,Stainless steel foundry, and Yin Shuowei was too wronged to say them. At least in the same industry, we did not hack, but public relations hacked. Jane Shichen is convinced that after the publicity of the participants tonight, the public relations who opened his mouth without authorization has been marked at the top of the blacklist in the hearts of all colleagues. Thank you for your comfort. Yin Shuowei forced a smile. Even so, as a downstream manufacturer, they still have to take it when the public relations case is given! On the contrary, the company may become a blacklist of public relations activities because of her temporary mishearing. Don't worry about me, it's all right. Chien Shih-chen put his arm around her shoulder and did not speak again. She leaned against him, her ear against his chest, listened to his steady heartbeat, laughed out loud, and felt her frustration disappear. What's the matter? "I think of one time before, when the club went to Wanli Rock Climbing." Only now it's the other way around. 'Oh, you mean the time I fell? ' Jian Shichen is not an expert in rock climbing. In fact, the difficulty of thousands of miles of rock is not high, but he just has a way to slip and fall down when he climbs the first step. At that time, how many girls want to contribute their arms and thighs to him as pillows and quilts ah! As a result, she was pushed out by the boys to take care of him. That time was a good memory. Chien Shih-chen expressed his feelings. Is it? We were all scared out of our wits when you were taken to the hospital. Before that, Yin Shuowei had always thought that he was just a little weak in physical strength, not a terminally ill patient who could not be saved, but that time he fell down, a little injury could not stop the terrible appearance of bleeding, which was the main reason why she over-protected him in the future. I do not have hemophilia, just because of the relationship between medication, blood clotting ability is relatively poor. "He seems to have a worm in her stomach, or he invades her head like a hacker, and he can say exactly what she's thinking every time." After that, no one dared to let you climb again, and the responsibility of taking care of you fell on me. "Well, that's why everyone thinks we're dating. You want to say that, don't you?" Chien Shih-chen laughed. Yin Shuowei was not embarrassed to be punctured, "so do you think maybe your feelings for me are illusions?" "So my confession did cause you a lot of trouble and made you make mistakes in your work?" He asked in reply. She did not respond, and she was so angry that she went into his arms. Ha! It's worth it. It's worth it. Jian Shichen was so happy that he hugged her tightly. Nothing was more exhilarating than the confirmation of the fact that his weight was much greater in her mind than he had imagined. You're crazy! Is it fun to gamble on the company's reputation and do such a thing? Yin Shuowei beat him while counting. He stroked her cheek with his fingertips and gazed deeply. "I didn't.". Out of society for so long, what accidents have not seen? He asked her to look at the way the other backstage staff spoke. "Of course, what happened on the scene is already a fact. We can't change it, nor can we change the image in the hearts of the audience. But this is acting. It's also a fun and exciting place in this business. You never know what will happen, do you?" "But." Only then did Yin Shuowei realize that he had overreacted, "Senior, you." You are too treacherous. "I'm just being honest with myself and with you." Jane Shichen touched her earlobe. "God knows how afraid I am that you will start to hide from me. How afraid I am that you will leave me without saying a word." "You can't make no distinction between public and private affairs!" "Is it?" He asked with all the injuries inside. Yin Shuowei looked at Chien Shichen at a loss, her answer was clearly so sure,DIN screw plug, but in the face of him, the original insistence was unprecedented wavering, and even unable to decisively refuse him.


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