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All the heroes in the wilderness

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Guo Ziyu took the opportunity to report what Aunt Shao had said to Headmaster Kezhen and advised him "Master I'm afraid we've been taken in The Wulin League may be making a feint to the east and attacking in the west Fortunately Gongsun Guan and the other five can deal with it We might as well withdraw immediately" Master Kezhen's face changed and he said "You are so vicious If they succeed in their plot the Shaolin faction will be beyond redemption!" This is by no means alarmist talk As long as the Sutra Pavilion is burned Shaolin will be beyond redemption "It's not far from here" said Guo Ziyu "I want to go back first" "All right" said Master Kezhen "come back as soon as possible with you Zhao An and Zhao Ming I'll go back to the temple later" Guo Ziyu answered "Yes" and immediately informed Guo's two Electrical Equipment & Supplies elders asking them to tell Wudang and then turned around and galloped away with the two brothers Worried about the safety of the Shaolin Temple they tried their best to run as soon as they got on the road but they were stopped before they had galloped ten miles Guo Ziyu raised his eyes to glance at the road blocker and a sense of foreboding suddenly rose from his chest It turned out that these people were the main force of the Wulin League In addition to the Holy Sword of the Night Rain Villa and the Second Team of Tiepai there were also Linghu Family Lengquan Village Beggars' Sect and Bagua Gate They came in full force and the number of them was by no means inferior to that of Bullet Valley Master Shi Zaochun greeted Guo Ziyu with a laugh and said "Do you want to go"

The geomantic omen of bullet valley is pretty good missed not pitiful! Guo Ziyu saw a soft red silk sedan chair in the distance and guessed that it must be the Peach Blossom Fairy in the sedan chair "Stand aside" he snorted coldly "I'm talking to your master" "Little thief" said Shi Zaochun angrily "how dare you look down on me!" A piece of sword awn waved out with the sound of shouting and the wind of the sword like an arrow went straight to Guo Ziyu's chest Silver Bullet Chasing Soul Early Spring was the most outstanding figure in the Eight Diagrams Gate He thought that even if it didn't hurt Guo Ziyu it would at least force him back a few steps Who would have thought that Guo Ziyu would use the technique of pulling chestnuts out of the fire to burst into the light of the knife and with a crisp sound he would have broken the Eight Diagrams Knife in early spring Early spring back three steps in a row scared face ashen he never thought Guo Ziyu's skill was so high a move to make him lose face At this time Zhou Qi the tiger beggar of the Beggars' Sect and the three Linghu brothers rushed out together At the same time the crowd swarmed in and surrounded Guo Ziyu Master Zhao An withdrew his sword and coughed "Second Younger Martial Brother let's protect the Younger Martial Brother and rush out" Master Zhaoming said "I will obey Elder Martial Brother's orders" As soon as the voice fell he immediately put his staff across his chest It turned out that the merciful monk was also full of murder at this time Just as the two sides were at daggers drawn and a bloody battle was imminent a clear voice suddenly came from afar saying "Stop" The tone of the word "stop" was not high but every one of the hundreds of people in the field could hear it clearly Then the soft sedan chair with red silk came to the scene like flying

A charming sound came from the sedan chair and said "Master Zhao An would you like to make a deal with us" "Amitabha" said Master Zhao'an "I'm a monk I don't know how to make a deal The benefactress is looking for the wrong person" The man in the sedan chair snorted "If you don't know how to trade you should know how to pass the word right" China Suppliers Go and tell Master Kezhen that his wife has something to discuss with him "Is the benefactor the Peach Blossom Fairy" Asked Master Zhao An "Yes" said the man in the sedan chair "my wife is the Peach Blossom Fairy" "Please say something benefactor" said Master Zhao An "Can you make the decision" Asked the Peach Blossom Fairy "If I can't make the decision" said Master Zhao An "I will report to my teacher" "Well" said the Peach Blossom Fairy "I'll tell you madam We'll exchange some classics from the Shaolin Temple for one person" Master Zhao An felt a shock in his heart and said "What classic" The Peach Blossom Fairy said "The Yi Jin Jing the Bodhi Divine Skill and the Bodhidharma Martial Arts What do you think of exchanging these three books for one person" Master Zhao An Master Zhao Ming and Guo Ziyu who has just arrived at the gate of Shaolin are all impressed These three books contain the essence of Shaolin martial arts If they really fall into the hands of the Peach Blossom Fairy the Shaolin Temple will accept them not to mention one person even ten or a hundred or even the life of the real master

The question is whether the Peach Blossom Fairy really got these martial arts books because the Sutra Pavilion is the most heavily guarded place in Shaolin Temple and Shaolin disciples will maintain its safety at any cost unless Guo Ziyu's brothers all entered such an idea and all of them were shocked Master Zhao An asked "Did you really get the three volumes of martial arts in this temple" The poor monk didn't believe it The Home Appliances Peach Blossom Fairy sighed and said "The eminent monks of the Shaolin Temple are so stupid No wonder your temple is getting worse" Master Zhaoming shouted angrily "Peach Blossom Fairy if you insult this temple again don't blame the poor monk for saying something unpleasant" "I'm telling the truth" said the Peach Blossom Fairy "Think about it Your temple is full of elite Who else can defend the Sutra Pavilion" "What have you done to them" Asked Master Zhao An "Well" said the Peach Blossom Fairy "those who follow me will live and those who resist me will die They want to stop me from entering the Sutra Pavilion

I can't blame them" Hearing this Zhao An Zhao Ming and Guo Ziyu were shocked and burning with anger They were waiting to kill the Peach Blossom Fairy regardless of everything Suddenly a figure swayed behind them and a crowd of people came to them Their eyes were sharp and they could see that the leader was Zen Master Kezhen the head of Shaolin Now that the head had come in person they had to wait until he arrived People have arrived in a moment there are many people with trauma we can see just to GongSunGuan war is how intense They also used the door to carry a wounded person and a careful look the original is the night rain ZhuangZhu GongSunGuan This is a very important hostage as long as you catch this person you can get back the lost three volumes of martial arts Master Zhao An greeted Master Kezhen and made a statement about the Peach Blossom Fairy's attack on Shaolin Although Master Kezhen's face was full of anger his expression was still calm He stepped forward a few steps and saluted the Peach Blossom Fairy saying "The benefactress has violated Buddhism and killed innocent people indiscriminately She is really guilty of her own sins and cannot live The sea of suffering is boundless I hope the benefactress will turn back and do good" 。


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