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In the game, a basic principle is that the players' running coordination and catching distance is generally about 15 meters, not more than 20 meters. Under tight defense, European professional players can pass the ball within 10 to 15 meters with an error of less than one meter, with a success rate of more than 80%, and pass the ball within 20 meters. The success rate within one meter of error will be less than 60%, and the success rate of 25 meters will be about 20%. If the defensive line is ahead of time, the distance can be shortened, so that the defenders'passing is no longer just a big foot destruction. But if Chang Sheng wants to advance the defense line. Be careful of Eto'o, the cheetah in Mallorca. Leaving too much space behind the back line will give him the chance to play his speed advantage. To this. Chang Sheng intends to use offside to deal with Eto'o. He just got the game skill of "offside trap",x60 line pipe, which is just for this game! Let the success rate of offside in the defensive line in the game increase by 10% directly! The fourth point. Constantly form a triangle between the players to ensure that there is always a ball point to receive. This is no problem. When practicing in peacetime, Chang Sheng has already paid attention to this point. People who come back naturally bring back some advanced football concepts. Maybe he has to think that this is something great. He just needs to emphasize this point in training and competition. Fifth, players in all positions should be able to change positions quickly. For Getafe, their attacking combination often does this in attack, so there is no need for special training. The ability of the midfield and backcourt players to change positions quickly is a little worse,316 stainless steel plate, but it doesn't matter. Anyway, Chang Sheng didn't want to copy the tiki-taka of Barcelona and Spain intact. Sixth, create space for your teammates. This requires the passer to have a wide field of vision and the ability to move long passes, as well as the receiver's movement and the rhythm between the two. This is not a big problem for Getafe to accomplish. Broad vision and long pass transfer ability are not a problem for Getafe, who is good at defensive counter-attack, because this is the quality they must possess. The same is true of the match between the run and the pass. This is very important in defensive counterattack. The seventh point is the strong assists of the two full-backs. Balzaretti's ability to assist goes without saying, and Rondo has four assists this season. Barely meet this requirement. But again, x70 line pipe ,x56 line pipe, Chang Sheng doesn't require his team to replicate tiki-taka 100% perfectly. It's better to have strong assists on one side than on both sides. Eighth, the Front-court players should fight back, compress and press their opponents at the first time after losing the ball. Regarding this, Guadiaola explained like this: "If you snatch the rubber ball in the preceding performance, only needs to run 30 meters to be able to shè the gate.". If you grab it in the backcourt, you have to run 80 meters. This is not a problem for Getafe. Getafe has always done this kind of thing. He has always asked the Front-court players to fight back on the spot after losing the ball in front of them. The ninth point, considered to be the most important one, requires players who are skilled enough. Getafe doesn't have that many highly skilled players. But Chang Sheng doesn't need so many highly skilled players. He will make up for it with running, discipline and tactics. He's going to make a tiki-taka. Your support is my greatest motivation. Small. Say 。 T/X/t days. Don Chapter 248 you are really. Genius (35 October tickets plus more) Now that we have figured out the tactics, the rest is to realize it. Tactics need to be achieved through training. Generally speaking, few coaches try to train new tactics a week before the game. Because there's not enough time! How can you finish the new tactical training in a week? Tactical training takes time, a lot of time, and only time can familiarize the players with this new tactic. Otherwise, the time is too short, the players can not understand, cooperate, there is no tacit understanding, such new tactics not only can not help the team, but will make the team in the game at a loss, do not know what to do. It will be counterproductive. But Chang Sheng is not worried about this problem. Because he has a killer weapon. Isn't his many training skills designed to come in handy at this time? He has [primary training], which can improve the players' quality in a short time. He also has [primary tactical training], which can improve the players' multiple attributes, and the improvement of [teamwork] attributes can also increase the players' tacit understanding. The most important thing is the primary level of competition training tactics. This skill is the most helpful to Chang Sheng at present. [Match Training Tactics Primary]: The current level shortens the time for players to familiarize themselves with tactical formations by 10% and lasts for one week. It happened to be used in the week's training before the game. Let the players greatly speed up their familiarity with this new tactic. In addition to training skills, Chang Sheng also works hard on tactics itself. He can't copy the tactics of Barcelona and Spain. He has to make some changes to this set of tactics. For example, he will reduce the technical requirements of the players, try to start from the team itself has adapted to the place,uns s31803 sheet, shorten the time they adapt to the new tactics. Deleting a large number of parts that they are not familiar with. Chang Sheng stayed up all night and made a new training plan. The next day he gave the plan to Rudy. Gonzalez 。 Rudy.. Gonzalez only looked at it once. He looked up in surprise. "New tactics?!" Chang Sheng nodded wearily: "Yes, new tactics." Are you crazy? Now that the game is only a week away, do you let the team train new tactics? 。


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