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Dark, the main city: Osbal City; the main representative of the God of War: Demon God, Dark God, God of the Earth, Magic God, Emperor of the Underworld? Bright ? Dark The author has something to say: It's time to do multiple choice questions again. Cough. Chapter 32 blood-stained clothes Darkness and light, one good and one evil, there is an unbridgeable gap between them. This is what she felt when she saw Luo Xue and the dark God enjoying the night scene, and their appearance of black and white intersection seems to be telling that black and white are one. But the dark God represents darkness, and the snow God represents light. After the snow girl Luo Xue inherits the position of the snow God, there is bound to be a battle between them! Think of this obviously have feelings for each other two people, but have to fight, Yang Weile feel very uncomfortable in the heart. Her eyes fell on the right side of the game window, and Li Zhishuguang was still standing there waiting for them to hand in the task. If it were him, which camp would he choose? After closing the game, Yang Weile opened the official website directly. The update patch is actually 600MB in size, which is equivalent to a major reform, but she still doesn't understand how this hidden task happened to be encountered by them? Or did Gu Li already do something? The scope of the game update is very large, and even the appearance of the official website has changed. On the homepage, there are five or six tragic stories caused by the opposition between light and darkness. The chapter of this game update is simply that all players in Matchless must choose a home, light or dark, after level 20. After joining the faction, the player's name will appear in front of the [light] or [dark] logo. According to the official website,turmeric extract powder, there will be [light] and [dark] large-scale group battles in the future. Yang Weile chose the God of Light, and the reason why she chose Light is mostly because of her own professional attributes. The skill system of the magic warrior can only practice one, which is metal, wood, water, fire, earth, light and darkness. What she practiced at the beginning is light, and the skill of the doctor in "matchless" is also light attribute. 'toot Toot '-- Yang Weile opens the QQ chat window. Qiao Anren: Xiaowei, which one do you think Gu Li will choose? Yang Weile: How should I know? I'm not him. Qiao Anren: ^ _ ^ What do you think? I chose'light '. Yang Weile:.. I knew you would choose this one. Qiao Anren: Oh? Hey, it seems that Xiaowei also chose this. Yang Weile: Nonsense. The skill attributes are all light. Of course, pumpkin seed extract ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, it's better to choose light in the future. Qiao Anren: Which one do you think Gu Li will choose? Yang Weile:.. 'Dark '. Qiao Anren was silent for a while, Yang Weile looked at each other's chat status into input, but no information came for a long time. It took her nearly an hour to download the patch, and the installation of the patch was not very fast. Because the lights were about to go out, she turned off the computer directly after the desktop computer was patched. Her laptop can last five hours without power, but because of the Internet connection, it can only last less than three hours. Yang Weile boarded the dawn, and when he entered the game, the special effects of the game came out again. This time, the picture mainly shows the duel between light and darkness a hundred years ago. The appearance of the characters is somewhat different from before. The black decorated coat of Breaking Dawn has disappeared, replaced by a white tuxedo suit with a rapier at the waist, a double-row silver button on the chest, and a pattern of snowflakes and shields embroidered on the chest. After entering the game, the characters are still in the Lion and Tiger Ridge. Yang Weile opened the role panel and found that he had one more title, "The Guardian of the Snow God". Titles in Unparalleled can increase attributes. Master and apprentice titles can increase the amount of experience gained. Husband and wife titles can not only increase the amount of experience gained, but also increase the speed of intimacy. The function of Snow God's Guardian is to increase ice resistance by 30 and attack power by 10% in snowy days. [System] You are attacked by the player'Blood-stained Clothes', and your health is reduced by 3277! Before he could react, the blood volume of another thousand was reduced. Yang Weile hurriedly turned off the role panel, took a blood medicine, and ran to the side at the same time. [System] You are attacked by the player'Blood-stained Clothes', and your health is reduced by 3957! As she ran, Dawn changed the visual angle of the game, until the visual angle was pulled behind her, she saw a magician with a black magic wand facing her, which should not be said to be the advanced attack skill of the thunder system in her direction. Only then did she notice that there were two or three people standing around her, but it seemed that she was standing in the wrong place. Sure enough, as long as she was out of the range of those two or three people, the attack skills of the blood-stained clothes did not fall on her again, and it seemed that she had just been injured by mistake. The player who accidentally wounded her before is called Bloody Clothes, whose name is preceded by [Dark], while the three who attacked him are [Light]. Players who join the faction after level 70 can get a trinket. Breaking Dawn gets the Dragon Wing, which will grow a pair of dragon wings after equipping. If you use the Dragon Wing in the state of'riding ', the additional speed of the mount will be added to the Dragon Wing, and the appearance does not show the appearance of the player's original mount. [Current] Handsome de Snoopy: Bloody, hand over the tokens of your faction, or you will be blown up here! [Current] Blood-stained Clothes: Just You? [Current] Fallen Leaves: Blood-stained Brother, just give us the token. It's not that you can't get it again. [Current] 11:11: Yes, [the gods] will not treat you badly. [The Descent of the Gods] is the third gang on the list of gang strength. The leader of the gang is a world,akba boswellic acid, that is, the one who brushes the trumpet on the wedding night of Dawn and Dawn. Breaking Dawn didn't want to care about it, but she felt uncomfortable when she saw the other side typing out the names of the gods. 


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