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"The palace has always known that the emperor is considerate to the palace, this time, the palace has offered fresh fruit, the palace also wants to take some to quench the emperor's thirst, taste fresh." The queen mother euphemistically, the maid has sent the fresh fruit to the emperor, seems to prove that what the queen mother said is true. " Ha ha, son I thank mother miss, this fruit but son I love, son I will take away, it's getting late, son went back first, haven't seen the prince for a long time, or talk with him at night, wait for another day, son must have a long talk with mother, in order to comfort the feelings of mother "Yuchi Hongze generous accepted the queen mother's good intentions," From the beginning to the end, the two men did not talk about the killing of the old eunuch, nor did they mention that the queen mother had broken into the Longteng Palace. The atmosphere is warm and peaceful, the queen mother is loving, the emperor is filial, a warm scene of mother's love and son's filial piety. Also, the emperor can not be too tired, the palace is also tired, not to see the emperor, "the queen mother's bright face shows a tired look." The queen mother has a good rest and serves the queen mother well. If there is anything wrong, I only ask you, "After the emperor explained, he withdrew from the Qifeng Palace.". The fruit was taken by the eunuch behind the emperor, and Xuanyuan Hao followed the emperor away from the Qifeng Palace. It was not until they were far away that the maids and eunuchs of the Qifeng Palace dared to get up and breathe a sigh of relief. But there was a sound of ceramics smashing in the palace. The queen mother will not give up, "Xuanyuan Hao coldly touched out a sentence, the emperor and the queen mother for so many years, has been so, the surface of harmony, but it is open and secret arrows, you come and go." That is not better, "Yuchi Hongze did not look back,disc air diffuser, hold back the impulse to run, normal to the Longteng Palace, the people on the bed are all right?"? Should be all right, if something happens, the shadow will let the small Dezi message, Yuchi Hongze self-comfort, but still can not suppress the worries in the heart. Your Majesty, why not pursue the matter of Sima Qing? Xuanyuan Hao don't understand why the emperor is so obvious for Sima Qing shelter, don't let the assistant minister to pursue Sima Qing, just find out the two ladies so far, this Sima Qing in the court to cultivate henchmen, expand power, has long been in the eyes of the emperor, why didn't the emperor take the opportunity to remove him? "It's useful to keep him." Yuchi Hongze didn't say much about it, but Sima Qing didn't want to kill him now, or someone didn't want him to die. Although he hadn't seen how Xiaoxiao dealt with people he hated, as far as he knew, killing Sima Qing was easy for Xiaoxiao, and it was the most appropriate thing to leave it to the parties. " Emperor, "when Xiao Dezi saw the figure of Yuchi Hongze, lamella clarifer ,Rotating sludge scraper, a hanging heart finally fell down, although the queen mother was blocked back, but after all, his experience is limited, ah, if not for the belief of serving the emperor to support him, he would have collapsed." It's hard for you. "Yuchi Hongze patted Xiao Dezi on the shoulder to understand the pressure he was under." This is what a slave should do. "Little Dezi's expression of relief is gratified to serve the emperor. It's his honor to work for the emperor and share his worries." When the emperor arrived, "Little Dezi raised his voice as a matter of routine, and the shadows in the hall were already waiting for him." The shadow sees the emperor, fortunately does not disgrace the mission. "The shadow is proud and confident under the mask that can not see the expression clearly, but also has absolute loyalty." Step down, "Yuchi Hongze nodded clearly and ordered." Is "the shadow along with a group of shadow members like a ghost to evacuate the Dragon Hall, with the protection of the emperor, the Dragon Hall is absolutely no one will dare to break in.". Yuchi Hongze did not stay directly to the dragon bed, the quilt has a small ups and downs, a look to know is a person, Xuanyuan Hao accident, when Yuchi Hongze's bed someone? Fortunately, Xiaoxiao still has breath, although weak, but still stable, the whole person is like sleeping soundly. Sit down, "Yuchi Hongze did not let Xuanyuan Hao approach, carefully helped Xiaoxiao gather the quilt, and then went to the seat in the center of the hall and sat down." Your Majesty, what is this? Xuanyuan Hao is curious, do not know what person, should be a woman will let the emperor so intimate care. "You know, the small valley Lord of Youluo Valley." Yuchi Hongze remembered that they had met two years ago. At that time, Xuanyuan Hao took him away from the dispute. It was also because of this that he lost face and felt very disloyal. So he would find an excuse to send Xuanyuan Hao to the frontier for personal revenge. " What did the emperor say? Xuanyuan Hao thought he had misheard, the small valley owner of Youluo Valley, isn't that a smile? How could Xiaoxiao lie in bed? If he knew he was coming, Xiaoxiao would never ignore him. But why didn't he reflect at all, as if he had no consciousness? All right, don't say, when she's ready, you can see her. "Yuchi Hongze doesn't intend to continue this topic, just hope that the time will pass quickly, and you can see Xiaoxiao's energetic appearance in the blink of an eye." Tell me, what's the situation there? When Yuchi Hongze faces Xuanyuan Hao alone, he will not call himself me. They are not only monarchs and ministers, but also brothers. Several foreign leaders were recruited to submit, and according to the emperor's will, they managed the local area, but they had to obey the court's management, and gave them a letter of appointment. "Xuanyuan Hao summed up the efforts of the past two years concisely.". Even though he was concentrating on reporting the government affairs to Yuchi Hongze, his eyes could not help looking at the people on the bed. Xiaoxiao's martial arts were their brothers and sisters, and they were no match for her. How could he get hurt? It seems that the injury is not light, the mind suddenly thought of the worried and urgent expression of Feng Ruyan, recalling the meaning of Feng Ruyan's performance at the banquet just now, everything runs through in an instant, so to say, Xiaoxiao was injured by Xiaoxiao himself. With Xiaoxiao's skill, how serious it would be if he hurt himself. No wonder. Emperor, "Xuanyuan Hao wanted to open his mouth and ask for a smile, but when the words came to his mouth, he couldn't spit them out." What do you want to say? Fortunately at this time Yuchi Hongze is also worried to look at the direction of the bed, did not see Xuanyuan Hao that desire to speak and stop the appearance, otherwise, will certainly have doubts. I handle affairs, although the emperor rest assured,disc air diffuser, "Xuanyuan Hao secretly sighed, the words export, but it is quite different.".


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