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Taiping (book edition)

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No matter which woman was cheated, raped, and then dumb to eat Coptis chinensis, she would not be in a good mood. It was nothing to make a mess for him. She could endure not to go back to the capital and go on a rampage. She admired herself very much. When did she suffer this loss in her two lives? Suddenly there was a burst of warmth on his body. Taiping turned around and hugged him. He buried his head in Mingyuan's waist and said, "Mingyuan, if you are willing to go with me to the ends of the earth." Mingyuan followed her short hair and said lightly, "You don't have to go to the ends of the earth. Two futons in front of the lamp are enough." Taiping fell back on the stone table and put his face back on the table. "Why don't you ask, Mingyuan?" He murmured. Mingyuan jumped to the treetop and sat down. He lowered his head and turned the rosary. "If you don't tell me, why should I ask?" Listening to the sound of Mingyuan's chanting without the slightest smell of fireworks, Taiping seemed to be petrified, and did not move until the day was about to dawn. It was not until Mingyuan finished chanting the sutras for two hours that she jumped down and found, without surprise, that she had fallen asleep early. Her heart was only in the clear breeze and bright moon, and she was born with only a daughter's heart, but she had no choice but to go to war and fight for the national economy and the people's livelihood. Many people trusted her life, and her occasional weakness and suspicion only dared to hide in her heart secretly. This entanglement would not be understood even if she was as close as a bosom friend, and the most important father could not say. Just like the smile on the corners of Xiao Cai's mouth when she closes her eyes, just like the back of Zi Gui who is standing on the long street and watching him go away, just like the hot tears of peach blossoms dripping on her shoulders in the dark night. In previous lives, some people said that life was as lonely as snow, but she only felt sour, so sour that people were empty. Taiping text broken sleeve Chapter Words: 5510 Updated: 07-10-13 13:06 "Pow!" Emperor Jing clapped his hands heavily on the imperial case and laughed angrily: "Well, well, half a month to kill 37 officials in one prefecture and seven prefectures. Such a bold man has never been heard of before. He has been poured out in this Dynasty. Well, well.." Your Highness, all the ministers were like cicadas, with their hands tied and their heads hanging down, and no one dared to answer. Sikong Qi and Situ Zhou Li looked at each other, but they couldn't help it for a while. Both of them were the main force to stop the King of Yan from leaving the capital. They always felt like a lump in the throat of the young King of Yan. This is very understandable, it is a problem left over by history, a long time can be traced back to the founding of the existence of the military officer group headed by the king of Yan and the civil service group headed by the six families, the struggle in more than 40 years ago because of the death of the king of Yan Jianxi and showed a one-sided trend, the children of the prince of Yan were completely defeated, and were suppressed in the army. Jun's family lost their favor, lost their military power and had no successors. Even their blood was almost broken. Who expected that they could revive now? The new Yan Wang Man said that an 18-year-old and crown woman, even a three-year-old child, could make their hair stand on end as if they were facing a formidable enemy. He was eager for her to make some trouble,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, but he didn't expect that the trouble would come so fast, so big and so absurd that they were caught off guard one by one. This is not a wily court fight. It's clearly a vendetta against children in Jianghu. It really makes people laugh and cry. What do you think of the Qing family? On the throne, Emperor Jing seemed to be able to suppress his anger and asked. All the ministers first glanced at their own faction and then glanced at the opposite faction, and saw that Qiu Sikong Situ's adult, Shangshu Zhongtai's adult, six Shangshu's adults, and the three princes were all quiet, and naturally they all hid behind them and pretended to be stupid, and no one did the first thing to please them. For a while, the whole Hanyuan Palace was silent, and even the sound of breathing was carefully restrained. The official system of Dayao was divided into nine grades and eighteen ranks, headed by the three divisions of Sangong, with one each of Taishi, Taifu and Taibao as the third division, and one each of Taiwei, Situ and Sikong as the third division. They are all of the same quality. Three division, the law of the son of heaven, no general duty, Low Rpm Electric Motor ,24v Gear Motor, not the person is que. Three dukes, assist the emperor to manage Yin and Yang, pacify the country, and unify everything. The prince worships but does not marry, the sacrifice Que then takes. Three divisions and three dukes do not have official subordinates. Then there was the Shangshu Province, which had a Zhongtai, who was in charge of all the officials, who were in the second rank, and who belonged to the six departments of Li, Hu, Li, Bing, Xing, and Gong. There was a prime minister on the left and right, who was in charge of all the six officials, from the second rank. Under them were the prime ministers on the left and right, all of whom were in charge of affairs, orders, history books, history books, and so on, all of which were not included in the third rank; Foreign officials were divided into military and political departments, headed by the provincial government, which was in charge of the prefectures and counties of the province. The civil officials were the fourth grade prefects, and the military officers were the fourth grade prefects of the provincial government. The military and political departments had nothing to do with each other. This is big Yao for a long time military highly centralized, the family assistant politics but strictly forbidden to get involved in the military particularity, so the king of Yan just a few people can kill a government seven States up and down 37 officials, Hejian government DuWei stand by is also one of the main reasons for the disaster out of control. Although the court is more dissatisfied with the king of Yan out of the capital, but mostly for historical reasons, different positions, there is a guard against the future can not raise the heart of the tiger, not really feel that the young king of Yan can be how difficult, at this time see her young age, usually do not show a pair of dandy arrogant scholar, the first means is so ruthless, so bloody, Think of the bloody blood bird family emblem of Jun's family, all of them are creepy and chilling. The king of Yan committed enough Ling Chi's capital crime this time, which should have been killed in one fell swoop to avoid future trouble, but the case of corruption of disaster relief funds involved so widely, shocked the government and the public, the most important thing at the moment is not to punish the king of Yan, but to calm the boiling anger of the people everywhere, but the king of Yan this woman is beginning to emerge, it serves to show its subsequent disaster, this indulgence, in the future.. Thinking of this, the officials could not help but tremble. Thirty-seven officials, although the governor is a special official position, only when he is in office, he temporarily receives the second rank, but after all, he is also the second rank. Under the Hejian government, the seven States she had crossed were covered with rivers of blood. The high officials hid and the low officials fled. The petty officials were frightened. The government affairs, the state affairs and the county affairs were almost paralyzed. The gates of the surrounding prefectures and counties were closed. The officials fled and scattered to hide. People were in a panic. She was arrogant and untamed. She ignored the funeral and killed him and left. There was no order. Her special status, no one dared to stop her. The people were ignorant. They clapped their hands and rushed to embrace her, but they didn't know the King of Yan, the King of Yan, alas! This is not the King of Yan,Planetary Gear Motor, this is a killing star! Just as the princes were shirking and dodging, a purple-robed official came out of the second place in the first row on the left. King Kang Jing, why are you doing this? Jing Di was surprised.


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