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He looked carefully at the woman beside him. Then he frowned and said, "I don't have a family. Don't you look in the mirror before you go out?" Yan Sang looked down at his dirty clothes because of doing housework, and slowly, in despair, curled the corners of his mouth. He thought she was dirty. More than a year later, she finally heard that he thought she was dirty. Surrounded by a circle of people, a month is also among them. Seeing that her whole body was tottering and seemed to be unable to hold up, Ah Yue hurriedly held her body. Sister Asang, although Mr. Meng did come here to visit the mountains and rivers a year ago, he has nothing to do with you. What's the matter with you? Yan Sang froze. A fool's dream. Meng Xuzhi then turned around and turned to the woman beside him with a gentle smile on his lips. He held the woman's hand, and they finally entered the inn, leaving only a circle of people watching the scene of bustle. Yan Sang opened his eyes wide and watched the man enter the inn, then turned his head to look at Ah Yue. Yue, do you think I used to have nothing to do with Meng? "Yes." "Look me in the eye and say it again." Her lips were trembling. Although Ah Yue showed a worried look, she did not hesitate at all. Her eyes were clear, and she looked straight into her eyes without the slightest evasion. "Sister Asang and Mr. Meng have never had the slightest intersection." Yan Sang felt the world spinning, and then turned to look around the people of Xunyang County, they are talking,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, but the words are nothing more than doubt. They suspected that there was something wrong with her brain, so they imagined that she had a love affair with Meng Gongzi, who was in the position of heaven and man. Yan Sang carried the basket and walked home step by step, weeping in the light snow as he walked. She finally understood that he had not changed his mind, he just didn't remember her. Not only he, but all the people in the world don't remember the story of her and him. She used to be so close to him that she put it under the old pine tree in the crane pavilion and gently shook the folding fan to drink and talk happily. She was the only one who remembered these things, and she felt sad when she thought about it. Yan Sang didn't know what was wrong,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, but she stopped trying to get his attention. The man has a wife of his own and will soon have children of his own. She did not even want him to think of her again, she was sad enough, she did not want him to think of these things to feel guilty, sad with her. When she was free, she would want to go to the crane pavilion, make a pot of tea for herself, and say something that only she could understand. She thought that this would be the end, but never thought that half a month later, her entanglement with him was really over. That day the weather warmed up a little, she put on a thick cotton-padded coat and went to the vegetable market alone to buy vegetables. When she passed Zhenxiang Square, she took one more look and saw Meng Zhuzhi holding his wife, whose belly was bigger, coming out of it. The pace unconsciously slowed down a little, fenugreek saponins ,lutein eye complex, and when the reaction came over, he felt that his behavior was really ridiculous, and his heart beat against someone else's husband, so he quickened his pace. But before he had taken a few steps, he heard a woman behind him exclaiming. The horse is startled! Get out of the way! Look out! The horse is startled! Yan Sang turned around and saw that Meng Zhuzhi had pulled his wife aside, but he himself had no time to escape. He was standing less than a meter away from her, and his back was as straight as she was familiar with. Tears fell from her eyes, and even before she could react, she pulled him aside amid the cries of the crowd. The frightened mad horse knocked her down to the ground. She opened her eyes in confusion and felt a sharp pain on her body. A horse's hoof stepped on her body and a carriage ran over her body. In the confusion, she opened her eyes wide and saw his eyes in the shadow of the horse's hooves. There was a look of surprise and panic in them, but it was not the look of sudden enlightenment she wanted to see. He still looked at her like he was looking at a stranger, a stranger who somehow saved his life. Sure enough, she was still selfish, and in the end she was still hoping that he would think of her. I don't know when she broke away from her body and floated into the air. Can clearly see Meng Zhuzhi in the horse's hooves after she picked up from the ground, rushed to the hospital, can clearly see the doctor helplessly shook his head, can clearly see, Meng Zhuzhi has a moment to become confused eyes. Her father did not know the news of her death, because her father was still away on official business, so she did not have to see the pain and despair of her father sending a white-haired man to a black-haired man. And Meng Zhuzhi, he will no longer feel sad for her death, she did not know how long after floating in the air, finally saw Meng Zhuzhi and his wife set up a mourning hall for her, worried about the body decay, he personally put her body covered with bruises into the coffin. Thank you for saving my husband. His wife held her big belly and said so. Meng Zhuzhi also bowed to her body. Thank you very much Yan Sang floated in the air, although he could see a light snow in the sky, but he could not feel the cold. She turned up the corners of her mouth and smiled, not even knowing what mood she was in now. Because it's you, so you're welcome. At the moment when she blurted out, Meng Zhuzhi, who had intended to burn incense, raised his head blankly and looked in the direction of her, with nothing in his eyes. His wife looked into the air with him, only to see snowflakes. Husband, what's the matter with you? Meng Xuezhi was stunned for a moment, then shook his head and inserted the incense into the incense burner. I don't know why, but my heart suddenly hurts. Yan Sang's tears suddenly gushed out from her eyes. She hurriedly wiped her cheeks with the back of her hand, but only wiped a piece of nothingness. It happened that the tears were like a fountain and could not stop in any case. She tried to wipe them for a long time, and finally gave up wiping the tears and let them flow down her face. It was then that a small voice sounded behind her. I'm sorry. It's all my fault for making you so sad. No one spoke to her for a long time. She turned around and saw a girl in a strange skirt. She was standing beside her, holding a book with a strange texture, saying "sorry" to her again and again. Yan Sang ignored her,pumpkin seed extract, and she kept saying so. After a long time, she finally asked her in a hoarse voice, "Why did you say sorry to me?" 。 


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