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chibi colored sketch commission

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5 creator slots available

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starting at $6, you can have a quick/cute commission of your character in my chibi style with flat colors and colored lines! 

super complicated designs (lots of details) will require a $2 fee. this is PER character!
default is one character. for $4 more i can add a second character!

customer will receive two versions of their commission: one with artist's watermark on simple color background for public posting, and one unwatermarked on simple color background for private/personal use.
a transparent version of the image can be requested free of charge!

customer is allowed up to three edits to their final product. you can request multiple changes per edit!

turnaround time is normally within the 1-3 day range, but can take up to 1-2 weeks depending on my workload and life circumstances.
i will always let you know if something comes up and i have to delay your commission!


About the Creator

Crowley Raine

New Creator

hello, i'm crow! 
i'm a 22 year old nonbinary artist that uses they/it!
neurodivergent, queer, warframe and oc lover!