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Hero Ivanhoe

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My man, said Prince John, I knew from your insolent boast yesterday that you were not really a bow-and-arrow man, and now if you were, you would not venture to compete with them when you saw these happy young men standing there. "I beg your pardon, Your Highness," replied the yeoman, "but I do not take part in archery for other reasons than fear of failure and loss of face. What's your other reason? Asked Prince John, who, for some reason that perhaps even he could not explain, had an irresistible curiosity about this man. First of all, replied the farmer, I don't know if these archers usually use the same targets as I do; and secondly, I don't understand why your Highness is so interested in a man who speaks rudely and offends you, and if he wins a third prize, it won't be a good thing for you. Prince John's face turned red. 'What's your name, farmer?' He asked? Locksley, replied the farmer. —— [Note] The yeoman here is Robin Hood, a hero of English folklore whose real name is unknown, but who is said to have been born in a village called Loxley, which is sometimes used as his name. Robin Hood is also known as the archer. 'Well, Locksley,rapid sand filters, 'said Prince John,' you can wait until the men have finished performing before you shoot. '. If you win the prize, I'll give you another twenty guineas; but if you lose, you'll have to strip off your grass-green suit and be bowstrung out of the ring as a punishment for a boastful, boastful man. —— Most of the rangers and hunters in Britain wear grass-green clothes, and they are famous for their archery. But what if I don't want to bet and refuse to play? Said the yeoman. Your Highness is powerful, and there are so many guards at your disposal. It's easy to strip me of my clothes and hit me, but you can't force me to shoot. "If you refuse my advice,fine bubble diffuser," said the prince, "the officer on duty in the ring will cut your bowstring, break your bow, and drive you out as a coward.". 'But It's not just, proud prince, 'said the yeoman.' You force me to take risks with the best archers in Leicestershire and Staffordshire, and if they win, I'll be punished disgracefully. No such thing! '. But since you want to do so, I can obey. 'Guards, watch him carefully, 'said Prince John.' He's afraid already; I must watch him not to slip away from the game. '. You have done well, my boys; practice your skill at archery; a ram and a hogshead of wine are ready to reward you in yonder tent. The target is located at the upper end of the south passage of the tournament field. Competitors will stand at the exit of the passage and take turns shooting, where the distance from the target is just in line with the so-called long-distance archery standard. The archers drew lots to decide the order, and each of them could shoot three times in succession. The game is presided over by a lower official called the game supervisor, because the guard inspectors are more senior, and they are unwilling to lower their status and preside over the common people's game. One by one, rapid sand filters ,Belt Filter Press, the archers shook their spirits and stepped forward valiantly to the prescribed position to shoot. Twenty-four arrows were sent out in succession, ten of which hit the target, and the rest were not far from it, and from the distance of the target, they could still be regarded as good results. Of the ten arrows that hit the target, two were within the inner circle and were shot by Hubert, the Malvosin forester, who was therefore declared the winner. Loxley, it's your turn now, said Prince John to the bold yeoman, with a sneer. Would you rather fight Hubert or surrender your bow and sash to the curfew? As there's no other way, said Loxley, I'll take my chances; but on one condition: after I've shot two arrows at Hubert's mark, he must also shoot at the mark I want him to shoot at. 'That's Perfectly fair, 'replied Prince John.' I have no objection to your request. '. Hubert, as long as you can defeat this cowhide king, I can give you the horn filled with silver coins. A man can only do what he can, Hubert replied. But one of my ancestors drew a good bow at the Battle of Hastings, and I'm sure I won't disgrace his reputation. The original target was taken away and replaced with a new one of the same size, which was left in place. Hubert, who, as the winner of the previous round, had the right to shoot first, drew his bow in his hand, set his arrow on the string, took careful aim at his target, and measured the distance with his eyes for a long time. Finally he took a step forward, straightened his left arm, raised the bow a little so that its center or handshake was almost at face level, and drew the bowstring to his ears. The arrow whistled through the air and landed inside the inner circle of the target, but not in the middle. "You didn't think of the wind, Hugh," said his opponent, bending his bow. Otherwise he would have done better. As he said this, Locksley had advanced a few paces to the appointed spot, seemed to take his target for granted, raised his bow, and shot the arrow carelessly without even looking at the target. Hardly had he stopped talking when the arrow left the bowstring and flew into the target, two inches closer to the dead white spot than Hubert's arrow. As God is my witness! Prince John said to Hubert, "If you are defeated by that runaway bastard, you should hang yourself on the gallows!"! Hubert answered in the same way: "Your Highness may hang me," he said. A man must do what he can. But one of my ancestors had a good bow. Damn you, I don't care about your ancestors! John interrupted him. Archery, bastard, shoot the result, or I can't burn you! Having thus enlightened himself, Hubert returned to the place of shooting, this time not neglecting the advice given him by his opponent, and giving the necessary consideration to the breeze that happened to blow; and this time he succeeded so well that the arrow fell in the very centre of the target. Good arrow,Wall Penstocks, good arrow! That's Hubert! There was a lot of applause, as if for the famous saint, not for a stranger. Bullseye! Bullseye! Hubert will always be Hubert! ——。


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