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$80 is the base price for a ref sheet with either a front + back view, or a front view with small stuff/accessories/extras. All references come with optional flavor text.

Additional small stuff like paws, snouts, mouths, limbs, etc. are free within reason.

Designs made from scratch or otherwise without visual reference - aka drawing from a description only - will be $20 more, unless you'd like to grant artistic liberty on non-specific-details designs.


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Commissions availability: SEMI-OPEN [less likely to accept a request, may take longer to respond and complete commissions]

Temporary announcement: I'm working on revising and updating my listings at the moment to better reflect what I currently want to work on. Thanks for viewing this page!

Deaf nonbinary cartoonist! [they/them] [ze/zir] | Portfolio: | Personal site:

Be sure to check my Project Guidelines (aka ToS) before requesting a project, as well as your emails when commissioning from me! I don't do NSFW.