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Evil Emperor of the Nine Realms

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Evil Emperor of the Nine Realms

Qin Tian's eyes brightened and he said with a smile "The master of the realm of Qi change is just right for me to practice" Thunder way "Those people are not your opponent but can be used to increase combat experience" Now let's not worry and see if they can find out the ancient country of Shen Yue Near the ground the five men studied for a moment The boss looked around carefully and calculated for a while He said with a smile "This is it It's just been abandoned for many years We need to try to open the ancient array before the entrance Biochemicals and Pharmaceutical Chemicals will appear" ; com Chapter one hundred and three handed down treasures "Now you step back and I'll open the ancient array" Waving back four people the eldest carefully took out a storage bag from his bosom and poured out a palm-sized turtle shell which was covered with ancient traces showing a kind of prehistoric and remote atmosphere Looked around the boss appears to be particularly cautious after making sure that there is no situation before flying to the middle of the monument After observing the terrain for a while the eldest brother said to himself "After today I the third ancient brother will rise rapidly and become famous on the mainland" After happy the old three left hand holds the tortoise shell the right hand in the air above the tortoise shell carved with ghost charms fingertips shoot out red gas awn such as dragons and snakes flying quite a bit mysterious What is he doing Thunder's eyes changed slightly and he whispered "He's carving an amulet It should be some kind of array amulet" This person is estimated to be good at the art of array organs otherwise he would not be so bold to come here to play the idea of the ancient country of Shen Yue At this time Gu Laosan's array was carved But when he gave a little shout the shell flew out and was suspended in the air several feet above the ground Subsequently the ancient three hands and ten fingers connected points hundreds of red gas awn successively hit the tortoise shell wrapped around it activated the array on the tortoise shell At that time the strong light like electricity will shine everywhere and the palm-sized turtle shell will soar tens or hundreds of times in an instant turning into a turtle several feet in size suspended in midair The actual situation of this turtle is uncertain and the light on its back is intertwined and the light bands fly down to the four directions connecting with many stone piers on the ground forming a super array covering tens of miles around The void trembled and the earth began to roar deep in the desert More and more stone piers are blooming with dazzling brilliance sending out light pillars with thick bowl mouths winding around the turtle's back Qin Tian was a little shocked and blurted out "His tortoise shell is really amazing He has opened the ancient array" Deep in the desert the ancient country of Sunken Moon which has been sleeping for tens of thousands of years is already full of vitality Now under the guidance of the mysterious tortoise shell of the old three it has revived with stone piers rising and falling and a huge ancient array is recovering With a loud noise the earth began to tremble and an ancient city buried deep in the desert slowly fell to the ground appearing in the eyes of Qin Tian and Thunder As far as the eye can see this ancient city covers an area of tens of miles which is quite magnificent and huge The buildings of the ancient city are all made of a special kind of stone which has experienced tens of thousands of years of wind and sand and still remains intact With excitement on his face the old three could not help laughing and waving their hands to call the four minions to his side China Chemicals Moments later the ancient city appeared completely and the array was automatically lifted The old three took back the shell and took out the yellowing scroll After some research he pointed to an old palace and said excitedly "The entrance is right there Let's go" Qin Tian and Thunder looked at this scene and found that there were 36 palaces in the ancient city which were exactly the same in size and shape Without the guidance of a map it would be quite troublesome to find them Come on we'll follow Thunder with Qin Tian hidden in the void quietly followed up The whole ancient city was silent and desolate Occasionally the wind blows through the streets and alleys making a whirring sound Old three with four minions flying in the air soon came to the palace a slight pause for a moment five people then flashed in Thunder and Qin Tian came to the palace exchanged a wink with each other and both entered it The palace has experienced vicissitudes of life yellow sand everywhere and the ancient atmosphere is very strong Qin Tian walked slowly in the air trying to restrain the breath of the whole body so as not to arouse the vigilance of the old three Thunder's figure like a ghost followed Qin Tian's side In front the ancient third-class people disappeared in the depths of the palace followed by Thunder and Qin Tian in the rear Ancient three stop-and-go has been calculating what which makes the rear of Qin Tian and Thunder have been surprised Although this ancient third man is not highly cultivated he seems to have a lot of connections and he seems to have a lot of research on the ancient country of Shen Yue At this time Gu Laosan came to a bedroom deep in the palace and after a careful walk his face showed an irrepressible smile This is it I seem to have smelled the smell of the Moon God Dan "Boss what is the Moon God Dan Let me have a long experience" The old three Material Chemicals glanced at the four minions around him and said "Well I'll give you a long experience today" "The origin of the mainland has eight wastelands in Kyushu except Yunzhou each state has a wasteland each wasteland has a legendary story which is said to hide a great secret" "What's the big secret boss" As soon as the ancient three eyeballs rolled over Hei Hei said with a smile "This amazing secret is said to be related to a fairy ware" "What" Fairy ware! That's a legend Is there really a fairy in the world Anyway I've never heard of a fairy anywhere in my life It is said to have appeared in ancient times but it is only a legend and no one can say clearly whether it is true or not "The eight wastelands are related to immortals They're not hidden in this ancient country of the sunken moon are they boss" "I'm not sure if there are any immortals" said Gu San "But there are three great treasures handed down from generation to generation in the ancient country of Shen Yue That should be true" "Three treasures handed down from generation to generation!"! What do you have Tell me boss Gu Laosan kept wandering around in the bedroom looking at the layout and structure of the bedroom and said "The Moon God Dan the Ageless Lock and the Sunken Moon Map are the three world-famous treasures handed down from generation to generation in the ancient country of Sunken Moon They were famous all over the world in the past years It is said that they disappeared with the fall of the ancient country of Sunken Moon" "What are the characteristics of these three treasures handed down from generation to generation" 。


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