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Emperor Qianlong

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Cao Xueqin was wearing a grey poplin robe. Shaking a bamboo fan, Concubine Xiang leaned forward and said with a smile, "Thanks to the Sixth Master, I'm working at the Right Wing School. I'm just making a living.". "Long live Fu Liuye's twelve gold hairpins. I'll teach you how to sing and dance. I'm just having fun." "A love song has fallen on four people, and it is said to be'fun '?" Fu Heng gave a hearty smile. "If it weren't for Fangqing, you wouldn't come!"! Right, Fangqing? More than a dozen Qing guests burst into laughter. Some said, "We've already seen it. Today, the Sixth Master hit the nail on the head." Some said, "Dong Weng is using Fang Qing as bait to catch Mr. Cao's poems." Qingke, who had a moustache, stood up and said with a smile, "We're just having fun.". The last time Master Heng had a drink with Xueqin in the Flower Hall, it was Fangqing who held the wine. Xueqin was like that at that time- "and then he began to imitate.". He looked steadily at Fangqing, lowered his eyelids, and seemed unable to resist another peep. Fangqing looked like this at that time. "The moustache of the mouse imitated Fangqing's appearance again. First he twisted his waist in a pretentious manner, lowered his head shyly and fiddled with his skirt. Then he stole a glance at Cao Xueqin." Sixth Master, how can I learn? " When Fu Heng was having tea, he teased him so much that he spurted it all out with a "poof" sound. He repeatedly said, "Like.. That's it! "How can a man and a slave be happy?" Fang Qing blushed with shame, stole a glance at Cao Xueqin, spat, and turned away. Qian Du couldn't help laughing when he saw that Qingke had learned it perfectly. When Fu Heng saw that Cao Xueqin was embarrassed by the laughter of the crowd,magnetic separator machine, he turned to Fang Qing and said, "Don't go. It's no fun to go." "Then he said to Cao Xueqin," Promise me one thing. I'll send Fangqing to you today. Cao Xueqin had a flash of light in his eyes and smiled without a word. Last time you said you were writing a Dream of Red Mansions. Fu Heng said with a smile, "How is it going now?"! Send me the manuscript. I want to see it first. Cao Xueqin hesitated for a moment and said with a smile, "Sixth Master has a destiny. How dare you disobey him?"? But now the book is still far from being written. Prince Yi is going there. Write a chapter, copy a chapter, and send it back to the original manuscript. The Sixth Master wanted to see it, so he had to ask Fangqing to copy it for you. Even the songs sung just now are all from books. Sixth Master,chrome washing machine, how about I copy another song for you now? Said and stood up. The ready-made pen and paper on the tea table beside the willow tree, Cao Xueqin thought a little and wrote: One is Jianyuan Xianhu, the other is Meiyu Immaculate. If it is said that there is no strange fate, I will meet him again in this life; if it is said that there is strange fate, how can my mind be empty? One is worrying about himself, and the other is worrying about empty labor. One is the moon in the water, the other is the flower in the mirror. Think of how many tears in the eyes, how can autumn flow to winter, spring flow to summer! "Good, good!" Fu Heng repeatedly clapped his hands in admiration. "Jiu Zhuan was so sad and sorrowful that he was really intoxicated. Look, look, Fangqing is crazy again!" One side repeatedly called out: "Send this song to the other side of Shuixie, and ask my twelve gold hairpins to practice it!" Cao Xueqin, however, did not put down his pen and said, "Sixth Master speaks like a tripod. Cao Zhan is really full of ideas today.". Although I can't take the book to teach now, gold cil machine ,sodium cyanide price, I will write a poem first to express my joy today. The crowd immediately applauded and said it was wonderful. See snow celery pen walk dragon and snake disease book way: The cloud sideburns are low, the servant girl wears a bright cloak, and the clear song of the Jade Pool is played by the palace merchants. Pianlai startled swan melancholy in the building, turn to swim dragon sorrow Luoyang. The music of the lute in a playing workshop breaks the heart of a poet in half a boat. Bai Fu Shi Ling should be very pleased, must teach barbarian ghost ostentation and extravagance! Then he put down his pen gently and said to Fangqing with a smile, "Heaven knows, earth knows, you know, and I know. Let's go." Fangqing gazed at Cao Xueqin's dark eyes, lowered her head shyly, and jumped on the earth on her toes. For a long time, as if she had made up her mind, she gave Fu Heng two ten thousand blessings and whispered in a low voice: "Thank you, master.." As long as Fangqing is alive, she can't forget to burn incense for your living Buddha. Then he and Cao Xueqin, one behind the other, went there in a big way. What a rare talent! Fu Heng looked wistfully at the backs of the two of them and sighed, "In comparison, we imperial relatives are really like dirt." Qian Du was listening in. He sighed with emotion and said, "Sixth Master is happy today. Even I have helped Bianzi. If you don't have any other orders, I should go back." "Zhang Xijie has come to the capital," said Fu Heng with a smile. This is his case file sent by Tingyu. The emperor intended to ask Tongxun and I to deliver the decree for interrogation. Tongxun was the chief judge and had gone to receive the decree in the morning. I'm going to beekeeping, too. Come on, you go back to the military department, and we can still go the same way. The guests of the Qing Dynasty said that someone had already gone to tell Fu Heng to prepare a horse. Fu Heng and Qian Du ride one after the other, surrounded by their families. When they arrive at the alley deep in the flowers, they break up. Qian Du returns to the Military Department to explain his errand. Fu Heng rode through the alley and turned two bends, which was the beekeeping lane. Fu Hengyuan and Liu Tongxun stood in front of the prison temple waiting for him. Turning over and riding, he threw the stiff rope to his family. "You came earlier than I did," he said with a smile. "I expect you won't come until Shen Shi has passed." "The humble position has just arrived." Liu Tongxun, dressed in court robes and boots, was so hot that his face was covered with sweat. He paid his respects to Fu Heng. He got up and wiped his sweat and said, "Sixth Master is a sitter. How dare you despise him?" As he spoke, he stretched out his hand to let Fu Heng advance to the temple and said, "It's cool here. Let's discuss it first and then do the business." The beekeeping prison temple is said to be a "temple", but in fact it has already been changed to a temporary detention center. About a stone's throw to the south, it is the Great Prison of the Ministry of Punishment, commonly known as the Heaven Prison. During the reign of Emperor Kangxi, this place belonged to the Zongren Mansion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which was specially used to imprison the relatives of the imperial clan who broke the law. Old Yi Prince Yunxiang (Hongxiao's father), big elder brother Yunti, ten elder brother Yunxiang have been in prison here. As a result, people in Beijing jokingly called it "the place of the elder brother of the drowned rat". Perhaps because of this bad reputation, it was transferred to the jurisdiction of Dali Temple in the third year of Yongzheng. Later, it was under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Punishment. It was specially used to temporarily imprison senior officials who had committed crimes pending trial. The children of the imperial clan who had committed crimes were sent far away to Zhengjiazhuang. After several changes, the temple of the prison has long lost its shrine and seat, and even the couplets have been wiped out. Except for the main hall, the houses were small, and the walls around them were built with water-milled green bricks, almost twice as high as the usual houses, three feet thick,Portable gold trommel, and even the poisonous sun could not penetrate them, so the courtyard was gloomy and cool whenever it came in. When Fu Heng and Liu Tongxun walked through the hall to the main hall, the sweat on their bodies had all disappeared.


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