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Mem Cakes

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8 listing slots available
5 creator slots available

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Non-commercial Use


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Give me a character and I'll make them in the style of mem cakes from Splatoon! It doesn't have to be a Splatoon character.

You'll get a HQ gif of your mem cake bouncing and rotating, you can have the .blend file on request. If you want, you can also request the individual frames of the animation.
This doesn't include the background from the game or a poem like in Splatoon.


About the Creator

Evey Hedgehog

Time Zone: Central
Would you like a drawing but don't know what kind to choose? I recommend
Digital Painting!

These are not commercial/game dev-related prices! Expect much higher prices for those types of projects! Thank you.


Hello! I like to draw animal people! I also animate sometimes.
I'm also game dev, I got a viddy game degree. 🎮

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Tips are appreciated, thank you!

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