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But Fang Lin still asked "Can you confirm the specific position of Yang Tianyou in the manor" Xu Xiawu shook his head and said "No he will walk around at any time now" Aren't you satisfied to be able to do this My kind of magic is a great art to see through the secret of heaven It is very easy to be avoided by heaven and earth It has already begun to bite back You should write it down quickly I saw a nearly transparent ball appeared around the sand table on the ground completely wrapped it up you can see the dense rain on the ball hit numerous ripples the wind howled the outside thunder and lightning there are all kinds of pocket flying God illusion dance but also can not penetrate into the ball All this looks amazing but Fanglin can't touch it and it won't even do them any harm The reason for this Computer Hardware & Software is that the wretched Fu who was ill in bed ran over curiously and reached out to touch it directly As a result his fingers could neither touch the sand table nor touch the thunder and lightning at all Everyone knew that the wretched Fu would never appear in a dangerous place in Jehol so everyone was relieved Watching the transparent ball around the sand table building disappear gradually and the pocket building industry is quickly worn out in the wind and rain

This won't frighten the snake will it Fang Lin still said in a deep voice Xu Xiawu shook his head slightly "Yang Tianyou doesn't have this ability yet just because the sand table was destroyed because it violated the laws of nature just like a piece of ice made in summer will inevitably melt in the sun" The metabolism between heaven and earth is simple Yang Jian is strong and it is impossible to know how many lives in the garden are dying out Alas why did I only understand the truth of learning from heaven and earth when I had to rely on taking and giving up to live Speaking of this Xu Xiawu felt disappointed and shook his head and sighed The location of this manor is in the place of life Fang Lin began to pack up his things quickly and the fourth brother also bit the bandage with his teeth and cooperated with his right hand to wrap the broken arm forcefully so as to avoid the unfortunate situation of massive bleeding when the wound burst under intense exercise Half a day's ride north Where the place name is called Jiulizhuang which means that with the heart of the village Fangyuan is the property of his family Xu Xiawu's voice was flying from the inside It's like coming through the clouds of nothingness He slumped down in his chair You take care of yourselves ……………… According to Xu Xiawu the distance of Jiulizhuang can be reached in half a day on horseback In ancient times the speed of the army horse was about 40 kilometers per hour Of course special circumstances such as cavalry charging and killing on the battlefield had to be calculated separately That is to say liuzhuang is two hundred kilometers away from here no more than two hundred and fifty kilometers away

If Fang Lin runs with all his strength in a weak city his explosive power in an instant will even exceed that of a fiery red Ferrari sports car Even if he continues to run at a normal speed China Manufacturers most people can at least maintain a speed of more than 70 kilometers per hour But the last group of people still chose to ride a horse with only one purpose that is to deceive people Now there are at least thirty times to disappear before Yang Jian assimilates the soil which is quite sufficient and riding a horse can also save physical strength It's hard to say what's going on in Jiulizhuang If you walk on foot you can save time but it's too shocking to frighten the world And when you arrive you have to sit down and recover If you add and subtract you still think it's worthwhile to ride a horse Shu is not a horse-producing area in Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang and horses are strategic materials similar to guns in ancient history If you can raise a horse privately in this place it will be better than an ordinary private car today at least an Audi A4 or above Although Chuang Tzu was rich and had his own garden Fang Lin could barely find two horses but there were still seven or eight mules and oxen As soon as several people got together they adopted the method of mixing horses and mules to pull a carriage which was originally a big taboo for pulling Because the horse and the mule are not at the same level of height and strength as long as they pull the cart it is easy to deviate from the horse

Unless it is a very clever driver it is easy to have a serious traffic accident However under the control of Fang Lin's powerful magic this kind of disappearance can be easily coordinated not to mention a horse and a mule that is a horse and a chicken are OK the so-called driver is a decoration the whip does not need to be waved half so that it does not matter where to chat eat melon seeds and chat QQ So Fang Lin and his team began Chemicals this expedition to kidnap However Lin Yinxiu has suffered a lot along the way Because the speed of the carriage is very fast and now there is no gravel road not to mention the asphalt road the degree of turbulence along the way can be seen But the beauty vomited like the pregnancy reaction after pregnancy vomited breakfast and lunch vomited water after lunch and finally the eyes were red and the forehead could only drink juice

Because to cover people's eyes and ears Fang Lin and his line of carriages are sealed because the road is bumpy so that drinking water can not be placed in the carriage can only be poured into the bottle mouth to mouth but out of the mouth of the boundary the speed of the carriage running is obviously accelerated stability is also significantly increased Fang Lin was a little surprised down a look immediately some surprised It turned out to be a straight road as wide as twenty feet with drainage ditches dug on both sides and neat trees planted It extended to the far end in the twilight The road surface was a layer of fine soil mixed with sand and below it was very solid loess From the wall of the drainage ditch beside it it could be clearly seen that the loess was two feet thick and under the soil was a roadbed made of bluestone Such a great effort to build out of the road even the post road around the capital to pass the military situation can only be compared unexpectedly will appear in this remote corner!


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