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"Oh, don't put gold on your face. That ninja has won more than 30 games in the arena for two months, sometimes several times a day.". He won tens of thousands of divine coins and a lot of booty. He has always been ranked first in the arena, but this time he was cut down by a nobody like you. He must be turning in his grave! Feitian said in a funny way. Ha-ha Fang Qingshu said happily, "It turns out that all the guys I've dealt with in a muddle are so well-connected."? Quack, cool! "Che, what's the big deal?" The little girl said disdainfully, "That fool can't beat me. If I go, I'll take care of him too!" "Oh, yes, how can he compare with you? You are all four masters!" Jiang Ruoqin teased. Yuck, sister, you laugh at me! The little girl could hear the meaning of ridicule in her foolishness, and immediately rushed up to make trouble with Jiang Ruoqin. How interesting With a wry smile, Fang Qingshu continued to ask Feitian, "What's so powerful about Edward and Bitter Dust?" "I don't know too much about the specific situation, but I know that each of them has a very great thing!" Feitian said in awe, "Edward has a sword in the stone, but Bitter Dust has a Buddha relic. They are all advanced artifacts of fifteen or sixteen levels." "A sword in a stone?" Fang Qingshu was shocked and said, "The legendary sword of King Arthur?" "Yes!" "I don't know the exact function," said Feitian, "but it must be more powerful than Quan Shou's firmness! The same is true of the Buddha's relic. It is said that this is a relic left by the Buddha's golden body when he was practicing in the world. It has great power, but I am not very clear about it. "In fact, we also have this level of things, the little girl's Chiyou war soul flag as high as 18, no worse than them, or even better, but Chiyou war soul flag was sealed after all,titanium machining parts, although now after eating two dragons untied a little, but it is only a third-level item." Fang Qingshu then said, "Don't tell me that everything in their hands is complete!" "Sorry, their things are not sealed, although limited to the user's lack of ability, can not play the greatest role, but how can it be much stronger than the present Chiyou War Soul Flag!" Feitian said helplessly. God, that's not fair! Fang Qingshu said gloomily, "Why can't you even cheat?" "Oh, well, the above is also aware of this problem, is not to compensate you for a golden silkworm?"? You know, this thing is taboo, as long as it is properly cultivated, die cast light housing ,metal stamping parts, it is much more powerful than the sword in the stone! Feitian comforted: "Besides, your luck is also super good, the first time out of the mission to get back three artifacts, plus you captured this time and Quan Shou firmly, the number of artifacts in your hands has reached a terrible five, almost equivalent to the number of two or three other teams have!" "What is so lucky?"? It's clear that we fought with our lives! Fang Qingshu said discontentedly: "However, how to listen to your tone, it seems that every team has two or three artifacts at the beginning!" "Well, that seems to be the case!" Feitian said helplessly, "The guy behind them is too shameless, by the name of the first test task, is to give money and artifacts, and even a little restriction is not, really hateful ah!" "It's not the dead head above!" Fang Qingshu muttered to himself. Seeing that Fang Qingshu was in a low mood, Feitian quickly changed the subject and asked with a smile, "Yes, I forgot to tell you that there are rules in the arena that after you kill your opponent, you can get half of his opponent's points in addition to the ten points in this game.". You have 234 points now. This point can open the purchase right of the second-level arena. Would you like to have a look? "Well, let's see what's good!" Fang Qingshu immediately said excitedly. Please As soon as Feitian waved his hand, a large screen suddenly appeared, on which some options for items appeared. Fang Qingshu and the four girls looked at it casually and could not help frowning. In fact, there are a lot of things here, but they are very low-level. They are all second-level items, such as sharp daggers for blessing spells, various alchemy potions, and some gadgets of advanced technological civilization, such as auxiliary objects such as universal water dispensers. Although the price is reasonable, it is of little use. These are so bad! Even the little girl could not help complaining, "there is no use at all?" "There are some things that are useful in field combat, at least better than those on Earth." Feitian hurriedly said. But we can buy things on earth without God coins. Fang Qingshu said disdainfully, "Now we have the support of the whole government of Z country. All kinds of equipment are supplied free of charge, even the atomic bomb.". There is no need to spend God coins on these ancillary items. It turned out that after Fang Qingshu left the mercenaries who were looking for trouble in various countries last time, although he was busy cleaning up the ninjas back to Wonderland, Jiang Ruoqin and the little girl stayed. It was at that base that they met with senior officials in Z country and finally reached an agreement. In the future, all the troubles involving the mercenaries of the gods in Z country will be dealt with by Fang Qingshu and others. In addition, Jiang Ruoqin also promised the top level of Z country that if they get high-tech items in the mission in the future, they can provide some of them to Z country free of charge. Anyway, these things belong to the booty, even the gods can not control. Z country needs to provide all kinds of resources to Fang Qingshu and others free of charge. Including all kinds of the most advanced weapons and equipment, aircraft, artillery, atomic bombs. Whatever you want, it's free. In any case, the atomic bomb is not used on the earth, and the top level is naturally not afraid of what others say. Hearing the complaints of Fang Qingshu and others, Feitian smiled and said,deep draw stamping, "Who let you have only two levels of authority?"? If you're level seven, you can even buy an Atlantean spaceship! "Huh?"? Ture Fang Qingshu immediately came to the spirit, hurriedly asked: "How many points?" 。


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