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Pixel-art weapon 2D sprites - 16x16px

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Pixel-art weapon 2D sprites - 16x16 canvas

  • Max canvas size 16x16 pixels.
  • Drawn in realistic, shaded style with consistent size (32 pixels = meter).
  • You get both grayscale and colored pixel-art sprites, both as 1:1 sprites and as upscaled 1280x1280px PNG images.
  • You can also get another even larger upscale on the house (ex. 4000x4000px or similar) if you want.
  • Does NOT include 3D models, this product is for 2D SPRITES ONLY!

This tier is best for grenades, gadgets, kits, knives and other similar small items.


About the Creator


New Creator

Pixel/3D hybrid artist specialized in game assets and badass weapons.